"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


("Spring is here" stitchery quilt - block 3 - and Applique Designs -Block 8)

I 've had the visit of a "friend" (I'd rather call her an acquaintance). We know each other for 25 years, live in the same village, and our children grew up together in the same school. Every six months or so, she pays a visit to me "for a check",as she says...... She 's a very dynamic, effective, realistic woman, someone you can rely on (you know, the kind of business woman, who runs her house and family like an enterprise, and who speaks in terms of rentability...). She's not a quilter, however she asked "show me what you did, lately"... which I proudly did. "I know these ones.... show me something you finished since my last visit !" BANG ! The shock was rude : I could only show (numerous) projects on the go...
"Big eyes, small stomach!" was her (kind) conclusion.... When she left, I couldn't help saying ironically "I'll call you when I finish something !".......

However, sometimes it hurts just where you have to improve, and I tried to draw something positive from that visit. Well, my dear friends, the time has come to have a good spring cutting, through my quilty garden !

My working table is full of projects at different stages, and though I'm sewing every day, I feel like "spreading confettis". It's been sooooo long, since I finished something ! My best "ennemy" is enthusiasm, when I visit your blogs, and see all those beauties ("aaaaw ! I want to make this one !", "ooooh, this one is for me !", "hey, I'm gonna try this !", etc... - you know what I mean).

Soooooo, Nadine is going to be reasonable now, and stick to :
- handquilting (two wall hangings, African quilt, Darlene's surprise)
- the Applique Designs challenge (1 block a week)
- the "Spring is here" stitchery quilt (1 block a month)
- a Christmas quilt hand piecing (common project with my bee)
(and this...... until my next visit to your blogs, of course ! LOL LOL ).

- I'm not a business woman....
- Always looking for "the sunny side of the street"...
- fresh laundry to hang outside...
- two new books, waiting to be read in Spain...
- good spring soup for lunch...




  1. Big eyes, small stomache - you are in the company of MILLIONS! (But at least she remembered what you had showed previously, that shows that she at least pays attention... vs. the uh huh, o.k. back to me personalities...)

  2. Calico Cat has a very good point...about *your friend* at least paying close attention.

    If she's not a quilter...I doubt she understands the multitude of creations that we want to accomplish in our lifetime. (And heaven? Does God allow us to bring it all with us? Hmmm.) Do not let her -- or anyone else -- take away your enthusiasm to *begin.*

    "A finished piece is highly over-rated." Miss Darcie ;-) LOL

    I'm glad you got the last word in, Nadine!!! ***"I'll call you when I finish something !".......***

  3. Oh Nadine - I loved your post - every word. You spoke for so many of us. Keep the positive outlook. You and your friend are different and as the the saying goes, Viva la difference!

    Yesterday as I carried bag after bag of groceries into the house I should have been repeating the Miss Piggy quote. : )

  4. Nadine every real quilter MUST HAVE some projects
    not finished.
    It's too easy to start and finish something..there would be no more UFO.
    I'm like you! ciao, ciao

  5. 'Big eyes, small stomach' is a lot better than 'Big mouth, small brain'!

    I blow off folks like that. My creativeness comes from trying things; starting blocks and then discovering it wasn't meant to be; stopping one project to do another because it's pulling my heartstrings. A lot of folks are like that, artists, songwriters, quilters - all creative beings.

    Your quilts are beautiful, Nadine. Do exactly what you want to do! If you don't, you'll hit a wall on your creativeness!


  6. I agree with Vicky, "Big Mouth, Small Brain" - my dear friend, please don't beat yourself up. Are you enjoying exploring and trying different techniques? Maybe this is the year for you to "color outside the lines" and enjoy a variety of things. Do we necessarily have to "finish" everything? I believe it was Darcie that said that finishing is overrated. We're suppose to be enjoying this and not letting it be a stress inducer. So, the next time you finish a block call your "friend" and invite her to see your "finished" block!

  7. I agree with Vicky, "Big Mouth, Small Brain" - my dear friend, please don't beat yourself up. Are you enjoying exploring and trying different techniques? Maybe this is the year for you to "color outside the lines" and enjoy a variety of things. Do we necessarily have to "finish" everything? I believe it was Darcie that said that finishing is overrated. We're suppose to be enjoying this and not letting it be a stress inducer. So, the next time you finish a block call your "friend" and invite her to see your "finished" block!

  8. My eyes have always been bigger than my tummy -- sadly my tummy is trying valiantly to catch up *s* Don't sweat the small stuff and just keep doing what you're doing.

  9. Hmmmm..... Some of us have it and some of them don't......

    Hanne got me started on the FINISH end of things. I still have lots more started than I should and I will continue to jump in for more. That is how I got into the Appliqué Design Group. I asked if I could join. I want a lot of things to choose from BUT... Here is the key. I am learning to keep the number down to 5 upstairs (handwork) and 5 downstairs (machine work). I managed many finishes last year because I was completing projects so near the end of being done.

