"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, December 7, 2007

W O W ! ! !

I was out all day with DH, and it was already dark when we came back home... but I could see a biiig envelope pointing out of my mailbox ! Quick, quick, find the key and rrrrun to open it !...... Who had sent this big package of happiness ? Was it my Secret Santa Partner ???? Noooooooo : it was from May Britt !

Quick, quick : take off my coat, make a cup of coffee, sit down and..... enjoy !

My dear friend really spoiled me, look at that :

- the hanging parcels are 4 Advent surprises (my first ever !). I was only allowed to open Nr.1, which I did, of course : mmmmmm ! Yummy Norwegian milk chocolate (my favorite)
- the green package is my birthday present. Actually I'll celebrate it next week, but I couldn't help opening it : woooohoooo ! A super lovely Bareroots booklet with all instructions and patterns to stitch splendid borders . Happy dance !
- the red parcel is my X-mas present and I may not open it before Christmas Eve...
- there are also wonderful postcards of Norwegian quilts,
- plus........ "May Britt specials" if you see what I mean. LOL LOL

my dear, special friend,from the bottom of my heart !
A true friend is one of the best presents of life...


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the calender. Of course you needed one too. SMILE

  2. How lovely, all that fun mail in one parcel, you were a spoilt girl.

  3. Another parcel?! Soon, you will have to give your postman extra money! You are a very lucky girl to receive the nice presents from May Britt. Take care.

  4. May Britt is so sweet, i understand that you had to rush in to open the parcel.

  5. I missed something. Exactly when next week is your birthday?

  6. Oh Happy Birthday early! That was so sweet of May Britt!

  7. Oh, what a parcel of goodies! Enjoy!

    Now, when is that birthday of yours????

  8. Oh what a fun package! Happy Birthday!

  9. Early Happy Birthday! May Britt did send wonderful gifts to you. Enjoy!

  10. May Britt is such a spoiling good friend to have!! Enjoy your gifts!

  11. Wow! Don't you just love all the thoughtful people God brings into our lives this time of year.
    Mama Bear

  12. Wow! Such lovely delights arriving in your mailbox, Nadine. Enjoy them!


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