"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yesterday I was blessed and honoured to get the
by BREN (http://piecesfromme.blogspot.com/) . I was quite amazed, as I think so many among us are thoughtful persons. But I'll take Linda's words to say that I gladly and graciously accept this award, as it was offered to me. THANKS, Bren!

The "game" is now to attribute 5 awards (and unfortunately, 5 only), but the fun is that I've got the choice between different ones. Please go to this reference site and read the rules

Also, please remember to remind this ref.link, when attributing your own chosen awards.

So, here we go with my choices now :

when seeing this one, I immediately thought about :


These two special friends have beautiful, generous, caring souls. I won't list here the many times I was their lucky recipient (and not only with fun envelopes, or packages). They know what I mean, and I take this opportunity to show them how much I appreciate their friendship...

For this award, I could not dissociate 3 names :

This lady has a real talent for writing and as an accomplished quilter, and she also brings me to the essential. To me, Finn is a great source of inspiration and simplicity.

I don't know her blog for quite a long time, but I visit her every day since, and I always find quilty treasures in there. Here again, simple blocks and scrap quilts seem to be the key words.

Lucy ("Quilting with the Past") (http://lucyquilting.blogspot.com/)

Lucy has this precious talent to create "new vintage quilts", as I'm calling them.

Each of her quilts is a heirloom, with an actual look but a traditional feeling.

I would dream of living a full week workshop with her....

You will understand, my friends, that I could have given many, many, more awards as all of you have that "little something" that makes you so special to me, but the rule is the rule : 5 awards only !

Note : I deliberately avoided the Courageous Blogger Award, as well as the Charity Blogger one, as the friends I had chosen had already been awarded.


And, yess, the dream goes on : Henri the Postman rang my bell again ! Let me show you my treasures for today :

A few weeks ago, Sandy (Gipsy Quilter) had posted a funny game, about lovely chicky pincushions she had made : she was asking about names for these "ladies"... and I won ! And "Aunt Bertha" didn't travel alone : Sandy generously filled her package with numerous, vintage 2 inches 1/2 squares, plus a beautiful piece of Americana fabric... How sweet ! THANKS, Sandy ! Aunt Bertha is now proudly running my pincushions poultry, and she seems quite happy about it....

Genie (http://luv2stitch.blogspot.com/) also emailed me about "a little something" she had sent out to me "just because"... Actually, Genie knows about my coming back to some (only some !) cross stitching, and said "I saw this one in my quiltshop,. When taking one for me, I immediately thought about you, so here it is!" Can you believe that ?... THANKS, Genie ! I cannot promise an immediate accomplishment, but how about a little challenge for next Easter ?


Sunday, October 28, 2007


First of all, thank you for your wonderful, encouraging comments about my first stitchery bag. I couldn't answer all of them (unless spending hours in front of my PC), but you can be sure I deeply appreciated each one of them...

As I told you, Henri the postman paid some visits to me, these days. He just loves these international envelopes, and wants t know everything. My quilting life is like a soap opera to him. LOL... Actually, I was very often absent, but he just couldn't bare leaving the mail in the box - "it's not quite safe, you know ! And these envelopes have travelled such a long way...", so he kept them until my return and paid a second visit to me . Can you believe that ? Then he was just jumping fromone foot to the other : "any coffee, by chance ?", until I opened them ! Henri is not curious, he's just passionate about special mailing, and I love showing him what I'm luckily getting...

This one brought a huuuge "ooooooohhhh !" on his face. I was the lucky winner of this funny, cute pumkin soap-dispenser on Kairle's Blog, and she kindly sent it to me, just in time for Halloween. THANKS, Kairle ! It's now proudly sitting next to my kitchen sink, and the soap smells deliciously.

There was also a big envelope from Margaret ("A sampler of stitches"), full of original Lizzie Kate patterns ! THANKS, Margaret !
"Will you get enough time to make all these ?" said Henri.... "No, but I'm so happy to have them !"... which brought his eyes like two big balls ! LOL

Then came these cuties from GWEN ("Scrappy Angels"), who had been the winner of my 150th post giveaway. Unfortunately, Gwen couldn't get the lovely box, but I had sent to her a compensation gift and she wanted to thank me with an artful postcard that she made, and a lovely Christmas ribbon.THANKS, GWEN !
"So delicate and feminine !" said Henri...

This last one has a special story. You will maybe remember that I showed my dear Jane blocks, some time ago. May Britt (Abyquilt) had posted a kind comment, as usual, and she also emailed me that her blocks were "sleeping" in a drawer for quite a long time. "I"ll never use them. I want to use another color scheme. So, if you like them, they're yours !" Well, she didn't have to tell me twice ! And now I'm the very official "Belgian Baby Janes Orphanage " ! LOL LOL
Look at these beauties, all hand pieced ! THANK YOU, May Britt ! I still don't know how (and when) I 'm gonna use them, but they have found a good home, for sure, here with their new "Mama Jane" ...
Henri didn't quite understand why "May Britt was giving away squares from her babies" !


