"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Italy, for a change !

"Toscana, Riviera Adriatica, farniente, pasta e gelatti"
This will be our destination, next July...
We've been to Spain very often these last years, and I think DH 's roots are singing a mermaid's song. From the moment we made our decision, he looks like an angel on his cloud. I'm delighted : wherever he goes, I go ! Besides, I love Italy (and Italians ! LOL).
So : "adios España, buongiorno bella Italia !"
(Some day, we'll say "Hello, USA !", he knows that !).

This being said, I have sadly nothing quilty to report. I'm still loosing hours (literally!), contemplating my SB's (yes, I call my Ufo's 'Sleeping Beauties"), rumaging into my stash, making lists... and doing nothing, except browsing through your blogs, with my tongue down to the floor when seeing your beautiful WIP's and accomplishments !
Strange... What was boosting me a few weeks ago, now leads me to discouragement and lack of self-confidence...

So, I'm waiting, patiently waiting (me ?!?), following the flow... I know this won't last, the "thread fever" will come back. It's just as if my body and mind had to "re-unite".
I 'm reading a lot, especially "The Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach (Jeanne -"Spiral"- made me know it, a year ago, and I'm so grateful). It's a very interesting, clever, and helpful book of days, written for the women. Each time I read some pages, my heart is peaceful, grateful, and life is simple.... Isn't that wonderful ?


  1. Sarai contenta!
    tutto il mondo è bello e ..... l'Italia .........
    ciao ciao

  2. Italy is my favourite holiday destination - the language, the food, the scenery, the history - what more can you want!

  3. Nadine, I hope you do come to USA someday! It's worth the effort, there's so much here to see & do.

  4. Italy! I can imagine how excited Gaetano must be!

    AH, Simple Abundance is such a special read - helps create a peaceful heart and mind!

  5. Make yourself a good cup of tea, or coffee, and just give yourself a rest Nadine.
    Pick one project, or maybe 2 - maybe stitchery ? or an applique block ?
    Enjoy doing a thread (or more) on it daily, and forget about your Ufos or Sleeping Beauties. They will not go away anyway, so why beat yourself up about them ;-)
    Being in a slump is a signal of needing a change or a break - listen to it!
    Your book is about simplifying and I guess you might feel the need to do so also in the quilting department ?
    If you do a daily thread spread on 10 project it will not show in a long time. If you do a daily thread spread on one or two projects you will see progress very soon.
    Take care !
    Ciao ;-)

  6. Mi auguro che le tue vacanze in Italia siano particolarmente felici
    ciao dalla Puglia

  7. Nadine, that's wonderful advice from Hanne! Looks like advice I should follow, too.

  8. I had a "slump" earlier last month but it passed (thankfully!!!)....u know australia is a great holiday destination as well!!!! LOL

  9. There are times when our hands (or mind) must just be still in order to renew for what is to come. Relax and and refresh - you'll be busy with quilts soon enough

  10. That is a great book. I read it years ago and now I want to find it and have it at the ready for my uplift.

    Sleeping Beauties, I like that much better than UFO's. You've started something...smile

  11. I would love that trip as well and the sewing lethargy will pass soon. Welcome to the big second toe club as well, it's very exclusive! Tracey

  12. My parents went to Italy last year, and they just loved it! You're going to have a blast!

  13. I have been feeling a bit like that as well lately and have been reading too many blogs and doing too little. I just didn´t feel like it. But then it went by and in the week I sewed a skirt and two small bags. The inspiration is back as I am sure it will be soon for you as well. Take care.

  14. Oh Nadine, what a useless friend I am. Here I got way behind on blog reading and now find you are in a down mood and sewing slump. I'm so sorry I wasn't there right away to encourage you! I think we all go through this from time to time - I know I do. It seems to go in cycles and maybe is catching, as quite a few bloggers seem to be suffering from it lately. This too shall pass - I know it will. Something will spark your excitement when you least expect it, and off you'll go again. I think we all need breaks sometimes - even from things we dearly love. Hang in there - I know you'll be just fine. Italy - sounds like a marvelous place to visit!

  15. If you come from my parts I will be happy to eat an ice cream together with you, Nadine!!!!


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