"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Autumn is magic to me. I found this poem - simple and yet so true...

Leaf Blankets
(Irene B. Crofoot)

Leaves are falling, soft as snowflakes,

Red and yellow, gold and brown;

The breeze laughs gaily in the treetops,

Shaking all the color down.
Leaves are covering the gardens

As my blanket covers me.

When cold winter comes, the flowers

Will be warm as warm can be.


As the icing on the cake, Autumn reached my door with this awsome quilt, together with a beautiful postcard, from Anne Bebbington (Quiltingbebs), as my 4 Seasons swap quilt. I was thrilled ! I had so much admired it when she showed it on her blog.... and now it's mine, proudly hanging in my living room ! Thanks, Anne !

I'm feeling so lucky...

Mine will hopefully get posted this coming week, to...HeeHee....

I still have to sew the binding on (shame, shame!), but I must admit I was a bit/much laaaaazy this weekend, and needed some rest.


Just like nature,

our body cells renew themselves

while we sleep...


  1. What a charming little quilt, and your autumn poem is lovely, too.

  2. Oh . . . you are so lucky. I enjoyed watching this piece as it came to life on Anne's blog. While I had hoped it might come live with me, I know it will be loved by you *s*

  3. I loved that quilt when Anne showed it. She is a gifted quilter. Your autumn poem is beautiful too.

  4. You certainly did receive a very nice little quilt - lucky you!!

  5. Lucky girl receiving this beautiful quilt from Anne. And I love your poem. May be the mailman brings another surprise today!!!!!!

  6. How lovely Nadine!! I watched this wonderful little quilt being made, & wished it was mine! LOL! I know it couldnt have gone to a nicer home, so congratulations!! Enjoy!

  7. Hi Nadine - I'm glad you got such a lovely quilt! Lucy x

  8. Ciao, this quilt is very lovely.
    Autumn is the season that I love and your poem is very nice.
    ciao ciao

  9. What a wonderful poem Nadine! The four-seasons quilt swap, what a great idea. Don’t the swap-partners know who is making the quilt they will receive?

  10. What a fitting autumn poem to go with your wonderful autumn mat. Lucky you!

  11. Lucky you, Nadine! That's such a cute fall quilt.

  12. That is a beautiful little quilt. What a great way to think about the fall season. I am going to have to start working on some fall quilts soon.

  13. Nadine, you scored big time. Love that leaf quilt you received. You lucky girl you!!!!

  14. It is wonderful! I loved it when I saw it on Anne's blog too! I love fall!

  15. You are lucky to be the recipient of Anne´s quilt. I haven´t received mine yet. But then the longer one waits, the better it will be!

    Thanks for sharing the nice Autumn poem. Take care.

  16. Wow how beautiful, lucky you. The light fabric makes it so "clean".

  17. I especially love that saying...since our last name is Oaks we like anything that has to do with oak leaves and acorns. :-)

  18. It looks great, I admired it too on her blog. I am in Belgium next week from thursday till sunday, we will be in Lo.


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