"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I was so happy yesterday, when my laptop came back from checkup.....

I checked everything, I could read my Blog and yours, and had only lost my "favourites" list. I spent the whole evening, collecting all Blog addresses (through my comments section), and remaking my beloved list.... OK.....


Ha ! Though I can still READ my Blog.... I can't CONNECT myself to Blogger, and so I can't POST any new message ! So I went to my son's computer (where I'm writing to you now), and had no connection problem to Blogger, at all ! ? ! ??? !

I contacted my tech. assistance, this morning : the only thing they can figure out is this :
it's not a problem coming from Blogger, it's my laptop : this one was certainly "infected" (virus) through Blogger, somehow... so now the laptop protects itself and refuses any connection with Blogger.
Solution ??? >>>>>
Open a new Blog... but NOT through Blogger ! My laptop will refuse it !

Whew ! 3 x Whew !!!....

I don't want to do this : I love my "Friendship Threads", and I got used to Blogger, etc (you know how it feels,...)
On the other hand, I can't see myself posting through Blogger - via my sons computer , and then use my laptop for the rest....
Soooo, I have to MOVE and choose another servor (not blogspot)....


I'm feeling totally lost in this foggy Web world......

Back to my laptop, now...... I'll keep you informed, my friends.....

(sorry to bother you with all this)


  1. Every one who uses something different will tell you to try that one. =) I've used livejournal for years for my personal journal, and switched my quilting blogs there, too. I do use the paid version, ($20/year, I think) because I like the extra options. A lot of people use wordpress, which I believe is also owned by livejournal. Then there's Typepad. And some other odd things floating around.

    I've tried the big 4 and always come back to livejournal for ease of use, options for appearance, and almost never an interruption in service or problem uploading - maybe once or twice a year, usually during maintenance.

  2. this is a test comment from me to me...

  3. Poor you, it is a lot of work to move to a new space. Good luck finding one and don´t forget to tell us where you go.

  4. U poor thing!!! Hope the moves not too much trouble for u. My daughter believes Wordpress is great (when in doubt, ask the kids lol)....hope that helps!!!

  5. Testing testing...... as you asked me to do. It seems I can comment on your blog.

  6. bugger is all I can say.......having to change no fun but don't worry we will follow.......can't get rid of us that easy........

  7. Yes we will still call in to see you! I cant offer a solution, I still wrestle with Blogger occasionally! Good Luck!

  8. I can think of nothing worse! I must say I'm not very good on the computer at all and I find Typepad quite easy to work with. I've never had a problem uploading photos etc. which for me, I think, is quite good. All the best from Australia.

  9. So it seems that you will be moving. I will look forward to visiting you wherever you go. Don't forget to send our forwarding information.

  10. I would feel as devastated as you! How horrible. I haven't used any of the others and also like Blogger. How about a new laptop? VBG

  11. How disappointing. :-( I hope you get everything worked out to your satisfaction, Nadine.


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