"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As I told you yesterday, I managed to finish my very first

"SIP Bag"

(Stitcheries In Progress Bag)

Here is one side.....

And the other...

I wanted to keep going with the fun, and managed to make a small inside Tag, with the label on the reverse side...

I love it, and had so much fun making it ! Let me tell you a secret : this is the very first bag I made all by myself, from first to last stitch. As you can imagine, this led to some memorable "fights" between me and "The Queen of Spade" (my sewing machine) - LOL- and there are some "Uggly Duckies" here and there (my signature) - you and me know that I'll never be a seamstress - but I made it with all my heart ...

So, this cutie is almost ready to leave to xxxxxxxxxx (HeeHee...), it just needs to be filled with some ??????? 's...... and I'll bring it to the post office on Friday.


This last fortnight also brought quite a few visits from Henri, the Postman, to my door. So, you guess I have a bunch of goodies to show you, right ? Unfortunately Blogger is not being very cooperative to load my pictures tonight, so I'll make a special post tomorrow. Stay tuned !...

- A very successful new project at school,
- A whole week holiday, coming on Friday,
- Hands lotion (it's freezing ---> my hands are cracking)
- Watching Leanne's visit in Norway, through May Britt's & Hanne's Blogs,
- Blogger friends, always there, "come rain or come shine" (yes, I'm listening to Frankie Sinatra, right now, and I love this song...)


Keep a little sunshine in your pocket,
and save it for a cloudy day...


  1. What an adorable bag!! I love the fabrics. I am new to blogger and have enjoyed your blog. What advice would you give in choosing fabrics and how much? I am presently working on unfinished projects that I have set aside for quite some time.

  2. Your bag is wonderful, Nadine! And the stitcheries are so cute :o) Way to go, you! Hugs from me

  3. Nadine! What a cute bag you made. Just looking at the bunny makes me smile.
    The little tag you made is a nice touch.
    Cold? Hands cracking? You need to come back to Spain!!!


  4. Your stitchery bag turned out so cute, Nadine! You should be very proud. Now on to the next project!

  5. The bag is wonderful. You did a great job.
    Hanne and I is enjoying this week with Leanne. We are so happy!!!

  6. Oh lucky person, whoever she is that receives this little treasure. I love the stitcheries you did, so cute. And well done on completing your very first of many bags.

  7. Look at that great bag - it's adorable! You should be feeling very proud of yourself. You've been busy! :-)

    A holiday week - woohoo!!!!!!

  8. Your bag is so wonderful...I love the stitcheries. You did a really good job.:)

  9. Great bag!!! You always bring a smile to my face when I read your posts.

  10. Oh, it's wonderful! I love that: SIP bag. You're clever!

    So...your feet have been up...enjoying some handwork too, my friend?! Cheers...I'm right along with you!

    Hugs to you. And take care of those fingers!

  11. this is adorable. and I love to read your quotes for the day!! special this one!! Do you know that you are a great writer too!

  12. What a wonderful treasure carrier. I hope you find a lot of goodies to fill it with.

  13. welldone...........very nice........

  14. Your bag is fantastic! I love the stitchery! Good for you!

  15. What a cute bag! Love the inside pocket. Great job Nadine!!!!

  16. I am sure this is the first bag but not the last! The stitcheries are cute and the fabric just right to put them in the right light. Keep on going and take care.

  17. Wonderful bag Nadine! Congratulations for your "win" with the Queen of Spades!!! I am sure you will make many more bags in the future - this one looks great!



  18. congratulations! Your first bag is a beauty! Great stitcheries too!

  19. only one word:
    Very lucky the lady who'll receive it !!

    Kisses :-)

  20. Lovely bag Nadine :-)
    I am using MB's computer when she is at the physio. After we are going back to Trysil and stitchery class with our very favourite stitcher in the world, Leanne.
    It is good to see you blogging again.
    Warm hugs to you for the days passed.
    Hugs - Hanne

  21. Oh your bag is absolutely wonderful! And your stitching is beautiful! I love it!

  22. Hi, I went by the quilt shop today and looked longingly at the Bernina. What sort of machine do you have and did you do the embrodery on the machine?
    Maama Bear

  23. This bag is so romantic, great job done.

  24. Great job on the bag and the stitchery. Love it!!!! It's wonderful.

  25. You are making very nice things! I am busy here in Houston with the quilt festival coming up. Have a nice week end!

  26. Hi Nadine, it is an absolutely adorable bag! You did a beautiful job on it. I love the embroidery and your sewing is awesome!!
    You don't give yourself enough credit girl!
    Thanks for all the hugs, smiles and comments. It sure helps to have friends like you *VBS* Big hugs, Finn

  27. You've done a wonderful job on the bag Nadine! I'm sure xxxxxx will be thrilled with it!! I love the little flower buttons on the handles :))

  28. Your bag is absolutely adorable! Great job!

  29. Your bag is wonderful!!! Let's hear it for new skills!!! Wooo Hooo!


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