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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It feels soooo good to be posting again - from my son's "computaaaa" - (but I won't be booooring with my laptop miseries, I'll just tell you that it's still in stand-by).
Wait and see.....

Of course, I wish to thank all of you for the kind comments and e-mails you have sent to me. I really appreciated them, it was like some chocolate after vinegar ! Smiles...

I'm so sorry I couldn't answer, or leave comments on your blogs as I usually. I'm sure this is only temporary.

What's the news, here ?

- Our kitchen is getting some lifting (fresh painting, new wall paper, etc....), which means that my house is a complete mess ! LOL

- We're having serious concerns about my in-laws's health. Fortunately we're sharing our caring times with my BIL's and SIL's ,God bless them.

- DH is under medical testing. Nothing too serious, I hope, but quite stressing...
(eventual little prayers, always welcome !)

- All these life interferences didn't lead me to great sewing accomplishments, but I managed to put a stitch, here and there, in the late evenings. So, I finished (yess, you're reading well !) my Stitchery Swap (due August 30th - organized by sweet Paula - the Coffee Time Quilt Studio). However, I can't show it now, as the recipient is reading my Blog. Cross my fingers (and toes) she will like it.....

- I was soooo lucky to get quite a few packages of happiness, these days.

They brought a big smile on my face, and warmth in my heart.

Let me show you :

First of all, I still hadn't posted a pic. of the beautiful stitchery bag that May Britt had sent to me last June. She wanted my prepared works to be safe and cosy for the travel to Italy. Isn't it cute ? I love it, thanks again, my friend !

The first bell ring, last week, brought me this adorable pincushion from Darlene (my first ever quilting prize !), together with a cutie, cutie "Traveller's Sewing Set" tin box... (she knows how addicted I am to these lovely tin boxes)... Both are standing proudly on my work table, of course ! Thank you, thank you, my dear friend !

Then came Pam's package ! With a gorgeous Traveller's Sewing bag, (with all sorts of gooooooodies inside) + another cutie tin box, filled with yummy Canadian chocolates ! (Chorry, friendch, I'm chtill eating one, jucht now ! LOL).

Not to forget an Australian Country Threads magazine, that I love...

THank you soooo much, Pam !

And last but not least, came this beautiful "Piecers mat'", that I had ordered to our friend Tazzie (Tazzie Quilts). I had noticed it on her blog, and thought it was so cleverly designed, with a piece of flannel to be used as a tiny design wall, and three pockets to put your sewing notions, while you're handpiecing...

Isn't it lovely ?..... I'm delighted and I'll certainly go back to Tazzie's "Etsy Shop" (see her sidebar) : it's lovely, easy, speedy and secure....

Look at the backing : there's even an "anti-slip" material sewn on. So clever !

Well, I think that I was "particularly blessed in all this mess" ! LOL

Sometimes, life comes to remind you you're not always sailing on a dream-boat, but friends are there, to comfort you, in words, surprises, and thoughts...
That will be my GRATITUDE for this post.

Count your blessings,
Stitch them one by one...


  1. Wow, great gifts and great friends you have. I hope your husband is ok.

  2. Good to have you back blogging. And I hope your DH recover very soon.
    All your received goodies is great. Of course you had to have a drawstringbag for your stitchery. And the bag from Pam is so cute. And the Piecers mat from Tazzie is so handy.
    Enjoy your goodies.

  3. What wonderful friends you have and they have filled your mailbox with terrific surprises. Thanks for sharing with us. I hope your computer woes are solved very soon.

  4. Hi Nadine - nice to 'see' you! You've received some wonderful gifts and treasures from so many wonderful friends. Enjoy each and everyone.

  5. Mmmmm, mmmmm, you got a motherlode of goodies there, girlfriend! What a wonderful friend you are and what wonderful friends you have!! :>

  6. Nice to hear from you again.
    I wish all goes well for your DH.
    What did you do to receive all these goodies, you must be a very brave girl! Take care.

  7. Nadine, I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. And you are such a sweetheart to remember me with a post card. I'm way behind on blog reading and tonight I caught up with you. Unfortunately I was reading blogs on the laptop at that time, and when I tried to click on the comment links on your posts nothing happened - the computer didn't recognize them as links. It wouldn't open your profile either so I could email you. And now - of course - I can't remember any of the comments I wanted to make while I was reading.

    So - it's so great catching up with you. I missed you my friend.

    And didn't you just love Finn's reaction to the block shower. I'm so very glad you thought of it!

    I'm hoping to keep up with all you dear friends much better now.

  8. I hope your DH is better soon. You have received many lovely goodies lately. You must be deserving of them. Enjoy!

  9. Lovely gifts for a lovely person!!

  10. Oh wow! Look at all those goodies! I LOVE taht feathered star tin! I may have to go look for it!


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