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Saturday, December 1, 2007


THANKS, my friends, for you sweet comments about my grandson. I was thrilled !... So we baked, until the whole kitchen was "flour white" - if you see what I mean - and we had sooo much fun together ! Herunder is (part of) the result of our efforts. These are not exactly cookies, rather "galettes".

The basis is the same as a "4/4 cake" : 1/4 flour, 1/4 eggs, 1/4 sugar, and 1/4 butter. You mix well, let it rest a little, then make small "balls" out of it, and cook in a special appliance, that gives the grid shape....Hmmmmm, You should smell it !
Each Belgian housewife prepares those galettes for the New Year, adding her own "secret ingredient" for a special flavour (mine being some xxxxxxx and a little xxxxxxx).
December is devoted to their baking, then we stock them (tin boxes are the best), and hide them until January 1st (I'll always remember the day I wanted to present my galettes to our friends, and found my boxes.... almost empty !). We share them with our family, friends and neighbours + a nice cup of coffee and a glass of homemade liqueur (I often make lemoncello)...... Then after getting some visits, YOU have to pay your visits, AND eat galettes with liqueur... By the 15th of January, NO ONE want to see a galette until next year ! LOL

Meet our Chef, who was not exhausted at all, and wanted to wash some potatoes for our dinner ...

A labour of love and patience...

I already told you about an embroidery workshop I signed in ... Well here is a tablerunner, made by one of the participants (not me ! If only...). Made with Japanese fabrics, displayed as a crazy quilt and all hand embroidered, with the help of our fantastic teacher. I've finished the central wheel now, and I plan to keep learning. My project is a throw with the same fabrics. The setting will look like a big nine-patch, with the wheel in the center...
A loooooong way to go, but I'm not in a hurry and I'll enjoy every stitch of it.....

The "Placard Belle"

I'm very good at sorting out, filing, labelling, and putting aside ! LOL Like everyone, I've got some nice big boxes, labelled :

"Old Projects"

"New Projects"



"Almost finished"

"Forget it !"

Well, I opened the "Almost Finished" box and saw this poor Autumn Lady, only begging for a binder.... So, I devoted some time to her at last ..... she seems smiling at me now ! I think the pattern was in a Art to Heart fall book.


The best "Chef" in the world !

New Year "Galettes"

Love and Patience

"Almost Finished" boxes

The magic of December starting...


Perhaps the best yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles !



  1. A post brim-full of loveliness today Nadine! Delicious looking galettes, adorable chef (and very lucky to have such a lovely granny), amazing quilt and lovely autumn lady! Lucy x

  2. Nadine,
    wonderful chef
    amazing table running
    and fantastic quote.
    ciao ciao Hugs

  3. Oh what a fun tradition . . . so happy to see that it will live on in with the little chef *s*

  4. Nadine, he is just the cutest helper you could have! I love your autumn gal quilt and am glad you retrieved her from the almost finished box. The galettes look delicious, too. Have fun with your project.

  5. Look like the chef is having great fun :)
    Love the tablerunner. Have you showed yours yet???

  6. What a dear little man your grandson is - and such a good helper! I love the table runner - it is gorgeous. Will you be making one of those too?

  7. My Goodness, the little "chef" is just the cutest little guy!! The Galettes - look very tasty indeed. I bet they would be great with maple syrup and ice cream!!

    The tablerunner sure has some beautiful stitching on it!

  8. The galette tradition sounds delightful! They look devine...I love that sort of thing. They sound a bit like pazelles?

    Oh...that Chef is quite the heart breaker, isn't he! What a gem!

  9. Oh your grandson is soooo adorable! Look at that smile! And that table runner is gorgous! I can see why you wish it were yours!

  10. Thank you for passing the traditions to this sweet little man. With help, he will remember this day!

  11. what a beautiful post, lovely food, adorable grandchild and beautiful quilts! they all look scrumptious!

  12. Oh Nadine, he has the most precious smile!
    I have a pizzelle maker -- are your galettes similar?

  13. The "Little Chef" is adorable! And, I do believe that he looks like his Nana - lucky little man! :-)

    Wonderful tradition - yum!

  14. The little chef sure looks cute. And the "galettes" smell here as well. They look like what we would call "gauffres" whereas "galettes" in Britanny are buckweat pancakes. How interesting!
    You can congratulate the maker of the table runner for me. It is gorgeous, all those Jap. fabrics and the beautiful stitchery. Your throw will look even better I am sure (because bigger!). Take care.

  15. Just to look at that little guy makes me smile.
    He is adorable. Can I borrow him?
    I think you made waffles.
    That's a gorgeous runner.

  16. Your galettes looks so yummy! I want to try! Think I can make them in a waffle iron?

    Your little chef is adorable - and it looks like he's really enjoying himself :o)

    Love the runner!

  17. What a wonderful helper! And those blocks from the table runner are just stunning! (and isn't it funny when you go back to projects that were almost done how quickly they finish? -- what a lovely autumn lady!)

  18. A Wonderful Post!! that gorgeous little boy, beaming in such happiness!!
    Also love that table runner.
    And your lovely Autumn lady.

  19. Your chef looks soooo cute, I would love to taste those galettes.

  20. The work that you do is exquisite. I cannot imagine owning something as lovely at that.

  21. First, I love that you were able to do this with your grandson. Such memories you are making. I used to make Tea cakes with my MaMa.
    I'd like to hear more about this lemon liquer you make.
    The embroidery is fabulous. I bought a book of stitches for a crazy quilt. I think that will be my next project.
    My sampler quilt is still in the fabric cutting stages. J seems to think, not having it finished would drive him crazy but I can always work on it when there's nothing else. So I liked your box labels.
    Mama Bear

  22. Hi there Clare! Your Galettes look like they could be made in a waffle iron - and not just a Belgian waffle iron. They look very tasty! How about with whipped cream and strawberries - that's how I like my waffles best.

    Your little chef is certainly a cutie pie. What a marvelous smile!

    The embroidery project is spectacular - especially the close-up of the center ring. You will so enjoy doing all those stitches.

    I'm so glad you rescued the little autumn lady. She must have been suffocating in that box. I'm sure she is very glad to be out of the box and finished. She is a delightful little hanging!

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  24. Nadine, I've a little "lady"-chef here for your little guy!! He's too cute and irresistible!!! :-)))
    A little kiss for him and one for his grandmama too ;-))

  25. Is there a pattern that you are using for the class that is available for purchase to others. The table runner has been on mind mind since I found your site a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I would come back and ask.

    Have a beautiful day!


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