"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, May 21, 2007


Last weekend, I made this cute stitchery, that a nice friend had sent to me, some months ago...
I love it very much. Initially, I intended to make a small wall-hanging for my kitchen (DH is going to "refresh" the walls, by next August, and I'd like it all red and white)... Seeing it framed, I think that it would make a nice tote bag, too...

While looking for the right fabric into my stash, I saw a big bag, full of colourful strips, and suddenly ... that old familiar feeling : "what if...???"
So I took it with me, and after having completed the stitchery, I decided to play, just for fun, instinctively, with a very simple pattern, just focusing on colors...
Well, here is the result... Oh, I had so much fun ! It is not perfect at all, but I like it, it's me ...I'm ready to keep playing tomorrow ! (Does that count for stash busting ? LOL)

Gratitudes :
- that old familiar feeling....
- sewing on the porch, with the birds for company...
- colors !
- a treat from a nice friend in my mailbox (thanks again, Hanne !),
- pasta tonight...

Thought of the day :

Bake as long as the oven is hot.
Yiddish proverb.


  1. I love what you are doing with those strips. They are lovely!!

  2. Hi Nadine - I tried to post a comment on your last post but it only went to email and that threw me! Your stitchery is beautiful - I love the outer fabric. And your quilt is amazing - I'm so glad your creative urge is back and fighting! love Lucy

  3. You are back in sewing again That's good. I love the way you put the colours together in your squares. Looking forward to see the progress tomorrow :)

  4. Nothing like some pretty strips to catch your eye and get you stitchin' *s*

  5. Love what you did with those strips! Definitely stash busting!

  6. Both of your projects are wonderful. I really like how that stash busting worked out.

  7. Wahoo - you're having fun! I'm so happy for you!

    Cute stitchery piece and your quilt is great.

    Go Nadine Go!!!!

  8. Love the stichery!!! and great use of the strips, i love the colours and so glad u had so much fun with them...thats the reason we quilt!!

  9. Playing "for no good reason" is the most liberating!!

    I loved what you've worked up.

    You Go Girl.

  10. It better count as stashbusting - otherwise I've not busted any stash for a LONG time. What is it about scraps - they are more fun to play with than our yardage!

    Love the little redwork lady. Do you know the designer? Seems like the redwork designers in both Europe and Australia are doing much cuter things than anyone here in the states. I need to find a good source for the patterns where they won't cost an arm and a leg to ship them here.

  11. Oh Nadine - I LOVE your what if! That is wonderful! And your little stitchery is so cute!

  12. Of course it counts as stashbusting. And what wonderful colors! They look so happy! Play away.

  13. Oh Nadine, I LOVE your playtime quilt blocks! How pretty & bright.
    Also love the stitchery.
    And the thought for the day!

  14. It seems you are having fun. The stripe blocks look great. the colours are very summer like. I like very much you little stitchery as well. I have just made my first redwork picture and I really enjoyed it too. Keep on going and take care.

  15. The strips turned out very pretty. Sometimes it is something very simple and easy to do that will get you moving along again, just sitting and stitching. Spring is a hard time because there is so much outside work that has been waiting all winter to get done - and it is nice to get outside in the sun.

    Have fun in Italy!

  16. Hi Nadine, Keep playing--the blocks are so sunny and colorful!

    I love your thought of the day!

  17. What a fun day of playing you must have had! The blocks look sensational together. The stitchery is very pretty, too. You can never have too many tote bags.

  18. The little stitchery is darling and will make a great tote. Or almost anything else! I love redwork.

    Your quilt blocks are fabulous! This is a beautiful combination.

  19. Of course it counts as stashbusting! Looks terrific as does the little stitchery. Browyn Hayes, right?

  20. What fun! How colourful! Very good work with those strips and a cute stichery. Going on ...

  21. That looks fabulous, great fun and good stashbusting as well. Love those colours and the stitchery looks lovely as well. Cheers, Tracey


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