"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, September 24, 2007


With my bee having come to an end (Oh, how I miss them !), I decided to sign up in a monthly workshop at our little local quiltshop.
This year project, starting last August, is organized by a confirmed local quilter and deals with an adaptation of the -1996 Piecemakers Calendar Quilt - We will meet each last Wednesday of the month and will get the instructions and "homework" for the coming month
Most of us decided to make each block as an individual wall hanging, to place above their paper calendar... only one decided she would make the big quilt... guess who ??? LOL LOL

Hereunder is my first block : September - Apple Tree - We'll get our instructions for -October - by next Wednesday, but we changed the theme, as we didn't like the block proposed (last row, first block on the left). So we have opted for grapes...

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Reading May Britt's posts about her sorting out her fabrics inspired me to bring some ORDER in my sewing things.... I was not courageous enough to "attack" my fabric bags and stash, but managed however to sort out my DMC threads. WOW, WOW I really didn't think I had sooo many of them ! I used one of those handy DMC plastic boxes, and wrapped all floss on separate plastic cards, with their labelled reference number....

Don't they look attractive now ?


- I visited my grandson yesterday : such a sweet moment !

- Special friends sending special treats to me (they'll recognize themselves - thanks my angels - am I blessed !)

- School again and good old routines.

- Autumn colors and showers.

- Apples and grapes...


It's a sign of mediocrity

when you show gratitude with moderation

(Roberto Benigni)


  1. Your apple block is looking lovely! But will you be able to follow instructions for a whole year - won't you want to rebel at some point? I think I would - maybe that's why my 365 quilt is gathering dust - or maybe that's because I'm just lazy! Lucy x

  2. I knew the one who would start the big project had t be you LOL
    You won't see my DMC box.....that's a big mess.

  3. That project is beautiful. Make each block each month and you'll be finished with the BIG project before you know it.

    I think DMC boxes look so pretty - very organized!

  4. That apple tree is beautiful. It seems that everyone is tidying up their quilting stuff, great job.

  5. The apple tree block looks lovely....you go girl make that whole quilt...it's stunning.
    Nice work in organizing your floss. My floss is in bags which are then on a large ring by colour number.

  6. Nadine, your block is lovely! I have done a few Piecemaker's blocks and find them challenging and very attractive.

  7. That's a very nice project and you have made a great start, be sure to keep us up to date on your progress.

  8. And so as Roberto Benigni says....
    I show more gratitude for.......

    - your threads all ordered
    - your sign up to a new group so we can see other
    works that you will do
    - your apple tree that is lovely
    - good old routines

    ciao ciao

  9. Your apple tree is wonderful! I love how they put it in the orange peel like shape!

  10. coucou Nadine :-))
    Thanks for join my winter-Lizzie Kate exchange :-)) could you send me an email with your address here:
    thank you very much!


  11. Nadine, your apple tree is so pretty! It'll be fun watching the year through your quilt blocks. And your DMC box is perfectly neat and tidy now. I just organized mine the other night, also. Must be the fall theme.

  12. Well my floss is not that organized at all, just in one big thick plastic enveloppe but then I don´t have that much.
    The first block of your new project looks great and not that easy: curves, tiny pieces, appliqué, and all that in just one block! I wish you luck and patience for the other eleven. Take care.

  13. You do like to challenge yourself with biggg projects!
    Love the apple block.
    Your floss all looks so neat & pretty.


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