"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Inspired by Hanne (http://hannequilt.blogspot.com/), I'm joining the fun in a challenge for November. As I told her, I'm good at working under "pressure", and I do hope this will give me the little "push" I need to finish something this month.

Among the many projects waiting on my working table, here's the winner:

"Little Sweethearts"

I still have 8 blocks to stitch (out of 24), then piece all blocks together, + basting. So this is my November challenge... + an "extra" : if possible, I'll do my best to handquilt it - which would be the "icing on the cake". We'll see...

In the meantime, I won't miss working on the "Secret Santa Christmas Swap" that I signed in by Dona ("Chookyblue"),

as well as on a "Lizzie Kate X-Stitch Winter Swap" (Yes, you read well : Xstitch !), that I signed in on a crazy evening - LOL - by a very nice Italian Blogger ("Il Calderone")

OK, there's some bread in the oven, as we say here !

* * * * * * * * *

"With a little help from my friends"

I see that many among us are using a special "trick" to mention a friend, re-directing automatically to the concerned Blog. Could anyone write a short "how-to" about that ? I'm lost..... THANKS !


- A nice, quiet weekend

- "Bread in the oven"

- Andrea, my grandson, said to me "you're beautiful !" (he needed a second cookie)

- A nice haircut

- Watching my garden at dawn, with fresh hot coffee, house still asleep....


You can't have everything...

Where would you put it ?

(Steven Wright)


  1. Hi, your blog will finally let me comment, yeah!!!
    I have been keeping in touch though and your work and lovely quotes for the day always keep me inspired.The stitchery looks lovely, I will enjoy the finished product. If no-one has helped you with the linking, (I think that is what you mean)...drop me a line and I will walk you through, Tracey

  2. I love your stitchery project for November. I'll be cheering you on.

  3. Oh Nadine, those are just adorable!! I LOVE them...and the border fabric that you've chosen is just perfect! Can't wait to see the rest of them. :D

  4. I have been inspired by Hanne's challenge too. To do the link to another blog you need to go to that blog first and copy the address - usually you can just right click and hit copy on the search bar. Then, when you mention their name in your post, you highlight the name and click on a little icon that looks like a chain - next to the text size and color on your editing toolbar above the post. A box will show up and you can paste the address of your friend in that box. Then click ok and the name should be highlighted in the text of your post. Does that make any sense?

  5. I also, am making some of the "little Sweethearts ' compliments of May Britt!

    And, thank you for mentioning about want to know how to direct/redirect the reader to other locations. I need to know also.

  6. That's a wonderful November project. I'll be checking your progress. Hope you get the cross stitch done, too. I have high hopes for you.

  7. I'm glad you're getting back to these little cuties - I love them. What a sweet project.

    I've been inspired by Hanne's challenge too. I've listed my hand projects in the sidebar of my blog.

  8. Just beautiful Nadine!! I love them! You are such a beautiful stitcher. Can't wait to see the finished project. Have fun with all those new Lizzie Kates.

  9. Adorable little sweethearts you´ve got there!!! Can´t wait to see them finished. Keep up the good work!

  10. I see you have been told how to make clickable links - once you do it, it is easy.

    How nice of you to join me in November Challenge.

    I guess I have to put in some time on my Snowman collector today then ?? :-)

    I have just come back from Ikea, buying a frame for Leanne's Peace and Plenty. It will be finished today or tomorrow.

    I have fresh coffee if you want some - and a very good book on tape, so first, stitchery with that, and then, an hour work on Snowman Collector.
    Can you tell it is not my favourite project ?? ;-P

  11. Great pick for your challenge. I am excited to see it put together. I think a Xstitch swap sounds wonderful.

  12. Yes! Do finish your "Little Sweethearts"! They are so adorable, and I would love to se this project all done :o) Have lots of fun with this challenge!

  13. Aren't stitcheries such fun. Glad you are joining in on the focus.

  14. Those are so cute, and the fabric matches perfectly to them. Keep on...

  15. Hi Nadine,
    Your little stitcheries are so charming. I love the fabric you're using for the borders. A little bit of pressure is good for getting things done.
    Love your quote for today!


  16. Nadine, no matter how you might be feeling, your blog always seem to cheer! I love coming to visit.

  17. I tuoi blocchi sono stupendi.Ciao

  18. Oooh -- love those Lizzie Kate patterns! I've made a few myself (not anytime recently, but -- I have made some. Maybe I'll take a picture as I have lots I'll be working on soon that I can't show! Eeek!). sounds like you are going to be busy!


Thanks a bunch for your comments, they just make my day !