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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So, we left home at 3 a.m, through South Belgium, Luxemburg, reaching Switzerland around 9 a.m...

By the afternoon, we reached the Lake of Como, where we had booked a hotel room for the night.... Nice visit, very romantic... and nice restaurant too !

The next morning was devoted to a delicious buffet breakfast, and to the last part of the trip....

At lunch time, we reached our hotel, where we were welcomed by a cheerful Italian team, who showed us our nice, yellow, comfortable, air-conditioned, fresh room, with balcony viewing the sea... Nice start , and nice, sunny weather : 75 deg.F (we had left belgium at about 60 deg. F !)...

to be continued,


  1. What beautiful scenery! I'm anxious to hear more about your vacation! Welcome home!

  2. The views are wonderful so far. Looking forward to more.

  3. What beautiful pictures. The mountains in the first picture reminds me of the ones above my home, although our lake isn't nearly as picturesque as Lake Como.

  4. It looks like a very pretty hotel to stay in. You sure were anxious to start your holiday to leave home at 3AM -- LOL.

    Do you speak Italian? One day I want to go to Italy. And of course go back to Belgium - I love the food and the beer in Belgium.

  5. Ciao,
    il lago di Como è bellissimo ed io abito vicinissimo,
    peccato che non ci siamo viste.
    ciao ciao


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