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Thursday, September 27, 2007


It started as a good day : the house was clean, supper almost ready (leftovers from yesterday), a whole sewing afternoon was ahead of me and I just had to go to the main post office, with some "packages of happiness" for Darlene, Gwen, and Margaret....
Why, oh why, did I stop at the shopping center, for some "bargains" announced in their publicity ?
I parked my car, and went inside. It didn't last long -maybe 20 minutes... I came back to the parking lot and... couldn't find the car. This didn't upset me at first, as I'm used to forget where I put it. So I began to walk through the alleys... NO CAR AT ALL . I ran to the shop information desk and said I "lost" my car, they called the security who checked again, and again with me.... no use. The only things I had to do were to call DH, and then go to the police station for all formalities....
I'm feeling sad and angry. This car was not new. It was a second hand small car, but nice, clean and handy. I loved it and, above all, it was MINE ! (no need to say it was well insured against everything, EXCEPT robbery...).
The police asked to give some details about the car contents and didn't quite understand why I was crying for my "packages", "stitcheries" and "quilts" (not to mention my big school bag, with all the books, CD's and slides I need for teaching). They didn't give us many illusions : in this part of the country, VW cars are appreciated and there are very clever and tooled "gangs" looking for them. "90% chances it's already on its way to Morocco !", they said... (Morocco, what do I care about Morocco , tell me ?) Gaetano kept saying he'd rather this than an accident, that this was only material damage, that we still have the big family car, etc.... I kept feeling miserable (and still am).

I think I'll have some difficulties in finding some gratitudes for today.

As to the
Quote I use to mention in my posts, all I can say is :
Tomorrow is another day


  1. Oh No - Nadine!!!! Let's thank God and say a quiet little thank you that you were not hurt when these punks decided to take your car! I don't understand why others think it's OK to take what belongs to someone else! Sigh!

    Sending BIG hugs my friend!

  2. Thank God you are not hurt. A BIG HUG TO YOU

  3. So sorry to hear about your car. I'm glad you weren't hurt but it's still distressing to have anything stolen. Around here they steal cars and wreck them just for fun.

  4. Oh no - that is just awful. I am so sorry for your loss. And yes, I too, would have cried for packages about to be mailed and teaching materials. (((HUGS)))

  5. I'm really afraid for you.... :-(((
    A big hug...

  6. Ciao Nadine,
    I'm sorry for what happened.....
    I say that unfortunately too many persons want to live without working and so stealing they the others suffer.
    Few months ago to me have stolen the bag in the parking of the supermarket and I got angry so much thinking that we are not safe when we go around, but it was useless, it is useless to get angry because I wasn't able to do anything.
    Gaetano is right when he tells you that if you made an incident it would have been worse.
    ciao ciao HUGS

  7. Oh Nadine, I am so sorry to hear this, the car can be replaced but not what was inside it, but the bright side of this is that you are ok.

  8. Gosh Nadine, I'm so sorry about your terrible experience. I also feel glad that you weren't in an accident or anything. But I do feel your sadness at the loss of the wonderful contents. Let's hope the car is found with contents intact.

  9. How absolutely terrible!! I am so sorry to hear about your car getting stolen. It is so devastating to have this happen, and such a lot of work to replace all those items insured or not. How does the car get to Morocco?

    I am so sorry Nadine.

  10. Oh no, Nadine! That is just awful! I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Also, very sad about your packages! That would just make me so mad!

  11. How terrible. I can't imagine what is like to have your car stolen. I'm glad you're not hurt. Hopefully it won't be too hard to replace the items you've lost. At least you have an excuse to do some shopping.

  12. That's terrible! I'm sure it feels like a violation on yourself! Friends who had their house broken into said they felt that the robber had taken much more than the little that was stolen. The feeling of security is stolen. the feeling of trusting people is stolen. The carefree joy of just leaving your house or your car again is stolen. I hope you get your car back and the things inside. I hope you'll feel happier tomorrow.

  13. Oh Nadine, I just don't know what to say. My hear aches for you. Only another quilter would understand what you mean by your stitcheries and your quilts. Of course they mean nothing to the thieves. Nevertheless, if you have pictures of them be sure to post the information on the "Lost Quilts" website. I can just "hear" the devistation in your "voice". Keep repeating to yourshelf what Gaetano said - at least you are fine. And you are so much more important than "things" - even quilts and stitcheries.

  14. Nadine that is just awful!!! My grandfather used to say that things were only "ours" until someone decides to take them!! Its such a shame about ur packages and quilts....the sort of person who steals from another would have no idea of the work put into them or the sentiment behind them.
    Big hug for u!!!

  15. Oh Nadine - how awful for you! To lose the car is bad enough but to lose all that hard work as well is horrendous. I'll be thinking of you today, sending lots of love and hugs, Lucy x

  16. I am so sorry to hear about the theft of your car and all your belongings! How awful to be robbed of your quilts and packages that you had put such an effort into to put a smile on the recipients faces- and how awful to be robbed of that. I'm thinking about you, lots of hugs and smiles from me as well!

  17. Nadine, I'm so sorry to hear about your car. I hope they catch the thiefs, even if they can't recover the car. The possessions in the car were certainly the greatest loss. :( So sorry.

  18. I’m so sorry to for you! I’m glad you are OK, but your car stolen, with all your goodies.. I can imagine how you must feel about everything you made and I really hope they will find the car, the thiefs, or at least your possessions. I would loose my mind! Take care!

  19. Oh, Nadine, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'd be VERY upset as well.

  20. Oh that's just terrible. I am so sorry that happened. I know how it is to beat yourself up with "if only I didn't" (park there). All your belongings taken and the feeling of violation. Thinking of you.

  21. That's just rotten!!! I'm so sorry for your loss of your car and all your goodies..you never know it might lead the police to find the thugs that did this as they are likely to just chucked all your treasures out when they realized what it is.
    Lots and lots of hugs your way!

  22. Nadine, Have you received any information about the stolen car yet? I can't imagine the feeling of loss that you have been going through. I hope it is found and returned to you with your personal property undamaged. So sorry for you. Hugs.

  23. Oh Nadine, I really feel for you! Our car was stolen, when I had parked it, & I could not believe it was gone. I had a huge lot of groceries, & it was a really hot hot day.
    The police found it next day, it had been used for an armed robbery. It still have my parcel of fabric in it, & they hadnt touched any other things, just broke the ignition to get it started. Even though it was insured, I felt so bad.

  24. Oh Nadine - I am so sorry for you !!
    I am glad you did not meet the robbers in person as they might have hurt you as well.

    Is there any way I can help you replace what you lost in the stitchery and quilt department ?
    Don't hesitate to ask !

  25. Nadine, I am so sorry to hear about your the theft of your car and belongings. If only the world had more quilters instead of theives! It is a blessing that nothing happened to you physically, but I can understand your sadness for losing the items mentioned. I will hope they are somehow recovered. Hugs to you!

  26. {{{I'm sending you a big hug, Nadine!}}}

    I'm so sorry about your car...but am so grateful that you were not near it when *they* were doing their *job.* Heaven only knows what could have been....

    (Can you believe it? I can "comment!")


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