"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, August 20, 2007


These rainy days are the best for sewing, and I managed to make good use of them, step by step...


The "Little Sweetheart are a breeze to stitch. I reached number 9 and couldn't resist arranging them with sashings and cornerstones.... 11 more to go.

I managed to piece some "Blooming Roses" blocks (but I'm calling them "Blooming Stash"), cut some blocks into 4 parts, and then pieced block nr. 1... Nice start...

Archeology :

While digging through my stash, I unearthed 24 Dear Jane blocks. I was amazed and didn't understand why I had abandonned them since 3 years. No comment... (I should be ashamed of myself !)

I finished my stitchery swap and it is ready to be shipped to...... I can't show any picture, as the recipient is reading my blog. Well, a little corner, maybe ? HeeHee

A finish :

And the postman still loves me, since he brought me this cuuuuutie cow, from my stitchery swap secret partner : Fiona - Dragonfly - Australia. I was delighted !

- Rainy days = sewing days (and it rains 300 days/year in Belgium)
- An envelope from Australia today (THANKS Jen !)
- A nice visit from an old friend
- Pizza tonight
- A new book to start reading
My husband is a human pincushion !


  1. So many nice things to see on your blog today and than you can't show us your finish, how sad for us.
    Where in Belgium are you?

  2. Oh those little stitchery blocks are adorable! And that fabric you are going to use for cornerstones and sashing is sooo perfect! I LOVE it!

  3. All your things are sooooo nice. I have some DJ blocks (about 60-70 I think) some where in my sewingroom. Totally abandoned years ago.

  4. Oh my, those Dear Jane blocks are lovely.

    I wonder how many thousands of quilters out there have a small bunch of Dear Jane blocks somewhere in their stash - LOL.

  5. Is your computer home and repaired? Oh I hope so!

    Your stitchery blocks are adorable - I'll bet you have a smile on your face when you work on them. :-)

    Abandoned Dear Jane blocks - don't fret about that someday you'll decide to do more!

  6. Those stitchery blocks look perfect with the sashing and corner stones.

  7. What lovely things to share with us! The DJ blocks make me feel inspired to do them but they're waiting in line, there's a few others in front that are waiting too. Great reading your posts again, been missing you.

  8. Nadine, all your stitcheries look lovely. Love the fabric around them too. All you work is lovely.
    So glad you liked your cow. I had so much fun and satisfaction making it.

  9. The Dear Jane blocks look great! I'm sure those are going to come together in a great quilt one of these days. Isn't it amazing how we manage to "lose" these products of our efforts!

  10. The stitcheries are all just so lovely, and I especially love the DJ blocks, I didn't even know you had been working on one. Maybe after three years you're ready to tackle them again?

  11. you must be a quick stitcher......love the cow stitchery from OZ........

  12. I love those stitchery blocks you have made, they are so cute. Do you let the blooming roses fray? They look like fun to do.

  13. Nadine, I'm so happy you unearthed your Jane blocks! They are so pretty and definitely need to be seen and used. The stitcheries are so cute, too. I feel the need to have a project like that to work on at night. Anything new on the computer front? Hope DH and DMIL are doing better with their health issues.

  14. The redwork stitcheries are so adorable. Did you say you have 11 more to go??? You've already done so many.

    I did the blooming roses for my daughters 25th birthday, there were 25 roses.

  15. Love the little girl stitcheries. They are great. What pattern is that? I love it!!!!


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