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Saturday, November 17, 2007


First of all, please excuse the poor quality of my pictures : I should have changed batteries.

We'll start with a short story...

Last Thursday, while visiting a haberdashery, I heard a lady talking about quilting lessons she was giving. She proposed her services to the shop, and said she could leave her "blocks book", for people to look at... Aha, aha ! You guess we started a nice conversation. What intrigued me was her "blocks book". Have you ever tried filing your WIP's blocks properly, when going to a workshop ? It's always funny : I tried different kind of boxes - plastic, carton ( and even pizza ones !), or plastic folders... For some reason these are never the right size. The lady kindly let me examine her solution, and I was totally convinced with it. So I took some measures, tried to fix the look in my memory, and went back to school thinking "I WANT one like this"... Well, here's my attempt. It can certainly be improved (and personnalized), but it was quite easy and believe me : if I can do it, you can do it...

It measures about 15 inches / 12 inches, and is built like a photo album, the "pages" being in thick flannel ( I used natural thin coton batting), so that your blocks don't move. You can store big blocks - like the one you see hereunder (my next 4 Seasons winter swap)...

or smaller ones , like the latest "Little Sweethearts" I stitched this week.


This funny small book came into my mailbox on Friday, and I was absolutely right to order it. It's not a secret, you know I LOVE one-patch quilts, charm quilts, that I can handpiece to my heart's content... Well, this cutie contains not less than 31 patterns ! It's a must-have with endless possibilities for charm quilts lovers. You must know, however, that there's no "how-to", only the pattern + photos, assuming you will imagine the rest - which is easy.

I was having a walk in the village, and met one of my "old ladies" friend. Kisses, hugs, latest news, then she asked me to go home with her : "I've got some pretty nice quilt books, but they're in Japanese and I don't understand Japanese. You're good at languages, so I give them to you !" WOW ! LOOK !...

These books are treasures, and I'll bring a big box chocolates to my generous friend.


Never hesitate having a nice walk,

you could get pennies from heaven...

(a happy quilter)


  1. That block book is a wonderful idea! And it looks pretty easy..no, not until AFTER Christmas, I'll think about it after I make some gifts! As for the magazines -- what a wonderful friend!

  2. Love your block book, what a clever idea, but oh those Japanese magazines, you lucky duck. I'm green...*s*

  3. The block book is wonderful - what a terrific idea!

    Yes, yes many, many well deserved pennies from Heaven for you. Remember we only get back what we give and it's sooooo obvious that you're a giving person. :-)

    BIGGGGGG ((((HUGS)))

  4. I'm going to go pull fabrics for a block book right away - what a great present idea!

  5. I just purchased that one patch book too. Don't you just love the ideas in it??

  6. What fun getting some japanese quilting magazines. They have lovely stuff in them. Great idea for the block folder.

  7. Your block books is so handy. Great idea. I have seen a pattern of something like this on the net, but where.........do not remember. You are a lucky girl receiving this books. I got the country patchwork book and there is sooooo many lovely patterns it it.

  8. All this post is wonderful.....
    and you are great.
    ciao ciao

  9. Sew much inspiration! Love your flannel book. Great idea.

  10. OHOHOH, lucky one to receive so many wonderful japanese magazines and books. I love japanese patchwork, all these small scraps, small bags, small everything!! I bet you will get a lot of inspiration from them.
    Thank you very much for the block book idea. It looks like a nice idea. What do you mean, you have already started on your 4SQS, don´t you ever sleep?! Have a nice week and take care.

  11. The blocks book is a great idea - I have something similar that I made many years ago to put applique blocks that I was working on in to hold in place - but it doesn't have pages just a front and back cover with flannel on the inside and a couple of small pockets. The covers are large pieces of thick firm cardboard to hold the shape. Does your have a cardboard cover or just fabric?

    You are very lucky to get those great Japanese magazines - they are not easy to come by!!

  12. The block book is a great idea! How many "pages" is it in it? Does it have some sort of closing-gimmick?

    Your fun mail and the japanese magazines looks wonderful!

  13. I really like that idea of a block holder. How fun to find something new that is simple and works and is perfect for your needs. Have fun learning Japanese, LOL! I love your friends comment that you are good at languages. The beauty of quilting is that it speaks all languages and a picture does say a thousand words, right?



  14. Fabulous idea, the block book...I may be able to locate them when I wanted them!
    The walk was worth it! Tracey


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