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Monday, August 6, 2007


A few days ago, my beloved PC was "attacked" by a virus... Norton - my security system - detected it and fired it immediately...
Unfortunately, I could no longer switch off, and I kept getting the same message :


... Well thanks, dear ! Im 55, and I know that, baby !... LOL

"The poor thing" still being under warranty (it's 3 months old !), we brought it to the Tech. Center, for a complete checkup.

In the meantime, I'm using my son's computer, in his own bedroom (!)... Needless to say I can't stay long and post some photos of my quilting/stitching progress. But I won't be long (cross my fingers... and toes). In the meantime, I'm still visiting all your wonderful Blogs... when my son alloooooows me ! Smiles...


  1. Oh, sorry to hear about your computer problems - I'm definitely "damaged somehow" too!!! Lucy

  2. Hope your computer problem gets solved soon. I see you have registered for the 4 seasons swap as well, great. Not as if we needed another project to start! lol. Take care.

  3. Too bad about the computer woes. And only 3 months old. I hope all ends well.

  4. How terrible!!

    Is that the actual message the computer tells you? "You have been damaged somehow" Shouldn't the darn computer know how? Goodness. I sure how it is resolved soon, you must be feeling a bit out of sorts with it now working - I know I would be.

  5. Gosh, we have all become so fond of our computer life! I would hate to be without mine, with all the wonderful people at my fingertips!
    Hope all is fixed soon!

  6. Ouch! I know how you feel. I got a virus on my lap top computer a while back and had to use another computer until it was repaired a month later. I hope your computer comes home quickly!

  7. Good luck with the computer...what a pain to deal with when they don't work. Tell your son we all "thank him" that you can use his.

  8. Ughhh, don't you hate virus's! I wonder if it was that greeting card one flying around? But I really got a laugh at your comment about "of course you are damaged"! You crack me up1


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