"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Dear friends,
I wish you all a very merry christmas,
surrounded with the love and care
of your family !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hubby had decided to celebrate my birthday in Strasbourg - France (Alsace), so that we could enjoy the big, picturesque Christmas Market at the same time...

As you may know, the stork is the symbol of Alsace, and you can see it everywhere...

on yummy cookies,

decorating the houses,

and even inside , like this painting on wood, in a restaurant...

The architecture is so special, you could stay hours looking at the details,

Look at those details on the cathedral ! Really breathtaking.

To think it was entirely sculpted by hand, with no modern instruments !

The people considered working on the building as a prayer, a tribute to God.

It took more than 200 years to get finished...

Many treasures can be seen inside the cathedral, as well....

In December, the evenings are magical, with all those lights,

and the streets are sooo beautiful

I didn't see any quilt shop, rather many haberdasheries, with lots of
beautiful stitcheries, buttons, ribbons, lace.....
and when seeing those gorgeous Tentakulum (click on the name) hand dyed threads, I couldn't resist bringing
them home ;>)
Note : Tentakulum (see link above) are German coton and/or silk hand dyed threads. Due to their rich colors variations, almost all of them have a painter's name. Each skein is unique. You can stitch, using only one reference, and your stitchery will look sooo beautiful (like a painting), with the different assorted tones... You can find them in Europe.. or through the Web (I have linked the name, here above) ;>)
THANKS, dear hubby, for a wonderful birthday week end !


Back home, I found a lovely surprise package in my mailbox.
Who was it from ????? May Britt, of course !
And what was inside ?????

Actually there were 2 packages : one for my birthday and one for Xmas...
but I just couldn't wait and opened both, HeeHee....

hmmmmm, she spoiled me again with a lovely, lovely pouch
(she knows how bad I am at doing these, heehee....)
gorgeous Kaffe Fasset fabrics
applique needles (how did she know I needed new ones ???)
and cuuuute gingermen buttons.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear friend !


A saying for today :

Friends (and hubbies) are musicians,

they know how to make your heart sing


Until next time, take care, enjoy your sewing,

and come back for a visit!

Friday, December 5, 2008


This time of the year always brings me into a sorting-out/decluttering mood. I guess I want to feel "clean", tip-top ready for the coming new year... So I went through my stash (have you noticed how quickly the neat, well sorted little piles soon become a mess ? ;o)

The bright side of this boring task, is that you always come accross some wonderful treasures , and this time was no exception...

Look at these beautiful colors !

Actually, they were given to me by Elisabeth, a Norwegian friend (no blogger), who visited me last summer. Thirty 30cm (12 inches) squares of gorgeous K.Fasset fabrics (all different prints), that I kept together like a gems treasure...

The problem is that their beauty kind of "paralyses" me and I 'm scared cutting through them. One thing I'm sure : I'd like to use them with black, plain fabric. (I bought 8 yards of that one on sale, some years ago. What did I think ???? LOL LOL) and I won't be afraid cutting through that one ;>)

Would you help me in that challenge ?

I really need some inspiration from my friends
Your suggestions will be heartfully welcome....


Herunder are some pictures of my garden, this morning

so quiet and peaceful, blissssss....

Saying for today :

A little lantern can do what the great sun can never do :
it can shine in the night...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


to you and your family

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yes, Christmas will soon be here :>)
So I thought it was time to focus on some presents...
Hand quilting

A dear Norwegian friend had given to me this lovely Xmas top.

Time to finish it now !


I designed that (big) pincushion some time ago - it is 15cm diameter -
and thought it would be nice to finish it for Christmas.

In the meantime...

Some other "things" are on my table, but I won't show them now.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008


is doing it again with 3 beautiful quilts
for 3 lucky winners !

Friday, October 31, 2008


Tomorrow is All Saints Day, here in Belgium.

We'll light a candle and say a prayer,

in memory of our beloved deceased ones.

Then we'll have dinner all together

around the family table

and we'll talk and remember the good old days.

Laughters, photos, favourite quotes & things...

A very nice moment.

Monday, October 27, 2008


That's how I felt, when reading TAZZIE's last post, this morning. Please, go and visit this nice lady. I think she needs some friendly encouragements...

Not only fabric and thread are involved in a gift of friendship,

but also time and true feelings,

and when it leaves our home, a piece of our heart is going with it...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello, my friends !
I do hope everyone is doing fine. I know how buzzzzzy, buzzzzy you all are, as I'm visiting your wonderful blogs very regularly (and, Boy, you're all making such beautiful quilts !)...

I'm "turtle- progressing" too, one stitch at a time :

1) my angels

These blocks are now blanket-stitched and embroidered (some pics. are dating a few days ago)
So : 11 done and 4 more to go... YESSSS
2) A new project (call me crazy ! :>)
I recently signed in a challenge with some French quilters. It's a one year project, and I chose to hand piece those cute little baskets (the block is a 4 inches square). Here is what I've done, so far (I 'm piecing one block a day) ---> 25 done..... and I need 338 of them in total (call me completely crazy ! HeeHee....)
For these baskets, I'm using the wonderful CW reproduction fabrics that Karrin and Kathie generously sent to me, some time ago.

