"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, March 29, 2007


OK, I'm packed, though I'm sure I forgot something, but not the most important :


Much love...









AND............. Chocolate !

I'll be back on 15th April, with many adventures to tell you, but in the meantime I'll miss you ! (don't forget me...).

Friday, March 23, 2007

SOMETHING FOR NEXT CHRITMAS... (two posts today !)

Yes, I have finally started a Christmas quilt. I needed something to hand stitch and to take along with me, so I thought this was the perfect pattern. It's an easy "folding" technique, needing some preparation, but when it's pieced together... it's finished ! (no additional quilting necessary). When I look at it, I see poinsettias (we call them Christmas roses, here)... do you see them, as well ?
The process starts with strip piecing :
one large strip (the red one) - 6.5 inches - sewn together with two smaller ones (the greens) - 2 inches
Then you cut big circles (I make 7 circles out of one length),
baste your circles with an 1/4 in. seem allowance,
put a 6 inch square batting + fabric, diagonally,
fold + pin or baste the four sides,
hand quilt the four arcs,
and finally whip stitch all your squares together.
And it's FINISHED !
I need 99 squares (yes, I'm optimistic!), for a big throw. I already pieced all strips + cut all circles and squares, and basted 21 squares..... That will be a nice project to take with me to Spain...
When seeing it, one of my bee's friends wanted to make one too. She chose autumn fabrics, and it looks beautiful ! (I think it would look terrific too with pastel tones and romantic roses as centers, or in batiks...).

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I told you I was working on a special spring wallhanging for a dear friend of mine, and today I can't help showing it, though it's still in the hand quilting process... My friend loves "wabbits" (hello, dear!), so I thought this was the perfect one for her. It's called "Hare raising experiment", and I guess it will bring a smile to her face, when looking at it...
I know, I know, I've "broken" the surprise, but I don't think it will be ready before my departure to Spain, Friday next week, so this is to let her be patient, some more weeks (there will be other surprises, anyway)....
- Darlene, and the wonderful phone conversation we had together,
- Conni Lu ("Simply quilted") - she knows why,
- May Britt (Abyquilt) is back !
- Hanne is getting better and better, every day,
- All of you, my blog friends. You are such an inspiration in my life !
- The "Spanish countdown" has started !
"Just because you have four chairs, six plates and three cups is no reason why you can't invite 12 to dinner."
- Alice May Brooks -

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


("Spring is here" stitchery quilt - block 3 - and Applique Designs -Block 8)

I 've had the visit of a "friend" (I'd rather call her an acquaintance). We know each other for 25 years, live in the same village, and our children grew up together in the same school. Every six months or so, she pays a visit to me "for a check",as she says...... She 's a very dynamic, effective, realistic woman, someone you can rely on (you know, the kind of business woman, who runs her house and family like an enterprise, and who speaks in terms of rentability...). She's not a quilter, however she asked "show me what you did, lately"... which I proudly did. "I know these ones.... show me something you finished since my last visit !" BANG ! The shock was rude : I could only show (numerous) projects on the go...
"Big eyes, small stomach!" was her (kind) conclusion.... When she left, I couldn't help saying ironically "I'll call you when I finish something !".......

However, sometimes it hurts just where you have to improve, and I tried to draw something positive from that visit. Well, my dear friends, the time has come to have a good spring cutting, through my quilty garden !

My working table is full of projects at different stages, and though I'm sewing every day, I feel like "spreading confettis". It's been sooooo long, since I finished something ! My best "ennemy" is enthusiasm, when I visit your blogs, and see all those beauties ("aaaaw ! I want to make this one !", "ooooh, this one is for me !", "hey, I'm gonna try this !", etc... - you know what I mean).

Soooooo, Nadine is going to be reasonable now, and stick to :
- handquilting (two wall hangings, African quilt, Darlene's surprise)
- the Applique Designs challenge (1 block a week)
- the "Spring is here" stitchery quilt (1 block a month)
- a Christmas quilt hand piecing (common project with my bee)
(and this...... until my next visit to your blogs, of course ! LOL LOL ).

- I'm not a business woman....
- Always looking for "the sunny side of the street"...
- fresh laundry to hang outside...
- two new books, waiting to be read in Spain...
- good spring soup for lunch...



Monday, March 12, 2007

LET ' GO !.....

