"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I told you about my desire to make something "quick", with immediate results, so I opted for a stitchery bag with 2 stitcheries (one in redwork, and the other in bluework)... Well, stitch by stitch, I managed to finish the first one and framed it with a simple, fresh fabric. I think this will make a cute tote bag. What do you think ?

Now, on to part two, with the blue work....
The framing fabric will be the same as for part one. I also selected the red one for the handles, and the dotted one for the lining.
(all of them from my stash - good girl !).
The recent misfortune I lived caused some delay in my posting photos of some wonderful mail I got recently. Lookie :
Marisa (Magicapugliapatch) made these beautiful heart and postcard for me. As a funny matter of fact, our hubbies are named the same : Gaëtano, and are originated from the same place in Italy : Puglie. The postcard represents a wonderful place : I Trulli, that we both love...
Ciao Marisa, e grazie mille, cara !

Two other sweet postcards also enlighted my days :
one from Darlene (Quilting Daze) with such moving words ! Darlene knew I was living a particular difficult time in my daily life, and her message went right to my heart...
The other one was from Connie (Simply quilted) who had sweet thoughts for me, while visiting Disney World with family...
THANKS, my friends !

And, last but not least, came a big envelope from Genie (Luv2stitch). When she shared with us her beautiful latest crossstitch, I told her about my wish to make some x-stitching again... And what did Genie do ? She sent to me a bunch of lovely patterns, even with threads and ornaments !

THANKS a bunch to you, Genie ! (Now I've got no excuse to delay ! LOL).

- We had our grandson for the weekend (so funny !)
- A nice conversation at home (patience is always rewarded...)
- Autumn, beautiful autumn !
- Quiet stitching afternoon, with sweet music
- Early in bed, last night
Learning to understand our dreams
is a matter to understand
our heart's language.
(Anne Faraday)


  1. Quilters are the best friends. Enjoy your little mailbox surprises.

  2. I love your fabrics and little sticheries - they will look perfect! and what an AWESOME postcard! Wow, I don't think I could ever make one like that!

  3. Wonderful stitcheries you are working on. You know the recepients will love them.

    Wonderful surprises in your mailbox - Blessings from afar! :-)

  4. Your stitcheries look so cute and will make a terrific tote bag. Isn't fun mail the best? You can see that you are well loved. Now go finish up that tote bag.

  5. What sweet stitcheries, too adorable. Fun mail, it's the best.

  6. Ur stitchery looks great, it will make a wonderful bag!!! Great pressies, how lucky r u??

  7. The stitcheries are perfect. The one in blue is especially nice I think. They will make great bags. You are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends - they really help us get through life's bumps don't they. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it these days. I sure hope it will pass soon without too much more trouble.

  8. Your stitcheries looks great, Nadine! This will be a lovely bag! And your fun mail is wonderful - lucky you!

  9. E' stato un piacere lavorare per te. Wonderful your sticheries.Ciao

  10. I think your two stitcheries will make a lovely bag - what sweet little designs

  11. This will make a lovely, lovely bag, you have to remember to show us when you are finished. Fun mail is great and our friends here in blogland are the best.

  12. Wonderful mailbox surprises. Your stitchery is adorable and will make a great bag.

  13. Now those sticheries don't look quick to me--just very, very charming

  14. Keep a little sunshine in your pocket and save it for a rainy day - how cute is that?
    I love your stitcheries and can't wait to see them finished up into little totes.
    So happy for you that your friends lifted you up when you were so down.
    I don't know anyone more deserving.


  15. The stitcheries are so cute. I can't wait to see the finished bag.

  16. I love your completed stitchery! What a fabulous fabric to showcase both red work and blue work--and from your stash you say! Well done!

  17. Oh Nadine, lovely to see you recieve such lovely gifts! You are truly deserving, you brighten our days.
    Hugs XXX

  18. Lovely stitcheries Nadine! That will be a beautiful bag! And how nice...all that fun mail, enjoy!

  19. Great stitcheries. They will make such lovely bags.

    I keep my sock yarn and needles in the bag you made for me. It sits with me in my chair at night while I knit. It is perfect to pick up and take along when Lem and I have to go out. Thank you again for such a special gift.

  20. What lovely gifts in the mail and some beautiful stitcheries. Those fabrics really set them off well!

  21. your stitcheries look such fun! enjoy the bag when it is done-and it is always delightful to receive fun mail..glad it cheered you up


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