"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, April 30, 2007


Today, 1st of May, is Labour Day in Belgium...
We also use to give lily of the valley, as a lucky charm to the ones we love : parents, neighbours.... and friends, of course !
This one is for YOU. Wishing you luck and happiness, from the bottom of my heart ! Can you smell its divine perfume ?
Note : if you've got some fabric with lily of the valley, can you show it ? (I've never seen such, up to now...)

Sunday, April 29, 2007


If you visit May Britt (Abyquilt), you 'll see that she posted a new tutorial for a cute pincushion. I decided to have a try, and here is the result...
Mind : this is not what you should get, if you follow her instructions properly ! But of course, I had to make a mistake : the light fabric should have been on the top.... how did I manage to get the contrary ???
Anyway I like it, and I really enjoyed doing it, which is what matters, isn't it ? I think it's nice to have a try on tutorials : it's a compliment to the friends who take time to publish them, as well as an encouragement...
My next "test" will be on Darlene's 4-patch tutorial.
Now, back to my Ufo's ! (one week to finish Laura's quilt for her birthday...).
- a wonderful sunny weekend,
- having our meals on the porch,
- big, fresh, salads with BBQ
- new flowers to plant,
- sharing friends, writing tutorials.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Can you imagine me, this morning, tapping on the floor, since 5.am, waiting for Henri, the postman ?

Can you imagine May Britt's giggles, teasing me (for 2 days, now !), about her package from Darlene ? The naughty girl didn't give any information about the contents, although she knew all about it ! And she kept teasing me, through funny e-mails !...

Can you imagine Darlene, teasing me about - what she called - "just a small package! Hee-Hee..." ?

Can you imagine DH, teasing me about paying a visit to DD1 today ?
("Are you crazy ?????").
I had an appointment at my doctor's >>>> postponed it !
I had an appointment at my pedicure's>>> postponed it !

Can you imagine me, sticked to my chair, behind the window ? (not even an earthquake or a tsunami... or a piece of chocolate cake, could have made me move !).

My good old lady neighbour, Simone (who knows everything about my quilting life) came in at 10.30 am ("just to keep you company, dear !"), and we sipped a whole pot of coffee - sticked to our chairs - no radio, just the "tic-tac-tic-tac" of the clock... Simone said quietly : "Enjoy !The waiting is part of the pleasure !"

Can you imagine, Henri the postman, happily driving his motorbike, whistleling, and shouting (for the whole neighbourhood) : It's heeere!

OMG ! What a joy ! I was like a child on Christmas Eve : 3 sets of delightful Moda charm squares, 3 yummy quilting magazines, Zig pens for my Journal Quilt project, and..... a surprise folder, full of.... (I can tease, too, you know !)

Henri : "Amazing Americans ! How generous !"
Simone : "How sweet ! How delicate !"
And me : in Heaven ! -THANKS, DARLENE, MY FRIEND !

Suddenly, Henri said proudly : "there's a cherry for the cake !"
And he gave me a nice cherry-red envelope, from Connie, with a lovely siggy block.... + a pigma pen, as she had read I would need it for my Journal Quilt project ! Now, isn't that sweet ? THANKS, CONNIE !
Simone : "Oooh, Mickey Mouse ! I love him !" (She's 86....)
Henri : "Amazing stamps ! Never such ones, before !"
Me : "It's a tribute to Gee's Band"
Henri : "What's that ???"
Me : "That's another story, go home !"... LOL


- Generous, caring, friends,
- Neighbours,
- The Post Services,
- Teasers,


"Only true friends can tease you properly, because they love you !" - Me -

"The waiting is part of the pleasure" -Simone

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Early this morning, the sun was already shining, and there was a delicious perfume coming from the pines and the honeysuckle tree... I closed my eyes : I was sipping my coffee in paradise ! Then I had breakfast on the porch and thought :
- this is the present of my fifties : TIME to savour the simple things in life ! And I was grateful...

At 10 am, I had to go to the hospital for some X-rays (nothing too serious). A thought kept haunting my mind : "what if the postman knocks my door in my absence ?" (You all know how spoiled I am by my dear friend Darlene, who had told me a package was on its way). BINGO ! When I came back, there was a note in my mailbox : "package from the US - will be presented again this Friday ! "Ooooooooh Nooooooo ! ! !"......
Well I guess you can imagine me on Friday : buzzing all around the house like a big mosquito, tapping my feet on the floor until the postman's arrival ! (I'm going to put a note in big letters on my door, saying : " I'm Here ! " (LOL)

On a quilty note, I'm working on Laura's quilt "Africa" (tieing), and it's coming nicely.
I also cut all strips for the "365 days Journal Quilt" project, and they ALL come from my stash ! Yesss!
(If you're interested in this fun project, go to "Leanne's House" blog. A Yahoo Group was also initiated for that special project purpose, with our nice friend Linda ("All stitched up" blog) as the moderator (already 38 members..... with many blogging friends among them !)...
(Sorry : the photo is much too dark ! The fabrics are much lighter...)