Let me share this feeling with you, my friends :

I 'm feeling very, very lucky, and blessed, and spoiled by so many generous souls. Sometimes, it's just like Christmas on very ordinary days. I am so grateful, it often brings tears to my eyes. I was not a spoiled child, and had to learn being happy with a smile. Now getting such generous attentions from friends I never met, is so moving ! Yet, I sometimes feel embarrassed to show all this on my Blog, because I'm thinking about the lonely, shy, quiet, blogging friends, some of them merely getting one or two comments, from time to time.
I don't want to give the feeling I'm "parading", saying "look what I, me, myself, have got !!!", but on the other hand I want to show my generous friends how happy they make me, and how much I appreciate...
What's your opinion about that ?


- Do I need mention them today ?

God has given us two hands,
one to receive
and the other to give with
(Billy Graham)


Jeanette - Finland
"Pieces, Patches and me"
you can find her here :

Please, welcome her, I think she has A LOT to show !

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As I told you yesterday, I managed to finish my very first

"SIP Bag"

(Stitcheries In Progress Bag)

Here is one side.....

And the other...

I wanted to keep going with the fun, and managed to make a small inside Tag, with the label on the reverse side...

I love it, and had so much fun making it ! Let me tell you a secret : this is the very first bag I made all by myself, from first to last stitch. As you can imagine, this led to some memorable "fights" between me and "The Queen of Spade" (my sewing machine) - LOL- and there are some "Uggly Duckies" here and there (my signature) - you and me know that I'll never be a seamstress - but I made it with all my heart ...

So, this cutie is almost ready to leave to xxxxxxxxxx (HeeHee...), it just needs to be filled with some ??????? 's...... and I'll bring it to the post office on Friday.


This last fortnight also brought quite a few visits from Henri, the Postman, to my door. So, you guess I have a bunch of goodies to show you, right ? Unfortunately Blogger is not being very cooperative to load my pictures tonight, so I'll make a special post tomorrow. Stay tuned !...

- A very successful new project at school,
- A whole week holiday, coming on Friday,
- Hands lotion (it's freezing ---> my hands are cracking)
- Watching Leanne's visit in Norway, through May Britt's & Hanne's Blogs,
- Blogger friends, always there, "come rain or come shine" (yes, I'm listening to Frankie Sinatra, right now, and I love this song...)


Keep a little sunshine in your pocket,
and save it for a cloudy day...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Two weeks without posting.... I can't believe it ! Life (read : job) just caught me up and days have gone in a snap. I've been asked to work on a special social project at school. It was very interesting (as well as brain storming). Now it's on a roll, but let me tell you that I missed you and my blog .

However, I could stitch a little during lunch times, and I could finish a cutie. I machine pieced "it" tonight, but still have 2 buttons to sew, and it looks like " a mountain" to me ! LOL LOL

I'll post some pictures tomorrow evening, promised !

Will you come back ? I do hope so !

and smiles, of course !
PS :

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I told you about my desire to make something "quick", with immediate results, so I opted for a stitchery bag with 2 stitcheries (one in redwork, and the other in bluework)... Well, stitch by stitch, I managed to finish the first one and framed it with a simple, fresh fabric. I think this will make a cute tote bag. What do you think ?

Now, on to part two, with the blue work....
The framing fabric will be the same as for part one. I also selected the red one for the handles, and the dotted one for the lining.
(all of them from my stash - good girl !).
The recent misfortune I lived caused some delay in my posting photos of some wonderful mail I got recently. Lookie :
Marisa (Magicapugliapatch) made these beautiful heart and postcard for me. As a funny matter of fact, our hubbies are named the same : Gaëtano, and are originated from the same place in Italy : Puglie. The postcard represents a wonderful place : I Trulli, that we both love...
Ciao Marisa, e grazie mille, cara !

Two other sweet postcards also enlighted my days :
one from Darlene (Quilting Daze) with such moving words ! Darlene knew I was living a particular difficult time in my daily life, and her message went right to my heart...
The other one was from Connie (Simply quilted) who had sweet thoughts for me, while visiting Disney World with family...
THANKS, my friends !

And, last but not least, came a big envelope from Genie (Luv2stitch). When she shared with us her beautiful latest crossstitch, I told her about my wish to make some x-stitching again... And what did Genie do ? She sent to me a bunch of lovely patterns, even with threads and ornaments !

THANKS a bunch to you, Genie ! (Now I've got no excuse to delay ! LOL).

