"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, November 10, 2007


It started with a very nice email from Heather, proposing to buy the APQ2008 calendar in the US, and then send it to me. I was thrilled ! After some research, Heather realized that the calendar was only available for the magazine subscribers, which explains why we can't find a Web link where to get it. So Heather has now ordered the calendar for me, and I'll soon get it in my mailbox. Thanks, Heather, I'll have a thought for you the whole year through , thanks also to the numerous friends who tried to help me...

Then came May Britt, talking about msn, and I finally decided to jump into it as well. Ooooh, what fun ! It was like being together in a sewing room. We talked about our Christmas home made gifts, and she showed me a very nice pattern of a small tea bags purse. I wanted to have a try and, of course she challenged me : not only did she give an msn appointment at 6pm, but she added she wanted a picture. That's the May Britt's method to boost you : no excuse ! LOL

And it works ! Hereunder is a picture of my first - still incomplete - tea bags purse. I still have to make the lining, and a cute tea-bag tag, to be attached to the zipper.

Isn't it cute to place in your bag, filled with your favourite tea-bags, when going to a quilt meeting ? It still needs some improvements, but practice will help my progress (I intend to make a bunch of them ! HeeHee....)

November Challenge with Hanne : (Little Sweethearts stitchery quilt)
I stitched 4 additional ones, this week. I'm planning to finish the last ones this coming week, so that I can work on the sashings and cornerstones by next weekend.


Feeling angry for one minute
makes you loose sixty seconds happiness.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


  1. Wow! You got a lot done this weekend too. It seems a lot of us spent time in our sewing rooms this weekend.

  2. Well darn, I was going to put that calendar on my wish list for hubby to buy, hmm will have to think of another one. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Love the little ta bag, bag, I think I have that pattern stored somewhere on the pc.

  3. What a cute little teabag bag!
    Enjoy the calendar.

  4. Great teabag purse!!! I love ur saying for today.

  5. A delightful week end, indeed! You sound so happy, my friend. I'm glad Heather found the calendar for you - goodness it never occured to me to check with the publisher, duh! LOL

  6. Happy for you that your friend was able to help you get a copy of the calendar. Internet friends are the best!
    What an adorable little project you finished. It's just too cute :)

  7. Msn is a great way to chat with eachother.

    I'm so happy for you that you're receiving the calender.

  8. How good that you could enjoy "being" with a friend and stitching even if it was cyberly..........Glad to hear you are getting the calendar.

  9. Oh Nadine, that tea bag pocket is just precious....please, can you share that pattern?????? Pretty Please with a cherry on top???? :D

  10. You and May Britt are all into technology VBS

  11. I had seen that pattern on a german blog and thought it would be cute as a Christmas present. You beat me there! Yours looks adorable and I can see many more to come. How cool of you and May Britt to be able to chat and see each other through Internet. I wish you time to finish your projects. Take care.

  12. Lovely little bag Nadine :-)
    I see you are having progress on the November challenge - well done !

  13. I love that little purse, my quilting friend who seems to insist on essence of dandelion would be in her element!!
    great quote! Tracey


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