"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I 've been boosted by MayBritt to exercise on Blog linking, thanks to her clever explanations... and it works ! I'll always astonish myself, actually I'm in love with myself... LOL

I also wish to thank Hanne, Juliann, and Gail, for their helpful comments and mails. Quilting friends are really the best !

I do hope that Elaine and Jeanette will do their "homework", as well .

Now, sing along with me girls :

"If she can do it,

I can do it,

We can do it !"

PS : do I deserve a fat quarter ?


  1. Oh crud - you caught me. Now I HAVE to do it...I'll try.

    I also HAVE to update my page so it doesn't look like a government document and so that it reflects some warmth and charm.

    I also HAVE to coordinate my links on my blog page to my links on Bloglines.

    I also HAVE to get my dishwasher repaired.

    I also HAVE to get to work right now!

  2. Yes! You can do it! And you showed us :o) Good for you!

    And what kind of question is that? Of course you deserve a fat quarter!

  3. Looks like you have been the model student *S* Great job!

  4. Great done girl!!!
    I knew you manage it!!!

    Go and get two....no three fat quarters

  5. Yes of course I´ll do my homework... but first I have to gather some energy to my poor braincells:)))

  6. Oh yeah!!!! I knew you could do it ..... good for you!

  7. Just one poor fat-quarter alone, no at least 3 (it is better for the artistic balance!). Trying something new can be a bit scrarry but with the help of friends, it is just fun. Well done and take care.

  8. It's so funny to find this on your blog, as I just had a struggle putting a link on mine. I knew how, did it before but could not remember all the steps. Then it just out of the blue came to me at a odd moment. I Can Do it TOO! So it stands computer 0, me 1........at least until next time!

  9. Oh you clever lady - off course you could do it :-)

  10. There are a lot of blog links in that post, congratulations.

  11. You deserve a whole yard!!! WooHoo! Yippee! Hooray!!

  12. You always deserve a fat quarter Nadine :))

  13. Oh, you surely do deserve a fat quarter. You go girl

  14. I dearly love that lady with the rotary cutter in her hand - a take off I think from Rosie the Riveter from WWII. That's the logo for a quilt shop about two hours north of here. I have her on a shirt and a sweatshirt - delightful!


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