NOW, A LITTLE REQUEST... With a little help from my friends ;>)
While visiting Connie's blog, some days ago, I fell in love (once again ! ?) with a quilt made by one of her friends, in her mini group. Of course I couldn't think of anything else (you all know how it goes : obsessions, obsession ! HeeHee). I found out that the pattern name is
"Fresh Traditions" by Darlene Zimmerman
and that it was featured in
American Patchwork & Quilting - February 2007 issue.
As you can imagine, I did my best (and browsed a lot) in order to find that back issue through the Web, but unsuccessfully :>( So now I'm sure you guess what I'm going to ask :
Would anyone have that AP&Q Feb.2007 issue, and be ready to send it to me ??
Of course, I'm ready to pay for it (+ postage), or sign for a gift certificate at your name, in any Web quilt shop of your choice, or any other suggestion you might have. In any case, I would be soooo grateful ! THANKS ;>)

I enjoyed discovering some new-to-me blogs (maybe you know them already). But if you're as curious as I am, don't miss to visit : this one, and this one, as well as this one (because quilters get hungry, sometimes !)
- the beautiful falling leaves, in their gorgeous colours
- such good news from my eldest son, who is settling down in Luxemburg
- a very nice evening meal at my youngest son's and his girlfriend
- hubby, singing and teasing me about both our retirements by next December
- a real pleasure in blog-posting today, like meeting old friends ;>)
Special thoughts :
for a very dear friend, in far away Ohio - she knows why....
Well, that's all for today,
Take care,
Enjoy every minute !
Karrin just emailed me to confirm she's sending the APQ magazine to me. Thanks, dear Karrin ! ;>)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello, dear friends ! :>)

First of all, a huge THANK YOU for your sweet, friendly comments - these helped me realize it would break my heart to cut all those friendship threads we've sewn together for years...

An alternative is always a good solution, so I've decided to blog once a month with - hopefully - good news and quilty progress to share with you. In the meantime, of course, I'll keep visiting you so..... KEEP GOING, girls ! :>)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


By the end of August, our friend Connie announced a lovely "Just because" giveaway. Guess who was the lucky winner ? :>) ..... Meeeee ! And look at the treasures that reached my home ---> a lovely 2009 Nature Pocket Planner, a beautiful postcard from Kentucky, some fun Hancock's fabric, a fabric quilt label (time to finish a quilt and use it !), a Susan Branch charm pack (sooo cute !) + a coaster, recipes cards for my kitchen, and a lovely table runner pattern.
The cherry on the cake was this beautiful Rebecca Barker postcard (how did she know I'm collecting these ???), with such sweet words that moved me to tears....

Did I only spend my time, browsing Blogland, visiting my friends (yes, you!), and looking at all your beautiful projects ? Well,

I PROGRESSED, TOO... AT MY OWN PACE (remember the "turtle quilter"?)

So I worked on my Little Blue Birds - a pattern designed by Nanette (scroll down to the last picture) - if you still don't know about Nanette's Blog - Freda's Hive - please go, go and visit her ! Right now, she's organizing a cuuuuute "Christmas cottage" block exchange.

Here's my first big block of 12 birdies... Five more to go. I really, really enjoy handpiecing them together, and adding some stitcheries for the eyes, beaks, and feathers..

I was thrilled, when finding this fabric for the borders. I just couldn't resist those heart shaped leaves :>)

I'm planning to use this yellow fabric for the sashing and binding, like a ray of sunshine in the trees...

A nice pile of blue fabrics are ready for many other birdies (72 in total), together with other ones for applique leaves, and yummy brown rick-rack for the branches where the birds are standing on...

I also made a felted needlecase + pincushion for a swap partner. It's flying to her now, shhhh...

This is the inside of the needlecase. It took me some time to finish, but I enjoyed making these

Of course, I spent some afternoons and evenings on my Angels Story quilt blocks, fusing and stitching. Can't show my progress today, as a local quilter friend borrowed them for the week-end (she's starting this project). I'm working on blocks 9 + 10 (out of 15).... slowly but surely, I'll reach my goal ...but I'll certainly won't win STINA 's challenge ! HeeHee. Never mind, what matters is the journey !

On another subject,

I'd like to share with you some personnal thoughts about my blogging.

I've been considering about closing this blog, the only reason being me.

Don't worry, there's nothing serious at all : I'm fine, happy, and life is beautiful (moreover, with retirement coming by next December, Yepeeeeee !).... but I'm enjoying taking my time, and I realize I've been a "bad blogger" for quite some time, now : few posts, slow progress, etc... Then I thought I would feel so sad, cutting that link between you and me - I've been blogging for nearly 3 years - and I've learned (and got) soooo much through you all. I'm so grateful....

So, maybe a "BLOG BREAK" ? Like I've seen some friends among us did ?

I'll think about it, with you all in my heart :>)