"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


No significant progress to picture, today, except a cute Bronwyn Hayes stitchery ("The quilter"), that I intend to applique (reverse) on a quilting purse (some day, some time ! LOL).
I certainly have to progress on back stitching, but what counts is the pleasure I had to make it, doesn't it ?


So, I thought about LABELS, that last step of the whole quilting process. Among all steps, this one is very important to me : it's the "finishing touch", the signature, a trace of me for ever (I like the idea !), and I'm taking some time to make them...

Of course, there are some beautiful pre-printed ones, where you only have to write some information, with a permanent pen (no critic at all : I have often used them, as well)... but in my opinion, a special quilt, a "labour of love", deserves a special label. Not necessarily perfect, artistic, and beautifully designed, but lovingly made, as a last "surprise gift"...

This one is on my double Irish Chain

I made this one for my GMFG, that I made in memory of my beloved grandmother.... (I only knew stem stitching, at that time)

Do I dare telling you that this unfinished one was started about 5 years ago, for a quilt I made for DH's 50th birthday ? The quilt still needs binding.... I guess he'll get it for his 60th birthday ! (LOL)

Have you got some nice labels to show ?

Now, I can't finish this post without telling you about TANYA (Japan) : please, please, read her today's post about quilting and labours of love !

"TANIWA" http://tttl1998.blogspot.com/

Monday, May 21, 2007


Last weekend, I made this cute stitchery, that a nice friend had sent to me, some months ago...
I love it very much. Initially, I intended to make a small wall-hanging for my kitchen (DH is going to "refresh" the walls, by next August, and I'd like it all red and white)... Seeing it framed, I think that it would make a nice tote bag, too...

While looking for the right fabric into my stash, I saw a big bag, full of colourful strips, and suddenly ... that old familiar feeling : "what if...???"
So I took it with me, and after having completed the stitchery, I decided to play, just for fun, instinctively, with a very simple pattern, just focusing on colors...
Well, here is the result... Oh, I had so much fun ! It is not perfect at all, but I like it, it's me ...I'm ready to keep playing tomorrow ! (Does that count for stash busting ? LOL)

Gratitudes :
- that old familiar feeling....
- sewing on the porch, with the birds for company...
- colors !
- a treat from a nice friend in my mailbox (thanks again, Hanne !),
- pasta tonight...

Thought of the day :

Bake as long as the oven is hot.
Yiddish proverb.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I'm slooooowly emerging from that quilting slump and I wish to thank all my friends, who posted such nice, friendly, (and wise) messages of encouragement ! You are all such a blessing in my life..
The inventory was not that bad : (too much for me, anyway)
- 9 tops to be quilted (hand quilters are GREAT toppers...LOL)
- about the same amount of UFO's>>>>> abandonned
- 6 WIP's
- a rather big stash (3 shelves, with some interesting pieces, and many "???")
(with "???" please read : "why on earth, did I buy that???")
SO... I put everything aside in biiiig boxes, labelled : "light", "medium", "dark", "Ufo's" (I really didn't want to see them any longer !). Then I kept the Wip's on one shelve, and took one on my working table : the Christmas quilt (square in a circle - folding technique - hand piecing). I chose that one because I love it, it's easy and portable.... (I also kept my 365 days, journal quilt- a 5 to 10 minutes a day project- + a small stitchery).
I decided there is no use feeling sorry. Maybe I'm in a changing step in my life, or simply moving on.
I'm now considering a Seven Sisters quilt, as my next long term project. That pattern has always been one of my favourites. I 'm planning to start it after vacations.(We'll see...). I also ordered a new DMC kit "Museum Patchwork Sampler", to take with me to Italy.
And that's where I am, today : peaceful, happy, with new projects slowly emerging...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Pulling myself out of this "slump", I'm learning sooo much while browsing through Quilters Blogland !

For the second time, this week, I visited Tracey's blogs : "Thee Handworks", and also her previous blog "Quiltjunkie"... OMG ! I know many of you read her, but please if you don't, go to :
This is her previous blog, and her post dated 20th January entitled "Revelation - parts 1 and 2" . And indeed, Tracey has just put into words my own feeling. THANKS, Tracey !

Now, I'm going to try to find Gwen Marston's book ("Classic four block applique quilts"), and dive into it... Then I'll "swing my leggs out of my box" and we'll see what happens...

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Italy, for a change !

