"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


What am I doing these days , when I'm not asking help from my friends ?

Well, I'm quietly hand quilting "Wabbits" for Darlene.. I also made some applique blocks, for a special exchange with a friend (ShShSh.... it's a secret ! Hi, dear !!!), plus the daily routine at home, helping my in-laws, and physiotherapy sessions for my feet/legs.
Add to this that my kids are having their exams, and you'll figure a bit about my schedule....

However, we had a resurrection at home : while sorting out (once more !) my UFO's boxes, I found this "baby"... cute, isn't it ? I wonder why I didn't finish it, 2 years ago? (another new exciting project, at that time, I guess ! LOL LOL). I'll try to complete it, some day...


Just as Darlene and Connie inspired me, some days ago, and I pieced "Seaside Rose"...

Now it's May Britt (and Hanne), with adorable stitcheries... They keep telling that it's the perfect portable project, especially when it's hot outside. So I decided to prepare one, to take with me to Italy (OMG it's in 2 weeks ! Time flies !...).

Of course, I was so enthusiastic that I first thought "I'm going to make - Leannes House - BOM , just as my friends ! (I think you begin to know me, now ... LOL LOL).

But then I realized this was quite a preparation job (piecing), maybe too much in my actual schedule (I can be realistic, sometimes...).

So, I chose to start "Leanne's House Winter Garden" . Why not "Summer Garden" ?... well, I think it would only be finished by next winter ! LOL

So let's proceed as the great Fashion designers : working for winter in summer, and vice-versa... LOL).

Thanks to May Britt's kind & wise advises, and after numerous e-mails, I am now ready with my summer stitching project. It didn't require too much piecing (4 big blocks + border), and it's not too big : 35 inches square. However, transferring the stitchery designs required some patience and care..... it brought me to finish it at 3.30 am, this morning (I really must be crazy ! LOL).

I opted for a single DMC coton colour : a variegated dark red, as I want the quilt to have some "Christmas look". I just have to baste my batting now, and start stitching. Then I'll add the backing, and quilt in the ditch (but that's another story, for later... One step at a time ! See why I chose "Winter Garden" ?)


- Lunch with my Bee, today... (I'll tell you about them later)

- Weight loss : 12 pounds, up to now ! WOOOOHOOO ! I'm dancing the "Happy Quilter Mambo" ! (each pound allows me 1 yard of fabric ...and I still have 20 to go, can you imagine what a quilt to be ?)

- Sunny, breezy weather....

- Fresh Gazpacho in the fridge...

- A good book to read, while bathing my feet with "revival salts" (Wow!)


Budget : a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions...



  1. OOOO! I can't wait to see what stitchery goes in the blue evening stars! I like them! And I LOVED the quote for today!

  2. Oh no - another stitchery to watch - LOL. Yes, I too was watching the stitchery that goes on over at May Britt's, Hanne's and some other bloggers and decided to join everyone.

    Your Winter Garden is going to be gorgeous. Perhaps you'll surprise yourself and have it finished by this winter.

    It will be fun to watch your progress.

  3. Oh Nadine you do make me laugh! love Lucy

  4. A lot of stitchery to be done, I do look forward to see your progress. I am not yet in the stitcheries ;)

  5. That's why you have been so silent the last days LOL
    You have been drawing on your winter garden. It looks lovely. And I almost started it too. But have decided to concentrate on Leannes House.

  6. That is just the cutest little monkey - you should finish it. He really would love to be finished :))

  7. Good to see you online Nadine. Your stitchery looks good and I am very much looking forward to see your progress as it grows :-)
    Today I will be stitching Santas at the sewing lunch, and later today I will continue working on LH block # 2. Life interferred and I never got around to piece the background yesterday. But first, more coffee - my caffein meter is to low ;-)

  8. Hello, Nadine! That cuuuuteee monkey will have to be finished some day! you have done so much work on it that it deserves that :o) Your winter garden looks great, looking forwards to see the stitchery on it! Have fun!

  9. Ciao,
    your monkey is nice and I thing she wants to be finish.

    Your winter garden is a great project.....
    .....but do you think to go on holiday with any works?

    no no I think do you have no time to work but only to relax and enjoy your time there.

    ciao ciao

  10. I love the monkey hanging! He's so cute. It looks like just quilting to go, so maybe you can get to it soon. The star quilt will be a great project for travel, since it will only need one color thread and your package of needles, plus scissors. I like the green fabric.

  11. Oh, I can't wait to see your stitchery project. It's going to be great in those green stars.

    The monkey is adorable.

    Fresh gazpacho!?!?!? Yummy!

  12. Isn't this blogging amazing, you can see something, send out word and it's yours, just amazes me.
    I love what you did with the caharm pack, looks great and I will look forward to the new ones, Tracey
    ...And happy wedding anniversary!

  13. What's up with that monkey quilt? What inspired you?

    I'm sure I probably have something similar in my ufo pile as well.

    Love reading your blog.

  14. I LOVE the idea of rewarding yourself with fabric for every pound lost!!! I think that is just the incentive I need! Your Winter Garden is lovely and the red stitching will give it just the right "spirit". Can't wait to see it progress...don't make us wait til winter ;)

  15. Now you sound like me staying up until 3:30AM working on a project. I can't wait to see the stitching on this one.

  16. The monkey is so fun to look at, what a cutey. You are going to love the stitchery, it's very relaxing.

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