"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, October 28, 2007


First of all, thank you for your wonderful, encouraging comments about my first stitchery bag. I couldn't answer all of them (unless spending hours in front of my PC), but you can be sure I deeply appreciated each one of them...

As I told you, Henri the postman paid some visits to me, these days. He just loves these international envelopes, and wants t know everything. My quilting life is like a soap opera to him. LOL... Actually, I was very often absent, but he just couldn't bare leaving the mail in the box - "it's not quite safe, you know ! And these envelopes have travelled such a long way...", so he kept them until my return and paid a second visit to me . Can you believe that ? Then he was just jumping fromone foot to the other : "any coffee, by chance ?", until I opened them ! Henri is not curious, he's just passionate about special mailing, and I love showing him what I'm luckily getting...

This one brought a huuuge "ooooooohhhh !" on his face. I was the lucky winner of this funny, cute pumkin soap-dispenser on Kairle's Blog, and she kindly sent it to me, just in time for Halloween. THANKS, Kairle ! It's now proudly sitting next to my kitchen sink, and the soap smells deliciously.

There was also a big envelope from Margaret ("A sampler of stitches"), full of original Lizzie Kate patterns ! THANKS, Margaret !
"Will you get enough time to make all these ?" said Henri.... "No, but I'm so happy to have them !"... which brought his eyes like two big balls ! LOL

Then came these cuties from GWEN ("Scrappy Angels"), who had been the winner of my 150th post giveaway. Unfortunately, Gwen couldn't get the lovely box, but I had sent to her a compensation gift and she wanted to thank me with an artful postcard that she made, and a lovely Christmas ribbon.THANKS, GWEN !
"So delicate and feminine !" said Henri...

This last one has a special story. You will maybe remember that I showed my dear Jane blocks, some time ago. May Britt (Abyquilt) had posted a kind comment, as usual, and she also emailed me that her blocks were "sleeping" in a drawer for quite a long time. "I"ll never use them. I want to use another color scheme. So, if you like them, they're yours !" Well, she didn't have to tell me twice ! And now I'm the very official "Belgian Baby Janes Orphanage " ! LOL LOL
Look at these beauties, all hand pieced ! THANK YOU, May Britt ! I still don't know how (and when) I 'm gonna use them, but they have found a good home, for sure, here with their new "Mama Jane" ...
Henri didn't quite understand why "May Britt was giving away squares from her babies" !


Let me share this feeling with you, my friends :

I 'm feeling very, very lucky, and blessed, and spoiled by so many generous souls. Sometimes, it's just like Christmas on very ordinary days. I am so grateful, it often brings tears to my eyes. I was not a spoiled child, and had to learn being happy with a smile. Now getting such generous attentions from friends I never met, is so moving ! Yet, I sometimes feel embarrassed to show all this on my Blog, because I'm thinking about the lonely, shy, quiet, blogging friends, some of them merely getting one or two comments, from time to time.
I don't want to give the feeling I'm "parading", saying "look what I, me, myself, have got !!!", but on the other hand I want to show my generous friends how happy they make me, and how much I appreciate...
What's your opinion about that ?


- Do I need mention them today ?

God has given us two hands,
one to receive
and the other to give with
(Billy Graham)


Jeanette - Finland
"Pieces, Patches and me"
you can find her here :

Please, welcome her, I think she has A LOT to show !


  1. Hi Nadine.
    Yes, I was playing with my new toy:)
    Lucky you to get such lovely DJ blocks. Seeing those gives me inspiration to continue with my own DJ´s...

  2. I think you should definitely show your gifts. I think the shy bloggers get a nice feeling from sharing your blessings. It would be out of character for you not to share, because you are too gracious not to. You reap what you sow (and sew). God Bless you Nadine!!

  3. A lovely post Nadine! Really heartfelt. Of course you should show your gifts - you are a kind and generous person and people like to respond in kind. Henri sounds great! Lucy x

  4. I always put the RAOK gifts on my blog. It's a public thank you, and I never read these with any idea that the person is bragging about what they got. It just seems polite acknowledgement to me. And you had some wonderful gifts there!

