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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"CHUST FOR FUN" (at my own risk !)

Well, it's not a secret : you know I like to laugh and joke. Today, MayBritt and I exchanged some funny e-mails, which ended in an enormous GIGGLE, and May Britt's conclusion : "please, please, Nadine, blog this conversation, and make all our friends laugh, as well ! ". (I guess she wants me to ruin my reputation!)...
Some of you will frankly giggle,
Some will gently smile "tsk, tsk, she's so childish !",
Some will be shocked (in that case, I apologize... Life is so short !),
Some will definitely think I'm crazy (and they could be right !),
At my own risk........

Soooo, we were seriously talking about painful arthrosis, and I told May Britt :
"the good news, according to my doctor, is that it makes you live longer ! Can you imagine us, at the "Quilters Retirement Home", teethless, organizing funny wheel chair races ? And if they don't let me have my fabrics, I'll cut through my sheets and pyjamas !"
May Britt was enthusiastic (she's so easy to laugh !), and was already dreaming about that "Old Quilters Nursing Home", where all of us, blog friends, would have fun together...
And that's where my dilerious started...

Early in the morning, at the "Old (teethless) Quilters Retirement Home" :
Me : - Nuuurche ! Nuuurche !
Nurse : - What is it again ?
Me : - Ha need chome Hread !
Nurse : - Bread ??? No, no, it's too early Nadine. Go back to bed !"
Me : - I chaid chome f...f...fread ! You, chilly, chtupid nurche !
Nurse : - Fred will come later. Come on, try to get some sleep !
Me : - Th...Th... Threaaaaad ! Ich dad clear ?"
Nurse : - Stop being a naughty girl ! Grow up ! I won't give you any thread !
Me : - May Briiiiiit ! She'ch bad wip me again !
May Britt : (on her "Batman, rescueing, flying wheel chair") : chtop teaging my friend ! She needs chome chread, and also her f...f... fimble ! NOW ! Ocherwise I'll kill you !
Hanne : (quietly piecing a splendid crazy block) - I'll do that !
Darlene : (on her "Quilter-On-The-Rush" roller skates) - I'm calling Patti, and Libby, and Finn, and........ immediately !
Me : Chanks, dear ! Dad nurche ich chooooo chtupid ! She can't even chew a button !....... Oh, Oh ! I'm wet again ! TeeHee!.....

Just one question : seriously, do you think I should see a doctor ? Have I hereby signed my last post (reason : no more visitors) ?
And this is how a 55 , "respectable" mother of 4, beloved wife of her(desperate) husband, has "chtupidly" killed her reputation on a 1st of May.....
OMG ! What did I do ??? !!!


  1. LOL
    And where will does this wonderful quilters nursery home be???? I have to order a place right now.

  2. I want to come too with all you wonderful/funny quilters. But while we are placing our order.......lets make sure that it has wifi so we can still keep up on our blogs and quilt sites.


  3. Quite insane Nadine - but very funny!!! I've tried leaving this comment about 3 times already so I will try again as anonymous! love lucy locket

  4. Yes please book me a place too - it sounds like the ideal retirement home :o) - worry not everyone needs to laugh and they do say it's the best medicine!

  5. Hey, when you get that nursing home ready, put me in there too. Be sure in include "compoootaz" too. We "bloogers" need to communicate! (I've actually mistyped that word this way quite a few times.)

  6. Nadine, you are TOO funny today! Made me laugh!!!!! :-D

  7. If you can't be silly when you are 55, then when will you get permission? =) Forget the docs. Be silly more often, for longer time periods. It's much healthier.

  8. No, you do not need to see a doctor. You need to share this kind of stuff more often! Laughter is good fro the soul!

  9. Oh my goodness I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my cheeks! You are too funny! That's for the great laugh!

  10. You girls are a riot!!!!!!!! :-D

  11. I.

    (don't you?)

    Thanks Nadine, you have nothing to fear exposing yourself here, we all love you anywho!

  12. well i can't wait to go into this nursing home. How fun it would be if it was full of bloggers/quilters

  13. Tjihihi!!! That is the cutest little story - what imagination you ladies have :o)

  14. I think we could turn that into a business...pick a country, open an " old quilters never die, they just feel increasingly sew and sew" nursing home. Then have all old quilters come there from all over the World! Works for me! I'd want to go to that home earlier rather than later.Tracey

  15. This is completely priceless Nadine - I LOVE it! What better way to grow old and decrepit than in a nursing home full of quilters - but only if they let us have the tools of our trade LOL! I definitely think we all need to make our reservations now. We'd have such a marvelous time together we'd probably laugh ourselves to death - and I don't think there's a better way to go!

    (We always knew you had a hidden side to you - with Clare it's hot air balloons - with you it's stand-up comedy!)

    Thanks so much for including me in your delightful little story!

  16. Loving laughing quilters lives longer :-)
    Hugs from Hanne

  17. There is a place for me too....!?!?!?

    Life is so beautiful if everybody laugh together!!!!
    ;o) ...today I was angry with my daughter but you made me smile!

    ciao ciao

  18. Please reserve me a room! I think being silly helps us through many days of life.

  19. Che peux fenir auchi?! How about wheel chairs with in-built sewing machines? Thanks for the big laugh. Take care.

  20. oh my that is so funny!!;remember we akk have those other men in our lives that visit regularly
    Bengay, ARThitus, Charley horse
    nice to neet you nadine
    cheers Betty

  21. This was hilarious, Nadine! Who has more fun than quilters? Hanne even got in on the story!


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