"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, May 6, 2007


This quiet Sunday gave me the opportunity to complete my first week of journal entries, and to make some personnal "embellishments", quite naïve but ... oh well, that's me after all, and I had fun. Now I do hope I'll be able to load this picture in my Yahoo Group album....

Nothing else to show, today. I feel "strange", somehow, as if a kind of "quilting slump" was knocking at my door... Too many different projects, lying on my table, on which I spread some daily stitches, like confettis, without seeing the end of them... I like them (no : I LOVE them), but in the meantime, I'd like to put them all aside in a biiig box, then take a small stitchery and forget about the rest, or a good book, or... something else ! Have you ever experienced such a feeling ? I guess you do...

This is funny, because my head is still burning with so many beautiful projects (especially when visiting your blogs !)...

Gratitudes :
A quiet "lizzard" Sunday,
First (purple) flowers on our clematis,
Strawberries/melon salad (noooooo ! no sugar, nor chantilly, added!)
Delicious home made pizza at my SIL's, for her birthday,
A new shower gel (smells like fresh cut grass...).

Thought of the day :
We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden. (Goethe)


  1. Your journal blocks are so pretty. Love the embroidery and the water block especially. I have had that feeling lately of having so many things begun and not much done. I was happy to finish up my bag today. I am sure it will pass.

  2. Your embellishments are great. I haven't given any thought to my embellishments yet. I know I will do some, but it won't be for some time.

  3. Oh, it's wonderful - great start!

    Don't fret about your slump; just enjoy whatever your heart wants you to enjoy. Remember we do this for fun!

  4. Wonderful job on your blocks!
    I am going to get out my embroidery floss and see what I can do to make mine more interesting like yours.
    Sometimes I have a longing to sit and do hand stitching too!

  5. Nadine, Your 365 blocks are so inspirational...you're giving me ideas how to branch out and not be boring. I love your use of color and embroidery stitches to make them more intersting. As we say here in America, You Rock!

  6. Follow your own advice Nadine - put all but one (or two) projects away for a while. Make some progress on the one or two and enjoy the feeling :-)
    To many projects are overwhelming when you are in a slump.
    Your journal looks so good!

  7. You are not the only one having this feeling. Sometimes my head is filled with ideas and too little time. And sometimes I overdo it. Like this weekend.

  8. Your journal is going to be great. I love the river block.
    Take it easy and enjoy what you do. That is after all why we do it. We just lose sight of that sometimes :-)

  9. Nadine, your journal blocks look great! A true inspiration_ I didn't get started like I was hoping to this week end :(
    I have the exact same feeling as you at the moment- lots of things on my mind about the shop, so on Friday I put all my WIP's in a BIG box to put them out of my mind for a while. Once I have the shop opened I will open the box again... hopefully.

  10. Hi Nadine - I love your stitching on your blocks - lively and fun! (like you I think!!) I'm really keen to sew now that I have discovered all of these wonderful blogs but my sewing machine is not working properly and will need a service which could take a week or so. I think I will get out my grandmother-in-laws old machine that I used to use before I got mine and see how that is going. I have been busy at the allotment and am rather tired as it has been really windy but I think a cup of tea will get me going again! love Lucy

  11. Your journal looks very nice. Sometimes I just overwhelmed by all the things I want to stitch. And with so many projects on the go, I don't know which one to do but the best thing is to start with the one you love. Don't forget we do this because we LOVE IT.

  12. This journal is getting so nice!!!
    ciao ciao

  13. I get that way too. Way too many ideas, way too many projects started and no progress to be seen on any of it. I'd say get that box. Keep out one or two projects and see some progress before you dig the others back out. Oh, and that also means no new starts! (I know, that's the hardest part of all)

  14. Hi Nadine - thanks for your comments on my blog - does "featherweight" refer to the sewing machine? I've never heard of that before. It was my granny's (or her sister's maybe) then my mum's, then my brother's (for sewing leather hoods and jesses for his peregrine falcon) and then I "acquired" it when they weren't looking (although they have since found out!!!). I have another that I bought for my eldest a couple of years ago for christmas (and then dropped on my big toe - OWWWW!). Thanks for appreciating the reason behind my dirty hands! - the soil and weather has made them feel like sandpaper too! Lucy

  15. Love the saying for the day. How true!
    Dont worry about your quilting, you will return to it all, full of get up & go!

  16. Love the stitchery embellishments on your journal quilt blocks. What a wonderful idea - a perfect way to individualize them even more.


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