"Toscana, Riviera Adriatica, farniente, pasta e gelatti"
This will be our destination, next July...
We've been to Spain very often these last years, and I think DH 's roots are singing a mermaid's song. From the moment we made our decision, he looks like an angel on his cloud. I'm delighted : wherever he goes, I go ! Besides, I love Italy (and Italians ! LOL).
So : "adios España, buongiorno bella Italia !"
(Some day, we'll say "Hello, USA !", he knows that !).

This being said, I have sadly nothing quilty to report. I'm still loosing hours (literally!), contemplating my SB's (yes, I call my Ufo's 'Sleeping Beauties"), rumaging into my stash, making lists... and doing nothing, except browsing through your blogs, with my tongue down to the floor when seeing your beautiful WIP's and accomplishments !
Strange... What was boosting me a few weeks ago, now leads me to discouragement and lack of self-confidence...

So, I'm waiting, patiently waiting (me ?!?), following the flow... I know this won't last, the "thread fever" will come back. It's just as if my body and mind had to "re-unite".
I 'm reading a lot, especially "The Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach (Jeanne -"Spiral"- made me know it, a year ago, and I'm so grateful). It's a very interesting, clever, and helpful book of days, written for the women. Each time I read some pages, my heart is peaceful, grateful, and life is simple.... Isn't that wonderful ?

Friday, May 11, 2007


To all mothers....
the happy ones, the sad ones,
the cherished ones, the lonely ones,
the young ones, the old ones,
the married ones, the single ones,
the healthy ones, the sick ones,
the free ones, the locked ones,
the respected ones, the persecuted ones,
the special ones, the ordinary ones,
the biological ones, the adoptive ones,
the living ones, the dead ones,
To all mothers...

Pansies.... "Pensées" in French (which means "thoughts"),

Humble, fragile yet strong, colorful, diversified... like so many mothers...

Gratitudes :

- Sandrine, Pierre, Olivier, Laura... my beloved children,

- Gaetano : their father, and my beloved husband

- My mother : she left us 13 years ago, but she still makes me grow up day after day...

- My grandmother : wise, strong, humorous, curious, open-minded... my guide and protector

- Pansies...

Thought of the day :

God could not be everywhere, therefore he created mothers...

(Jewish proverb)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I've been tagged by Connie (Simply quilted), to list 7 things you don't know about me, and I jump right into it, as I didn't know what to tell/show you today.... So, thanks Connie, for the inspiration !

Here we go,

7 things you don't know about me :

I love, love Lucille Ball ! I can watch her films a thousand times, and I still get an endless giggle ! (Do you remember, when she scratches the grapes, barefoot ? Hilarious !) If I could choose one woman to be, it would be Lucille. I think that the ability of making people laugh and feel happy, is a real talent, and a gift to share.....

Once a month, I visit an old people retirement home, laughing and singing, together with them, sometimes I read some book, or poems aloud, they like that, it helps them fall asleep
. I love them, they're my "babies"...

As we say here, I've got "two left hands", especially with my sewing machine. "She" (I could swear she's alive) always gets control upon me, she frightens me, she intimidates me : only two weeks ago did I realize that this tiny "thing" on her left ankle was to cut the thread ! She never told me, in ten years !

Now, my feet : my second toes are much loooonger than the other ones. They say it's the "Egyptian feet", I say it's one shoe size more !

Only one man could have me make "a big mistake" : Clark Gable (Aaah, Reth Buttler !)....( well, maybe two : Rock Hudson was so handsome, too !... But he could only have been my brother...).

No matter how late I go to bed, I have to read some pages, even in the wee hours of the morning (which is often the case as, most of you, my dear friends are getting up when I'm getting down...).

I'd love to visit China, or Japan. I don't know why ... These countries fascinate me...

Whew ! Done ! Now that you know some of my secrets, please... keep them secret... LOL

So now, do I have to tag five other friends ? OK ! I'm tagging :
Darlene (Quilting Daze)
May Britt (Abyquilt)
Hanne (Hanne's Quilt Corner)
Cynthia (Aussie Quilter)
Suze (The Thread and I)
Can't wait, reading 7 things I don't know about YOU.....

One special gratitude, today : to SUZE (The Thread and I), for a wonderful friendship surprise in my mailbox ! THANKS, Suze!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


This quiet Sunday gave me the opportunity to complete my first week of journal entries, and to make some personnal "embellishments", quite naïve but ... oh well, that's me after all, and I had fun. Now I do hope I'll be able to load this picture in my Yahoo Group album....

