"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Early this morning, the sun was already shining, and there was a delicious perfume coming from the pines and the honeysuckle tree... I closed my eyes : I was sipping my coffee in paradise ! Then I had breakfast on the porch and thought :
- this is the present of my fifties : TIME to savour the simple things in life ! And I was grateful...

At 10 am, I had to go to the hospital for some X-rays (nothing too serious). A thought kept haunting my mind : "what if the postman knocks my door in my absence ?" (You all know how spoiled I am by my dear friend Darlene, who had told me a package was on its way). BINGO ! When I came back, there was a note in my mailbox : "package from the US - will be presented again this Friday ! "Ooooooooh Nooooooo ! ! !"......
Well I guess you can imagine me on Friday : buzzing all around the house like a big mosquito, tapping my feet on the floor until the postman's arrival ! (I'm going to put a note in big letters on my door, saying : " I'm Here ! " (LOL)

On a quilty note, I'm working on Laura's quilt "Africa" (tieing), and it's coming nicely.
I also cut all strips for the "365 days Journal Quilt" project, and they ALL come from my stash ! Yesss!
(If you're interested in this fun project, go to "Leanne's House" blog. A Yahoo Group was also initiated for that special project purpose, with our nice friend Linda ("All stitched up" blog) as the moderator (already 38 members..... with many blogging friends among them !)...
(Sorry : the photo is much too dark ! The fabrics are much lighter...)


- the simple pleasures of my "new life",
- retirement in good conditions,
- being fifty (ooops : 55 !),
- Jeanne ("Spiral"), who inspired me to list my gratitudes,
- an exciting Friday to come !


"Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you would have to eat them....." Debbie K. ("The Quilter's Cabin")


  1. That looks like paradise. A great place to have a cupa and just enjoy the sounds of nature.

    Oh, no you were away when the postman came by! Is it still Henri? This is only Wednesday and you have to wait till Friday - well hopefully this simple package will be worth your wait. :-)

  2. YOOOOOHOOOOO....I got my envelope from Darlene today. WOW....she has spoiled me today. I'm so sorry you did not get your surprise from her. May be I should wait blogging mine it until friday????

  3. Your garden looks perfect to sit in and just enjoy life!

  4. Your garden looks like heaven. So green!
    I hope time doesn't go too slowly for you till friday. Keep busy that might help.

  5. Your home looks like paradise, so green and lush! I can see why you'd want to enjoy breakfast on the veranda!

    Can't wait to see what the postman brings! I'll be tapping my foot with you waiting!

  6. your garden is very inviting - especially as it is raining again this morning

  7. Only one day until Friday! You've done great on your 365 day patches. I've cut about 50 patches so far, but I will wait and use some of the first fabrics from my new shop when they arrive :) Have a great Friday!

  8. Coffee and breakfast outside on a spring or summer morning is wonderful isn't it? Many of the nicest things in life are both simple and free. I love the vision of you buzzing about like a big mosquito waiting for your parcel to arrive:)


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