"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Two weeks ago, Güdrün emailed me, asking for my snail mail address "just because..."
And look what came from Iceland into my mailbox !
I had posted a comment on her Blog, when she showed the cute baggies she had made. Not only did she sent one to me, but also a box of Icelandic playing cards (how did she know I love these, though I'm not a player), a beautiful 4 seasons pattern, a pin with Belgium/Iceland flags and a cute notecard.

"Just because..." gifts are very special : they're totally surprising you, and moving you. Someone, somewhere, reads about you, and just feels the need to please you, to send something personal to you... It's magical, and very precious. Thanks, Güdrün ! I like you too, "just because..."

I recently noticed that I never posted any picture of our treasured grandson. So, let me introduce ANDREA, aged 2.... Just look at these "smarties eyes", as Darlene says, and this tender smile, and these cheeks to kiss ! Isn't he cute ?

No quilty picture tonight, sorry. However, I can tell I finished quilting my Autumn 4 Seasons Swap, and hopefully will bind it tonight.
I was planning much more accomplishments, but school has started again, and I have to get used to some routine changes...


-"Just Because" gifts
- grandkids
- new students, (and former ones coming back to greet me)
- the smell of autumn in the garden, just after the rain
- a new body lotion

No quote today, just a date :
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  1. Isn't Andrea a cutie! He will have the girls chasing after him before too long. What a lovely surprise in your mail today. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Just Because Gifts are the very best and you've received a true lovely. Enjoy the well deserved gift!

    Oh my goodness, Andrea is adorable - what a delightful child. Love those beautiful eyes.

  3. He is sooooo cute. No wonder grandmother is proud. Give him a big hug from that crazy lady in Norway.

  4. You deserve all the "just because" gifts in the world Nadine because you are so lovely and generous to everyone that comes into contact with you. Your grandson is gorgeous! Off to take the children to school - except Dorothy who is poorly so no work for me today - oops! Lucy

  5. Lovely "Just because" gift. I think you deserve it too.
    And how gorgeous is Andrea. Kiss him from me, with a huge hugXXXXXXOOOOO

  6. What lovely items to receive Just Because.

    Andrea is a charmer. He will have the girls chasing him in no time.

  7. Your grandson is a cutie! I love the smell of nature after a rain also.

  8. Andrea è Bellissimo e Tenero.
    E' come la nonna?
    You are very lucky but you are so nice.
    ciao ciao

    Hugs Nadine!

  9. Andrea is just a little doll -- who wouldn't want to kiss and kiss and kiss those little cheeks? *s*

    Blogger friends are the best - a lovely little mail surprise you have there.

  10. Oh, Nadine, your Andrea is just a doll!!!! What a charming smile he has!
    Jeanne :)

  11. What a fun surprise package and mostly what an absolute adorable grandson!


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