- the simple pleasures of my "new life",
- retirement in good conditions,
- being fifty (ooops : 55 !),
- Jeanne ("Spiral"), who inspired me to list my gratitudes,
- an exciting Friday to come !


"Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you would have to eat them....." Debbie K. ("The Quilter's Cabin")

Thursday, April 19, 2007


A package of siggies, from all over Blogland !
Thanks everyone ! They are all soooo beautiful !
A special thank you to Cynthia (Aussie Quilter), who spent her time (and money), to collect all blocks, sort them out, and return them back to each of us !
Now I'm going to play with them a little, and then sew them together in a nice wallhanging, to place just above my screen...

Another package of happiness
from May Britt (Abyquilt), full of cute surprises and such a nice note, with them! .......May Britt, I love you !

A new quilt project (again ??? !!! ???)
I know, I know, but.... oh well, that's me ! "You only live twice !"
It's all your fault, Cynthia ! LOL, LOL... YOU wrote about that funny "365 days journal quilt" project ! Don't you know I can't resist such a thing ? And then you sent me to Leanne's House for the details, tutorial, and photos (Yummy !).... who then sent me to the new Yahoo Group especially initiated for that project..... where I found many blogging friends, who registered too (see? I'm not the only one !).

Oh what fun ! I just feel as floating (well... sitting) in a foamy, peach blossom bubble bath, somewhere in Paradise ! (If I could meet Elvis, then my felicity would be complete...).

Gratitudes :
Do I need to list them, today ?

However, I'll share with you this thought of the day . It was e-mailed to me by Debbie K, from "The quilter's Cabin", in her last newsletter :


Sunday, April 15, 2007


Of course, I didn't need anything.... you know that story, don't you ? Soooo, these two sets of fabrics appealed to me, as well as a new pair of middle size scissors (I can't resist scissors, don't know why...). There was a beautiful Yoyo quilt on display (they didn't allow me to take any picture, as it had to go to a special show in Barcelona). It was made of colourful squares of yoyo's, surrounded with white ones. Splendid ! They told me they had used those funny new tools from Clover to make them... Guess what I did ?

Two quilting magazines also needed adoption, as well as an intriguing applique pattern of the 1800's... As you can see, I also managed to complete 25 additional "folded squares" for my Christmas quilt. I was very proud, as Rosa Maria asked me to teach this technique to her group. You should have seen me, trying to make things clear, mixing some Spanish, French and English ! It was a very funny afternoon and we all had a great time...

Though resting a lot, I kept my little fingers busy and did the embroideries + blanket stitching on this funny chickies wall hanging, that I had prepared before leaving. I'm crazy about chickies and these curious ones are asking my first question, every day... Now I intend to make a nice four-patch border, and I'll hang it in our kitchen, after the nice fresh painting layer that DH is going to put on the walls (he doesn't know it yet, LOL...).

I also had a great time, stitching this cute lady, and I chose two coordinating fabrics at my Spanish friend Rosa Maria's Quilt Shop. I think this will make a nice tote bag to keep my next stitching projects...

Now the time has come to stick on the African quilt I made for Laura a few months ago ! It's due on May 4th, so I guess the best thing to do is to tie it, which can give a nice result with that kind of quilt... Cross my fingers !

Up to now, I could read a third of my mails, but I especially visited your blogs, to fill my eyes with the beauties you all made, and also to read you : even in paradise you miss your friends , and believe me : I missed you all !


- A lovely, restful stay, together with the love of my life...

- A nice and safe trip back...

- Reading your blogs again was like coming back to very good friends...

- Our children, welcoming us with big smiles and hugs...

- I lost 3 pounds... Yeeeaaah ! (eating much fish, and walking a lot).



Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hello, my friends ! We were back this evening, after a wonderful vacation, and I can't resist leaving you a short message, before going to bed...
Though the weather was rainy (even stormy sometimes), we spent wonderful moments, strolling, tasting, visiting some local friends but, above all, we rested, and rested to our heart's content, totally disconnected.... It was exactly what we needed, and now we're back, full of energy and projects... The weather was not quite appropriate to make many photos, and many (quilt)shops were closed, due to Easter and the "Saint Week", but I met my quilting friend Rosa Maria, and we exchanged many ideas... I was a good girl and managed to work on some projects I had taken with me (photos soon...).
Also, I "dove" into a wonderful book called "Christy", thanks to Connie ("Simply quilted") - thanks again, Connie ! - I'm literally savouring each page...
Among the 186 new messsages waiting for me (!), I could read that some of you tagged me and I wish to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I was very touched and moved. How could I choose any particular blog, in return ? You are all so special to me ! So, please, my friends, consider each of you tagged, personnally !