    Your postman is so amusing!

  5. Don’t hesitate to show your gifts received. Most of us do. It‘s a way to say thank you to the one that took the effort to make and/or send you something. It’s a great way to pay attention to someone elses blog too! You received some wonderful goods! And your postman is so nice!

  6. I think it's OK to share the gifts we give to each other. I love the generosity and kindness of quilters and other bloggers. Henri sounds like a very special postman. Perhaps you should a send package to him.

  7. I hope everyone shares their gifts from other quilters. It is always fun to see.
    Enjoy them all!!!!!!!!!

    PS: I know my DJ-babies will have a good home with you :)

  8. Lovely Dear Jane blocks!! Lucky you with all the mail!

  9. What wonderful treats you received! Seeing the DJ blocks makes me pine for mine ... I so wish I could get a couple more hours in each day ...

  10. Oh Nadine, you have been blessed this week. We love to see what others have generously shared with you, and we don't feel bad about it at all. We in turn are blessed to see the joy that it brings to you.

  11. What lovely Jane blocks! I love hearing about all the quilty love going on here--definitely, tell us all about all of it! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. ~A :-)

  12. Firstly Nadine, ur bag is gorgeous!!! well done!!! Secondly can Australia Post have Henri??? lol he sounds sooooo sweet.....ur gifts r wonderful and thanks so much for sharing them. Blogland offers so much support from so many caring people....i love it and like u, as a child i never expected much but a smile made me feel sooooo special!!!

  13. What lovely gifts and those little Lizzie Kate patterns are so cute. I love hearing about Henri - you are so fortunate to have such a nice postman. Please don't stop sharing your gifts with us - it's nice to see different things from around the world.

  14. Wonderful packages full of fun treasures to love and enjoy! I've always hesitated to show the goodies that have been sent to me, as well - fearing that I would hurt someone's feelings. And, then my feelings were terribly hurt - three different ladies were recepients of treasures from me and yes they sent a nice thank you e-mail(one when I asked if she'd received my package as weeks had passed) but there was not a public thank you. I struggle with how I feel about that because they have all publicly thanked others. I try very hard not to let affect my giving spirit and just continue to bestow gifts on those that I know enjoy and appreciate what I send.

    This was more than you wanted to know - LOL!

    ((BIG HUGS))

  15. Nadine, it is wonderful to see you in such a happy mood after the car event. You truly have had a good mail week, but it is not just luck; it is because you yourself are so giving and sharing!



  16. Nadine, I gave you an award. Please stop by and grab it.

  17. Nadine,
    What lovely treasures you received.
    It's good to share in your happiness.
    Henri sounds such a wonderful character. How cool that he loves to see you open your packages and for you to know that your mail is safe with him.


  18. I think sharing pictures on your blog is just another way to say thank you. No bragging there at all. Maybe it will encourage more to have their own blog.
    You really deserved getting the nice presents after what happened with your car!
    Lucky you to receive the Dear jane blocks. I would not mind becoming the orphan Dear jane blocks mother for Germany! Take care.

  19. Lovely gifts Nadine, & dont worry about showing them. I think we all love to see them. Beautiful!

  20. I love to see the things sent to other bloggers. Sometimes I get ideas from them. :-) You hit paydirt with these gifts, Nadine! Enjoy each and every one.

  21. Lucky you to get the Dear Jane blocks :))

    I love to see your posts about what you received in the mail. I don't think you're bragging at all -- because I for one know how generous you are and willing to give as lovingly as you receive!!

  22. You are not parading, everyone who reads your blog can see how nice person you are Nadine, don´t hesitate to show us what you get, we like it.

  23. Nadine -- enjoy showing the bounty you receive! It's eye candy for the rest of us and, I know I love hearing about your excitement as well!


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