"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, July 29, 2007


But first, I wish to thank all of you, for your sweet, friendly comments, about my vacations pictures. I couldn't answer you personally : you know how it is, when coming back from trip, with washing, ironing, listening to the kids, visiting family, etc....

So here are my - quite modest - accomplishments... I stitched 6 "Little Sweethearts", out of the 20 (!) I had prepared (LOL). Well at least these are done.... only 36 more to go ! (Optimistic, as usual. HeeHee...)
I had an unusual pastel "almond green" (or nile green) in my stash, and decided to use it as a background. The stitching is done with DMC 221 coton thread.

When I came back home, I knew I had to find the right fabrics to use as complements, and I did (I'm not the "wait and see" kind of girl : having the whole project around me stimulates me to keep working. I have to visualize the final result).
My usual (and only) quilt shop being closed for vacations, I went huntig into my stash, and found 4 yards (!) of this beautiful strippy fabric, sleeping in a drawer. Bingo... The dark red narrow strips will be the sashings, and I'll use the large ones for the borders. Luckily enough, I also unveiled one yard of a pretty khaki+"beige/rosé" print, for the cornerstones... This stitchery-quilt will look quite sweet and romantic (when finished)... What do you think ?

You may also remember another stitching project that I had prepared in June : Leanne's House "Winter Garden". It came with me to Italy and believe me : I tried, I really tried to hold that 35 inches square (+ batting) on my knees, in my wet, warm hands, but it was too hot. So here is the "poor" report I can proudly show you... However, I'm determined to catch up with it, as I like how it's coming out.
For this one, I'm using a "fuschia/red/burgundy" variagated DMC coton thread nr. 4210

The beautiful tapestry purse and needle case shown on the photo were hiding in a very tiny Italian village shop, and I just couldn't resist them...


- I won my first-ever quilty prize, with one of Darlene's darling pincushions ...

- I signed up for a stitchery swap, organized by Paula (Coffee Time Quilt Studio)...

- It's raining here, and this perfumed summer rain is making our garden soooo green ...

- Got my new issue of "Australian P&Q" magazine...

- The smell of fresh coffee in the kitchen, right now...


In this crazy quilt of life,

I'm glad you're in my block of friends !


  1. Oh I love your stitcheries...they are so cute! Nice fabrics too.

  2. Those stitcheries are so cute! There are days when I feel as if I look like the one on the top righthand corner!! I also like the fabrics you have chosen to finish the project.

    I really like that tapestry purse and needlecase. I wouldn't have been able to leave them in the shop either. They are so pretty.

  3. Beautiful stitchery! And waytogo on stash shopping! :)

  4. Beautiful stitchery! Who ever you get in the swap will be a lucky duck!

  5. What lovely stitcheries Nadine, who is the designer? Love your fabric for sashing and cornerstones, very pretty.

  6. The stitcheries are adorable. I simply adore them. :-) The fabric you found in your stash will be perfect. It's fun to 'dig' into our stash sometimes. LOL

    The stitchery bags you found are beautiful. I'm so glad you purchased them. You would have regretted it if you'd left them behind. :-)

    I'm glad that you're looking forward to receiving the little pin cushion you won on my blog - I'll have it ready to go very soon, my friend. ((HUGS))

  7. Was it THAT hot in italy :)
    Right now I feel like finding one of my big quilts that I'm handquilting and wrap it around me while quilting. It is raining and I feel cold. Want some sun!!!

  8. Beautiful stitcheries. I've been trying to get some stitcheries ready for vacation too. I will have about 8 hours of flying time there and back, plus time on vacation. I just get the feeling I'm not bringing enough.

    The purse and needle case are gorgeous. I hope I get that lucky on my trip.

  9. One should never have guilt for not getting more done, you were away on holiday and deserved the time to be spent as you truly needed! It appears that you actually were quite busy with the stitcheries and they look wonderful. And, nothing can beat that special feeling of some fresh coffee and a gorgeous new quilt magazine!!! For sure! Hugs. CW

  10. Your redwork stitcheries are so adorable. The fabric from your stash will go great with them.
    Sometimes we just know that purchase is a must...great choice on the bag and needle case.

  11. Your stitcheries are wonderful and the fabrics too.
    I understand you when saying it's hot in Rimini because here in Monza it is hot hot hot.
    ciao ciao

  12. It's so good to have you back, Nadine...I've missed you! In fact...I've been *dyeing* to visit with you! (hint hint)

  13. The work that you've done on your stitcheries is wonderful. You'll have the rest finished in no time. I can't wait to see the finished project, since I can't look into your brain to see the finished project as you see it!

  14. Thank you for the nice pictures of Italy. It seems at least you have had good weather! Your stitcheries are very cute and the finds (I wish I had such nice fabris in my stash!) are a perfect match. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. Take care.

  15. The little girls are so cute. I like the background - just enough color to be different. Was that red 221, really? Not 321? I don't remember a red 221. I'll have to check at the store and see what color red it is. I usually use 498. It isn't quite so bright, and I like the darker color.

  16. That stripy border fabric is perfect to go with your stitcheries! What fun!


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