"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, May 5, 2007


For 2 days, I tried to load this photo in my Yahoo Group album : no way !
So, here it is... I decided to follow Cynthia's (Aussie quilter) choice, in order to get this quilt a little smaller (thanks, Cynthia !), and to make a special monthly header, with the flower of the month... Other daily entries are ready... on paper, as I didn't have time to put them on fabric - will catch up this weekend.

I think this quilt (as others) requires some organization, a kind of routine, that I still have to settle. My main "problem" (not only for this quilt) is that I don't have the sewing machine permanently "ready for use" (no sewing room),so I have to take it out of its box, etc...., each time I need it. This, often leads me to choose some handwork... (lazy ?).

I'll come back later, with some other news...


  1. Oh Nadine, it looks wonderful! I still have my journal on paper... hopefully I will get some of it onto fabric this week end! Now I'm off to my shop to assemble shelves...

  2. Hi Nadine - that's looking good! I particularly like the month strip with the embroidery. The green fabric you have chosen reall suits lily of the valley. Lucy

  3. I am so glad you posted this picture. I love seeing how everyone is taking on this challenge. And you are right about the routine - I haven't really settled into it yet but I find myself thinking about these blocks and what I will record every day. I really like the green strip at the top.

  4. Nadine your first entry with the colored strip looks lovely. What a great idea stitching the month as well as the flower for the month.
    I have fallen behind for the past few days with making notes for each day but hopefull tomorrow i will catch up.

  5. Oh, it's such a great start - it's lovely. The embroidered month is a great idea.

    I have yet to get started but it's truly time. I've been so excited about this journal idea and yet here I sit. LOL

    I agree that it's important to establish a routine that works for us as individuals.

  6. This will be a lovely quilt Nadine. Adding the flower is so smart! I would fall off the wagon very soon so I will not start one of these quilts this year. Maybe one for December would be nice - with cookie recipes ?

  7. How lucky for you to receive lily of the valley! They are so beautiful and delicate.
    Your block looks lovely too :-)

  8. I'm still thinking about this challenge. It seems like I spend so much time reading blogs, answering comments and writing my own that I get very little sewing time in these days. Can I start another project! But your month header really tugs at me! I'd really like to do this... but... Keep posting pictures and you'll catch me yet!

  9. Oh it is wonderful! I love how you embroidered the lily of the valley!

  10. Perhaps for Mother's Day...a sewing room-of-sorts may be requested by a special Mother/Wife?! (It never hurts to ask!)

    I love your idea for your stitched header to greet every month! It is so *you!* ;-)


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