"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, September 27, 2007


It started as a good day : the house was clean, supper almost ready (leftovers from yesterday), a whole sewing afternoon was ahead of me and I just had to go to the main post office, with some "packages of happiness" for Darlene, Gwen, and Margaret....
Why, oh why, did I stop at the shopping center, for some "bargains" announced in their publicity ?
I parked my car, and went inside. It didn't last long -maybe 20 minutes... I came back to the parking lot and... couldn't find the car. This didn't upset me at first, as I'm used to forget where I put it. So I began to walk through the alleys... NO CAR AT ALL . I ran to the shop information desk and said I "lost" my car, they called the security who checked again, and again with me.... no use. The only things I had to do were to call DH, and then go to the police station for all formalities....
I'm feeling sad and angry. This car was not new. It was a second hand small car, but nice, clean and handy. I loved it and, above all, it was MINE ! (no need to say it was well insured against everything, EXCEPT robbery...).
The police asked to give some details about the car contents and didn't quite understand why I was crying for my "packages", "stitcheries" and "quilts" (not to mention my big school bag, with all the books, CD's and slides I need for teaching). They didn't give us many illusions : in this part of the country, VW cars are appreciated and there are very clever and tooled "gangs" looking for them. "90% chances it's already on its way to Morocco !", they said... (Morocco, what do I care about Morocco , tell me ?) Gaetano kept saying he'd rather this than an accident, that this was only material damage, that we still have the big family car, etc.... I kept feeling miserable (and still am).

I think I'll have some difficulties in finding some gratitudes for today.

As to the
Quote I use to mention in my posts, all I can say is :
Tomorrow is another day

Monday, September 24, 2007


With my bee having come to an end (Oh, how I miss them !), I decided to sign up in a monthly workshop at our little local quiltshop.
This year project, starting last August, is organized by a confirmed local quilter and deals with an adaptation of the -1996 Piecemakers Calendar Quilt - We will meet each last Wednesday of the month and will get the instructions and "homework" for the coming month
Most of us decided to make each block as an individual wall hanging, to place above their paper calendar... only one decided she would make the big quilt... guess who ??? LOL LOL

Hereunder is my first block : September - Apple Tree - We'll get our instructions for -October - by next Wednesday, but we changed the theme, as we didn't like the block proposed (last row, first block on the left). So we have opted for grapes...

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Reading May Britt's posts about her sorting out her fabrics inspired me to bring some ORDER in my sewing things.... I was not courageous enough to "attack" my fabric bags and stash, but managed however to sort out my DMC threads. WOW, WOW I really didn't think I had sooo many of them ! I used one of those handy DMC plastic boxes, and wrapped all floss on separate plastic cards, with their labelled reference number....

Don't they look attractive now ?


- I visited my grandson yesterday : such a sweet moment !

- Special friends sending special treats to me (they'll recognize themselves - thanks my angels - am I blessed !)

- School again and good old routines.

- Autumn colors and showers.

- Apples and grapes...


It's a sign of mediocrity

when you show gratitude with moderation

(Roberto Benigni)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Autumn is magic to me. I found this poem - simple and yet so true...

Leaf Blankets
(Irene B. Crofoot)

Leaves are falling, soft as snowflakes,

Red and yellow, gold and brown;

The breeze laughs gaily in the treetops,

Shaking all the color down.
Leaves are covering the gardens

As my blanket covers me.

When cold winter comes, the flowers

Will be warm as warm can be.


As the icing on the cake, Autumn reached my door with this awsome quilt, together with a beautiful postcard, from Anne Bebbington (Quiltingbebs), as my 4 Seasons swap quilt. I was thrilled ! I had so much admired it when she showed it on her blog.... and now it's mine, proudly hanging in my living room ! Thanks, Anne !

I'm feeling so lucky...

Mine will hopefully get posted this coming week, to...HeeHee....

I still have to sew the binding on (shame, shame!), but I must admit I was a bit/much laaaaazy this weekend, and needed some rest.


Just like nature,

our body cells renew themselves

while we sleep...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


YESS ! It's done, it's settled, it's blocked on the agendas : I'm going to visit May Britt for a whole week, from January 31st to February 8th, 2008 !

