"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, April 27, 2007


Can you imagine me, this morning, tapping on the floor, since 5.am, waiting for Henri, the postman ?

Can you imagine May Britt's giggles, teasing me (for 2 days, now !), about her package from Darlene ? The naughty girl didn't give any information about the contents, although she knew all about it ! And she kept teasing me, through funny e-mails !...

Can you imagine Darlene, teasing me about - what she called - "just a small package! Hee-Hee..." ?

Can you imagine DH, teasing me about paying a visit to DD1 today ?
("Are you crazy ?????").
I had an appointment at my doctor's >>>> postponed it !
I had an appointment at my pedicure's>>> postponed it !

Can you imagine me, sticked to my chair, behind the window ? (not even an earthquake or a tsunami... or a piece of chocolate cake, could have made me move !).

My good old lady neighbour, Simone (who knows everything about my quilting life) came in at 10.30 am ("just to keep you company, dear !"), and we sipped a whole pot of coffee - sticked to our chairs - no radio, just the "tic-tac-tic-tac" of the clock... Simone said quietly : "Enjoy !The waiting is part of the pleasure !"

Can you imagine, Henri the postman, happily driving his motorbike, whistleling, and shouting (for the whole neighbourhood) : It's heeere!

OMG ! What a joy ! I was like a child on Christmas Eve : 3 sets of delightful Moda charm squares, 3 yummy quilting magazines, Zig pens for my Journal Quilt project, and..... a surprise folder, full of.... (I can tease, too, you know !)

Henri : "Amazing Americans ! How generous !"
Simone : "How sweet ! How delicate !"
And me : in Heaven ! -THANKS, DARLENE, MY FRIEND !

Suddenly, Henri said proudly : "there's a cherry for the cake !"
And he gave me a nice cherry-red envelope, from Connie, with a lovely siggy block.... + a pigma pen, as she had read I would need it for my Journal Quilt project ! Now, isn't that sweet ? THANKS, CONNIE !
Simone : "Oooh, Mickey Mouse ! I love him !" (She's 86....)
Henri : "Amazing stamps ! Never such ones, before !"
Me : "It's a tribute to Gee's Band"
Henri : "What's that ???"
Me : "That's another story, go home !"... LOL


- Generous, caring, friends,
- Neighbours,
- The Post Services,
- Teasers,


"Only true friends can tease you properly, because they love you !" - Me -

"The waiting is part of the pleasure" -Simone


  1. Friends are such a treasure! What a good friend you've found.

  2. It really is just a simple box of "goodies". If they've brought you pleasure then it doesn't matter how big the box was! Remember "from my heart to your hands", as I told May Britt.


  3. Finally you got that surprise :)
    I have had a hard time not telling you what I got :) Know what you will do this evening. Study magazines.
    Hugs from CT
    (Cruel Teaser)
    And it's true: Only true friends can tease you properly, because they love you.

  4. Ooooh, you lucky, lucky 'friends'!!! :D How perfectly wonderful to have such friends to share things, fun, our hearts, with! Enjoy!

  5. Oh Nadine - what a fun post! And Simone is so wise to remind you that waiting is part of the pleasure. I hope I can remember that.

  6. WoooHOOoo! Aren't surprises so much fun! Thanks for sharing all your goodies with the rest of us.

  7. I can sense your happiness and joy in your writing. Enjoy your goodies.

  8. Wonderful Nadine, the waiting makes it all worth while.

  9. Enjoy your packet :-)
    I am looking forward to tomorrow. I will meet May Britt. I am a lucky person. Wish you were there as well!

  10. How wonderful that your whole neighborhood gets caught up in the excitement about your packages from far away!!! Looks like some fun goodies! I just love it that Simone came over to keep you company during the wait!



  11. Ohhh, what a fun post, I was giggling away as I was reading. What a sweet friend Darlene is, just a treasure!

  12. Nadine, You are so cute in the way you write and share the suspense and anticipation! I'm glad the pen & siggie block did arrive. My 365 Challenge is still in the cutting stage and haven't yet started journaling but I already have in mind the first day's post, etc., and will play catch-up today so I can stay on schedule. I am starting my quilt a few days ago - ha ha - sounds impossible, but I just couldn't get the words on the squares until today but they are in my head. I looked all over the Paducah quilt show for Zig pens and asked about them but none of the vendors I spoke to had them. I did find another brand which I purchased and I have my collection of Micron pens, so those will have to do. Hugs, Connie

  13. Hi Nadine - thanks so much for my very first comment on my very first blog day! Wow what fun this is but will I ever get any work done again??? Aren't parcels fun - quilting parcels must be even better! The only one I have had recently contained two neutral fat quarters and 4 metres of freezer paper - exciting-ish! but no way near yours! Have fun. Love Lucy

  14. Your post made me smile! Simone is a very wise woman! Include more of her pearls now and then!

  15. i'm sure the wait was certainly worth it. Have fun with your gifts.

  16. You have been very lucky lately - going on a nice vacation and getting lots of gifts in the mail. I guess it is true -- good things always happen to good people.

  17. I love reading about your domestic life. I think Henri will deliver packages from the US only in person because he wants to be part of the excitement!


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