- We had our grandson for the weekend (so funny !)
- A nice conversation at home (patience is always rewarded...)
- Autumn, beautiful autumn !
- Quiet stitching afternoon, with sweet music
- Early in bed, last night
Learning to understand our dreams
is a matter to understand
our heart's language.
(Anne Faraday)

Saturday, October 6, 2007


When visiting Connie (Simply Quilted) today, I discovered her new (free) Susan Branch's screen wallpaper, and loved it. Of course, I chose one for me too ! I love trees, autumn trees, and this one has got sayings written in its branches...

What else ? Aaaah, yes : I've been tagged by May Britt, for a Meme, so here we go :

4 jobs I've had :

- Perfume shop saleswoman (student job)

- Bakery saleswoman (student job)

- Executive secretary

- Teacher (for 23 years now)

4 films I could watch over and over

- How to make an American patchwork

- The color purple

- Le dîner de Babette

- Giant

and so many more...(as long as you laugh and cry --->I want for my money !)

4 TV shows I watch :

- Little House on the Prairie (I'm in love with Charles !)

- Friends

- Keeping up Appearances (BBC)

- Absolutely Fabulous (BBC)

4 places I've lived :

- La Louvière - Belgium (where I was born)

- Bujumbura (Burundi) (with my parents who worked there)

- Kisangani (Congo) (see above)

- La Louvière (Belgium) ---> where I married, settled, and made a family

4 favorite foods :

- Chicken (all recipes, with a special mention to curry sauce, yummy !)

- Italian cooking of course ! (all recipes)

- Soup (all of them - with bread and butter ---> sooo comforting !)

- Bread, cheese and a glass of red wine........... Mmmmmmmm !

4 favorite colors :





Yellow (sorry, it had to be there also !)

4 places I would love to be right now :

- In Spain, on our apppartment terrace, just in front of the sea....

- In the biggest quiltshop ever in the US

- Visiting an antique quilts market place

- In a nice body shop, where I could get a two hours massage (at least!)

4 names I love, but could/would not use for my children :

- Rose

- Lilly

- John

- Sean

4 people I love to tag with this Meme :

- Laïla (Jacobs Quilt)

- Hanne (Hanne's Quilt Corner)

- Bren (Pieces from Me)

- Tanya (Taniwa)


See big tree, above...

Have a very nice weekend, you all !

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


With these beautiful autumn flowers, I wish to thank all of you, my friends, who posted a comment, or sent an email to me. You'll never know how much these helped me... Look at the big sunflower, it's beautiful and symbolizes what I felt from you.

Typing "helping hands" on my Yahoo, led me to this image. I like it ! It makes me think it could be a fabric. I've seen that style, somewhere.. If so, do you know about it ? I'd love to buy some and put it in a quilt...

I didn't feel like quilting, these days. I wanted something small, with an immediate result. So I prepared these two Bronwyn Hayes complementary stitcheries. They come from her very first book, and say : 1) "keep a little sunshine in your pocket" - 2) "and save it for a cloudy day"...

I started the first one in redwork. The 2nd one will be in bluework. I intend to make a stitchery bag with them, one on each side. I guess this won't take too long for me to send it to a very special friend , as a small compensation... : )


OOPS ! I almost forgot I have been tagged by Finn for a little game, using each letter of my name to find a word describing me, moi ...

Now this requires some precisions : you may be surprised to know that I was not intended to be named Nadine, rather Marie ! How come ? Well in 1951, you still had to go to the Town Hall, in order to declare the birth of a child within 3 days. It was well stated between my parents that Marie was my name, but then my father heard someone declare the birth of a Nadine at the Town Hall, and he found this name much better to his taste. (I suspect him to have "celebrated" with a glass or two)... So that's what he did, declaring me as "Nadine" (with - Marie - and - Françoise- as 2nd and 3rd names). He didn't dare saying that to my mum before a few days/weeks, and she kept calling me "Marie"....

The funny thing about this, is that I never really felt as a - Nadine - (seldom and strange name, isn't it?), and I much more prefer Marie - or Mary !

Can you imagine how EASY and nice Finn's game would have been with Marie :

M------>Magnificent !

A------>Adorable !

R------>Resourceful !

I------>Incomparable !

E------>Extraordinary !

But well, things being what they are, I'll play with Nadine.

N------> Nonsense

A------> All-spice

D------> Different

I------> Incorrigible

N------> Naïve

E------> Estrogen

See my what I mean ?


Today, my gratitude is YOU and your caring friendship.

Looking for an inspiring QUOTE, I found this text (author unknown) :

As a knot appears unexpectedly in a thread,

So disappointment blocks the smoothness of life...

If a few deft strokes can untangle the skein,

Life continues evenly.

But if it cannot be corrected, then it must be

quietly woven into the design,

Thus the finished piece can still be beautiful,

Although not exactly as planned...