Nothing else to show, today. I feel "strange", somehow, as if a kind of "quilting slump" was knocking at my door... Too many different projects, lying on my table, on which I spread some daily stitches, like confettis, without seeing the end of them... I like them (no : I LOVE them), but in the meantime, I'd like to put them all aside in a biiig box, then take a small stitchery and forget about the rest, or a good book, or... something else ! Have you ever experienced such a feeling ? I guess you do...

This is funny, because my head is still burning with so many beautiful projects (especially when visiting your blogs !)...

Gratitudes :
A quiet "lizzard" Sunday,
First (purple) flowers on our clematis,
Strawberries/melon salad (noooooo ! no sugar, nor chantilly, added!)
Delicious home made pizza at my SIL's, for her birthday,
A new shower gel (smells like fresh cut grass...).

Thought of the day :
We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden. (Goethe)

Saturday, May 5, 2007


For 2 days, I tried to load this photo in my Yahoo Group album : no way !
So, here it is... I decided to follow Cynthia's (Aussie quilter) choice, in order to get this quilt a little smaller (thanks, Cynthia !), and to make a special monthly header, with the flower of the month... Other daily entries are ready... on paper, as I didn't have time to put them on fabric - will catch up this weekend.

I think this quilt (as others) requires some organization, a kind of routine, that I still have to settle. My main "problem" (not only for this quilt) is that I don't have the sewing machine permanently "ready for use" (no sewing room),so I have to take it out of its box, etc...., each time I need it. This, often leads me to choose some handwork... (lazy ?).

I'll come back later, with some other news...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"CHUST FOR FUN" (at my own risk !)

Well, it's not a secret : you know I like to laugh and joke. Today, MayBritt and I exchanged some funny e-mails, which ended in an enormous GIGGLE, and May Britt's conclusion : "please, please, Nadine, blog this conversation, and make all our friends laugh, as well ! ". (I guess she wants me to ruin my reputation!)...
Some of you will frankly giggle,
Some will gently smile "tsk, tsk, she's so childish !",
Some will be shocked (in that case, I apologize... Life is so short !),
Some will definitely think I'm crazy (and they could be right !),
At my own risk........

Soooo, we were seriously talking about painful arthrosis, and I told May Britt :
"the good news, according to my doctor, is that it makes you live longer ! Can you imagine us, at the "Quilters Retirement Home", teethless, organizing funny wheel chair races ? And if they don't let me have my fabrics, I'll cut through my sheets and pyjamas !"
May Britt was enthusiastic (she's so easy to laugh !), and was already dreaming about that "Old Quilters Nursing Home", where all of us, blog friends, would have fun together...
And that's where my dilerious started...

Early in the morning, at the "Old (teethless) Quilters Retirement Home" :
Me : - Nuuurche ! Nuuurche !
Nurse : - What is it again ?
Me : - Ha need chome Hread !
Nurse : - Bread ??? No, no, it's too early Nadine. Go back to bed !"
Me : - I chaid chome f...f...fread ! You, chilly, chtupid nurche !
Nurse : - Fred will come later. Come on, try to get some sleep !
Me : - Th...Th... Threaaaaad ! Ich dad clear ?"
Nurse : - Stop being a naughty girl ! Grow up ! I won't give you any thread !
Me : - May Briiiiiit ! She'ch bad wip me again !
May Britt : (on her "Batman, rescueing, flying wheel chair") : chtop teaging my friend ! She needs chome chread, and also her f...f... fimble ! NOW ! Ocherwise I'll kill you !
Hanne : (quietly piecing a splendid crazy block) - I'll do that !
Darlene : (on her "Quilter-On-The-Rush" roller skates) - I'm calling Patti, and Libby, and Finn, and........ immediately !
Me : Chanks, dear ! Dad nurche ich chooooo chtupid ! She can't even chew a button !....... Oh, Oh ! I'm wet again ! TeeHee!.....

Just one question : seriously, do you think I should see a doctor ? Have I hereby signed my last post (reason : no more visitors) ?
And this is how a 55 , "respectable" mother of 4, beloved wife of her(desperate) husband, has "chtupidly" killed her reputation on a 1st of May.....
OMG ! What did I do ??? !!!