Isn't that exciting ? We were talking about that for a few months. It started with the usual "some day...", then went on with "yes, but when ?...", and now 18.799 emails later, it's a deal.

You know how May Britt can organize things to the best :

-I'm going to rest at the best hotel in Norway : her home. (Oh, my Goodness, the giggles !),
- She has planned a weekend class, with a famous Norwegian quilter.... and has booked a ticket for me, as well, with everything arranged for translation and the quilt shop lending me a sewing machine (Oh, my Goodness, what will they think of me when they realize I get totally stupid in front of these "robots!),
- And of course, she told all her friends how crazy, silly and clowny I am ( Oh, my Goodness, and I desperately planned to look classy, distinguished, elegant... everything but me !),
- I think I'll meet some of our Blogging friends, also :Laïla (Jacobs Quilt), Hanne (Hanne's Quilt Corner), and of course May Britt's local quilt Group. (Oh, my Goodness, I absolutely HAVE TO lose some weight !)...

Now, let me tell you, my friends that I'm taking this opportunity as a big gift of life. From the moment the whole thing was settled, I'm reading about Norway, talking about Norway, (and sometimes dreaming about Norwegians ! LOL LOL).
This will be my very first trip "all by myself" since my marriage (seems that the big "little girl" is growing !), and the first time I 'll take the plane for 25 years (Oh, my Goodness, I have to start some Yoga/relaxation lessons...).

I'll stop here, as I have to check some thick coats and pullovers in my latest winter catalog LOL ....(-25°C , can you imagine ?)...

- the unexpected gifts of life,
- Norway,
- Norwegians,
- planes (I'm sea sick)
- warm coats and boots
The road to a friend's home is never long

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Two weeks ago, Güdrün emailed me, asking for my snail mail address "just because..."
And look what came from Iceland into my mailbox !
I had posted a comment on her Blog, when she showed the cute baggies she had made. Not only did she sent one to me, but also a box of Icelandic playing cards (how did she know I love these, though I'm not a player), a beautiful 4 seasons pattern, a pin with Belgium/Iceland flags and a cute notecard.

"Just because..." gifts are very special : they're totally surprising you, and moving you. Someone, somewhere, reads about you, and just feels the need to please you, to send something personal to you... It's magical, and very precious. Thanks, Güdrün ! I like you too, "just because..."

I recently noticed that I never posted any picture of our treasured grandson. So, let me introduce ANDREA, aged 2.... Just look at these "smarties eyes", as Darlene says, and this tender smile, and these cheeks to kiss ! Isn't he cute ?

No quilty picture tonight, sorry. However, I can tell I finished quilting my Autumn 4 Seasons Swap, and hopefully will bind it tonight.
I was planning much more accomplishments, but school has started again, and I have to get used to some routine changes...


-"Just Because" gifts
- grandkids
- new students, (and former ones coming back to greet me)
- the smell of autumn in the garden, just after the rain
- a new body lotion

No quote today, just a date :
in memory

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hello, my friends !
Just a few words to tell you that my laptop has completely recovered , thanks to a very patient and competent technician. I'm so happy !
Now I'm going to catch up with all the comments I missed topost on your Blogs....
I'll come back very soon !
- Technicians
- Back to school with my students
- Long walks, huming the scent of the coming autumn
- Thoughtful friends

Monday, September 3, 2007


A heartfull thank you to all of you, my friends, who posted a comment - or sent an e-mail... Of course, I would have liked to send a giveaway to each one of you.... but then there would be a hole in my pocket ! - smiles - So, I'm very happy to give you the lucky name :
DRUM ROLL, PLEASE...........
("Drum" - Sylvain CZA - Canadian artist)



(could you please email me your snail mail address ?)

No quilty photo today (I'm in the quilting process of my 4 seasons quilt swap)...

And yet, I can't resist showing you the picture of a painting I discovered on the Web, today. This woman is literally "speaking" to me : she's painted in autumn colors (my favourite season), she's thinking, hides one eye as if she doesn't want to see some things, but she's showing half a smile , she looks wise and confident.....

("Woman with vase of flowers" - Xi Pan - Chinese artist)


My soul is fed with a multitude of friendship threads