"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Of course, I didn't need anything.... you know that story, don't you ? Soooo, these two sets of fabrics appealed to me, as well as a new pair of middle size scissors (I can't resist scissors, don't know why...). There was a beautiful Yoyo quilt on display (they didn't allow me to take any picture, as it had to go to a special show in Barcelona). It was made of colourful squares of yoyo's, surrounded with white ones. Splendid ! They told me they had used those funny new tools from Clover to make them... Guess what I did ?

Two quilting magazines also needed adoption, as well as an intriguing applique pattern of the 1800's... As you can see, I also managed to complete 25 additional "folded squares" for my Christmas quilt. I was very proud, as Rosa Maria asked me to teach this technique to her group. You should have seen me, trying to make things clear, mixing some Spanish, French and English ! It was a very funny afternoon and we all had a great time...

Though resting a lot, I kept my little fingers busy and did the embroideries + blanket stitching on this funny chickies wall hanging, that I had prepared before leaving. I'm crazy about chickies and these curious ones are asking my first question, every day... Now I intend to make a nice four-patch border, and I'll hang it in our kitchen, after the nice fresh painting layer that DH is going to put on the walls (he doesn't know it yet, LOL...).

I also had a great time, stitching this cute lady, and I chose two coordinating fabrics at my Spanish friend Rosa Maria's Quilt Shop. I think this will make a nice tote bag to keep my next stitching projects...

Now the time has come to stick on the African quilt I made for Laura a few months ago ! It's due on May 4th, so I guess the best thing to do is to tie it, which can give a nice result with that kind of quilt... Cross my fingers !

Up to now, I could read a third of my mails, but I especially visited your blogs, to fill my eyes with the beauties you all made, and also to read you : even in paradise you miss your friends , and believe me : I missed you all !


- A lovely, restful stay, together with the love of my life...

- A nice and safe trip back...

- Reading your blogs again was like coming back to very good friends...

- Our children, welcoming us with big smiles and hugs...

- I lost 3 pounds... Yeeeaaah ! (eating much fish, and walking a lot).




  1. Another pair of scissors? That sounds like me. I go through phases. Currently I am in my "scissor" phase. Truly, I DO NOT need anymore.

    Glad you are home and blogging again.

  2. Your new projects are wonderful Nadine! I know what you mean about scissors - I just ordered two more pair! A friend recommended them, I tried hers and loved them, and figured I might as well . . . LOL!

    Congratulations on the weight loss! We're glad you are back - we missed you too!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. And you did very good purchases. The pattern from hearts and hands look so beautiful. The best thing about being away from home is to come home.

  4. So good to have you back with us, Nadine! Your warmth and sunshiny outlook on life has been missed.

  5. Oh my goodness, my talented friend look at all your completed treasures. Your fingers were busy indeed.

    Another thing we have in common - I love, love scissors and can't resist new ones and my kitchen is decorated with roosters and chickens.

    That's it, you tell Gaetano, that I get to go next time. LOL I could help you with your Spanish. teehee

  6. You made some great purchases and I love the embroidery. The chickens made me giggle.
    Welcome home!

  7. Welcome home! Lovely to see you back, & see all your nice treasures. Love that stitchery, & your fabric purchases.

  8. Nadine: So good to have you back. I've missed your posts. :)

  9. Tell me one quilter who isn't in search of the perfect scissors! I had to resort to using a golf club comparison with my DH so he would understand why I couldn't use the tailor shears to cut out my applique templates...would he chip onto the green with a 3-wood? I think not!

  10. What wonderful purchases you made, we can never have too many pairs of scissors...
    Just adore your "Any Mail" wall hanging, too cute and your Bronwyn Hayes embroidery is lovely and will look terrific on a tote bag.

  11. I can not believe all the sewing you got done on your vacation! You are a very talented lady indeed! Love all your purchases, you did good :)

  12. you kept very busy while you were away. I love the fabrics you have chosen to use around the stitchery and i also like the chicken wall hanging.

    Glad to see you home again.

  13. I love the chickies!! What is the pattern name and maker?

  14. It sounds as though you had a really great holiday and still managed to get your quilting fix! You are talented in other directions too if you can do a quilting demo in a mixture of three languages. Good to see you back again.

  15. The Heart and Hands pattern looks great, all these yellows! Are you sure you were on holiday and not on a quilt workshop, you managed so much. I would have liked to be at the spanish group when you made your demonstration. Sounds you had lots of fun. Take care.

  16. I also have a weakness for scissors. What are your favorites? I like my big Gingers best. Although I have a pair of Finny for fine cutting-very sharp and medium to small size.


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