(I just love that first photo :" move on ! let's go !" she says, and she seems so confident...)

We decided to spend one day at the Belgian coast, in order to "wash our minds" with some vivid, fresh air, under the pale springy sun of March....

We got up early, at 7.30 (which was quite brave of us, on a Sunday, thank you) and arrived there at 10.00, just like two kids in wonderland . The first thing we did was to take off our shoes and walk in the sand, through the loooong, never ending beach, huming the wind and its marine perfume..... which explains the planturous brunch afterwards ! (lol)

Then we simply walked through the Pier, sat on a bench for a quiet nap in the spring sun.... before having a delicious coffee (with pancakes!).

Some walking again to the shopping area, in order to find some "surprises" for the kids, and it was time already to get to a pretty, small restaurant, where we had seafood.... I was in heaven, and immediately fell asleep in the car, on our way back home, at night...A good Sunday, indeed !

My conclusions :

- thank God, we walked a lot... 'cause we ATE a lot, too !
- I should walk more regularly : it was sometimes painful.
- we should do this more often, of course.

And this, my friends, explains why I have no quilty photo to post tonight .... I'll catch up this week.
- the capacity of still marvelling like a child,
- enjoying the simple pleasures of life,
- just the two of us, and still so much to tell each other,

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Let me tell you what happened to me, this afternoon...
I was coming back from work, building quilts in my mind, while driving my car, as usual... It was fresh, but sunny, I felt happy. You must know, that the ONLY quilt shop for miles around happens to be on my way home (I've truly looked for other possible roads, but nope, I HAVE TO pass along that shop ! (must be written in my destiny )....
The car (not me, I swear!) stopped just in front of the small parking lot.
Do I need telling you that I was in heaven, two minutes later ? Some new books..... aha......... some new bolts.....aha..... and THERE it was : a whole box, full of brand new fat quarters ! I swear they were smiling at me !
How could I resist, tell me ! As a good mother, I adopted six of them, and kept them on my heart, while bringing them to the car....
I still had time : HE (the master commander, the love of my life) should come home later...
Suddenly, my heart felt down : HIS car was there, already ! How could HE do this to me ? How could I keep my six new babies away from HIS sight ? Ooooh, sh...... !
I noticed that HE had opened some windows, to welcome this sunny afternoon, and I got a quick inspiration : I ran to our bedroom window, pushed the open window, and launched my babies inside. Then, I went into the house, in my best innocent appearance.
HE suddenly came out of our bedroom (Oh, my goodness !), asking :
"Honey, do you know what this is ???"
Me : "What ?" (quick, think, think good !)
"Well, THIS came from our window !"
Me : "Really ??? Well, that's unbelievable ! How come ?"
"Are you laughing at me ? This is fabric !You promised to use your stash!" Me : "FABRIC ?????? Ooooh, isn't it beautiful ? THANKS !"
HE looked to the sky, completely discouraged, maybe praying for God's help... I don't know, and frankly....I don't care...
However, I cooked his favorite supper... We ate quietly, when :
HE : "are you afraid of me, darling ?"
ME : "Noooooooo ! Why are you asking ?" He looked at me with such relief... that I forgave him !


Some time ago, Simonetta (My quilt dream), posted Christmas hexagonal stars, and I told her that I liked them very much..... Look what came in my mailbox, today ! Not only did she give me full explanations, but its a real step-by-step visual lesson, with fabrics cut and sewn at each stage : wonderful !
Thank you, Simonetta !

Now I'm going back to my sewing ("surprise" wall hangings for Easter), as I really would like to catch up and finish them.....

Just in case :

Among my Ufo's, are sleeping twelve lovely Sunbonnet Sue applique blocks, that I made 2 years ago. Since then, I've been looking through the web for a nice assorted backing fabric : cream/beige background, printed with tiny red - or multicolored - little girls - or ideally tiny sunbonnets ! Would any friend among you, possess such treasure in her stash, I'm ready to buy it (+ postage, of course) - I would need 4 yards, at least......... Anyone can dream, especially quilters !

Gratitudes :

- Nice, sharing, quilting friends

- Days getting longer (spring is coming !)

- A trip to Spain by end of March

- Fresh, hot "espresso" coffee, waiting for me

- A nice, easy, hair cut

Thought of the day :

Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans : it's lovely to be silly at the right moment. - Horace -