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Monday, April 30, 2007


Today, 1st of May, is Labour Day in Belgium...
We also use to give lily of the valley, as a lucky charm to the ones we love : parents, neighbours.... and friends, of course !
This one is for YOU. Wishing you luck and happiness, from the bottom of my heart ! Can you smell its divine perfume ?
Note : if you've got some fabric with lily of the valley, can you show it ? (I've never seen such, up to now...)


  1. thank you Nadine. I wish you much happiness and luck. You're such a wonderful person and i enjoy visiting your blog to see what you are up to.


    I'm not sure if i have any of the fabric. If i do i'll let you know.

  2. It just happens that I do have a FQ of lily of the valley fabric. :-) I just posted a picture on my blog just for you. And if you'll email me your mailing address to blogmail@nancyquilts.com I'll send it to you for real. Happy Labour Day!

  3. Wish you a happy day doo. It's too early for these flowers in Norway, but I love them. Love the smell of them. Labour day in Norway too.

  4. Luck and happiness to you too. I found your blog from May Britt. I was reading some of your earlier posts. I like the term "Sleeping Beauties" for our unfinished projects. I am going to call them that too!

  5. I never knew that the lilly of valley was exchanged for luck & happiness - the same to you! My Nana always had bunches of it growing along her house and it is probably the 1st flower I learned the name of, as it is the birth flower for the month of May and my birthday is in May!



  6. In quilt shops, there is a current "theme" flower of the month - lilly of the valley is the May flower & it was available still for purchase the last time I looked. Although some were pink... (This irritated my lily of the valley fan since you can not find pink ones in real life.)

    Here is one from equilter (they have others...)

  7. Happy Labour Day!!!......i can almost smell the picture, their perfume is divine!!!

  8. Nadine - this is a copy of the comment I left on Nancy's blog for you too - they also do this in Northern France - when we lived there we could not get over the traffic jams around the florists shops on the evening of the 30th April as everyone was calling in to collect their lily of the valley for the next day - thanks to you both for reminding me, that was one of the things I'd forgotten about our time there

  9. Thankyou for the divine Lily of the Valley! How beautiful.

  10. http://www.quiltshops.com/search.htm

    Go to the above website and type in Lily of the Valley then click "Thumbnails". You will see what is currently available in the shops sponsored here.


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