    Words can hurt and I am sad that you were made to feel bad about what you do. It just takes a long time to complete the wonderful things we do. At least we are doing something.

  10. I think we all suffer a bit from our eyes beeing bigger than our stomachs :o) And, Nadine, I'm pleased to see you are setting goals for yourself - but I sincerely hope you are setting them for yourself, and not because of your aquaintance's comments. There is nothing that will destroy the joy of creation and inspiration than to press on with something just because someone else thought we should... And the joy of creation is what quilting is all about, right? So start whatever you feel like, and finish when YOU are ready...

  11. One can´t stop creativity. If a new project is in your head, it has to come out. And if you get frustrated then your stomach gets bigger than your eyes! Take care.

  12. I guess she is SO envious on all the beautiful things you are making.

  13. Hey, girlfriend, gotta put my 2 cents worth in! LOL I'm most definitely in that boat with you, and so are a gazillion others...and so what? It's our passion for the craft that pushes on to new horizons....or beginnings ROFL as the case may be!!! Just grab my hand and hold on tight, and think about how BORED we would be if weren't constantly starting something new!! And I agree with Darcie, 'finished' for some of us is highly overated! :) Besides, I aim to win that contest--she who dies with the most fabric wins!!! ROFL

  14. Love your post and Calico Cat's comment. Let me tell you one thing though, If you set your mind to it, you really, really can finish projects! I am the biggest procratinator and the year before last I finished nearly all my UFO's. YOU CAN DO IT! Don't think of it as punishment that you cannot start something new. Think of it as training to FINISH things once you begin them. Take it slow...like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!

  15. Nadine you do whatever pleases you whether it's completing some of your projects or beginning something new. The choice is yours. Just enjoy yourself along the way. :-))

  16. Your blocks look perfect and as long as you love doing it, it doesn;t matter how long it takes you.

  17. Nadine, I know who I would rather have for a friend! YOU every time.
    Do whatever makes you happy, & enjoy yourself. It sounds like the acquaitance doest leave any space for enjoying her life?

  18. I think you should carry on doing what you enjoy and your "good spring cutting" should be that "friend"!!

    What is the fun if you can't work on different things and buy more fabric and patterns and plan more projects??

  19. Oh Nadine - I think SO many of us can relate! I know I can. I look back on a bunch of years when I was quilting up a storm but had no finished quilts to show for it. This was before I tried machine quilting. I just couldn't quilt that fast by hand. I figured it would take several hundred years to hand quilt all the tops I wanted to make. I looked at my stack of 50-60 finished tops and thought "what am I doing"? That was about 2001 I think. That's when I made my first UFO list and started working towards finishing things. It's made a HUGE difference - though I still have a long way to go.

  20. I love to have lots of projects on the go... at first I am very excited about them - putting together the very first block is the best... but then another project catches my eye and off I go. BUT - I originally loved those first projects so I just keep rotating them around, mixed in with newer projects and sooner or later I get them finished - because - here is a little secret - nothing makes my husband prouder than a finished quilt he can show off... which means - many blessings over the purchase of new fabrics. Ha! And, I do love to finish a quilt too - I think all quilts deserve to be finished at some point in time!



  21. Elaine, I had to smile as I was reading your latest post. It seems like I am always so busy. Yet, whenever someone asks, "what have you been doing" I have nothing to say. Good luck on your new strategy!

  22. Oops, and I should double check to whom I am leaving my comment, Nadine!

  23. Great comeback Nadine "I'll call you when I finish something" You know what, if it means she'll be back, I think i"d make sure I didn't finish anything for quite some time! I agree with the general consensus - big mouth - small brain! Keep smiling.:-))

  24. In my eyes you are a woman of many finishes Nadine.

    You finish one beautiful block after another :-)
    You handle out smiles and nice words generously and makes a difference in many peoples lives - can be seen as many small finishes, can't it? ;-)
    You have a rich life - I wonder if your acquaintance has as many pleasures as you have in her life.....

    Don't beat yourself up with your unfinished projects.
    Enjoy your stitches. We are in this for the fun, right? ;-)

  25. People really have no clue. I have my own time table about when I finish something. You should have that same privilege. The important thing is that you take joy in what you do. It is the journey not the desitnation!

  26. Oh I LOVE the flowers in the watering can! That is so sweet! I've got a few patterns like that and always say I"m going to make it, and just never get to it.

    I say ignore the comment. We all love you and know how much time it takes! Aren't you lucky to have us!

  27. Love your gratitudes - and as for your 'friend', well I'll bet you have a lot more fun and pleasure out of your life than she does:) Sometimes it's the journey not the arrival that is important.

  28. I think you are doing well to enjoy working on whatever catches your fancy...I would agree, this friend does not understand the creative spirit..so you know well how to let that roll off your back.

  29. Just enjoy what you do and consider the source. What has she made? Ask her to share!


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