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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Be VERY careful, my friends ! I just got an e-mail from Dawn , telling about computer virus, and she's wondering if there's anything to do with a strange Web "GREETING CARD" announcement, asking you to open it...

Well, now I remember having got that mail on my -poor infected- PC. Naive as I am, I opened that mail.... and all my problems started from then on !

This msg keeps coming on my son's computer mail, but we don't open it and send it to the bin. Yet, the "beast" is obstinate : it keeps coming back every day...


(I'll be back soon, with my recovered laptop)


  1. Oh Nadine I am so sorry about this virus. When I returned from my week away I had no less than 15 of these e-mails in my inbox - all from different "supposed" e-card places. When I opened the inbox my virus scan stopped them all immediately. Boy oh boy, what a lot of time it took to take care of ..... and I didn't even download anything! Hope your computer is back to normal really soon.

  2. Come back soon Nadine!!! we miss u!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your virus - I shall be sure to ignore all greetings card e-mails! Hope you will be back with us soon.

  4. They know you opened the first one so they keep trying to get you to do it again! Sorry for the troubles but glad they are getting fixed!

  5. I hope you get your laptop fixed soon. I can see you had a wonderful vacation in Italy, lovely pictures you shared with us, thank you.


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