"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Well, the flu is over, thanks everyone for your kind messages !

I experienced some lazy-lazy days, as if I had lost my energy. So, I rested, and rested, and rumaged through my stash, my books, my folders, etc..... Sometimes it's good doing "nothing" !
However, I took some photos of my latest progress : slowly, but surely, I'm catching up....

The second picture shows my 6 new blocks for Applique Designs. I love them, and feel much much more at ease with that new color scheme. (Thanks to May Britt, for having left me some time to catch up !)... I intend to make 4 more blocks this month.

The first picture is for Cynthia (Aussie Quilter), who asked to see my redwork blocks. I started these while on holidays in Spain, last year. I had no redwork pattern, so I transferred designs from a "Piece O'Cake" applique book. There are still 30 more blocks to make.... (I'm an optimist).

Block 3 of the "Spring is here" stitching quilt is finished.

I also worked on a cute and funny wall hanging......that I can't show you here, as the recipient reads my blog.... Surprise !

I handquilted a bit, but not as much as I intended to. (Optimist, I told you !)...

Now I must stick on my siggies bloggers swap blocks, that have to be posted next Monday to Cynthia. I don't show them : surprise !

I wonder : has anybody got some news from JEN ("Hedgehog") ? It's been quite a long time since her last post (26th December). I do hope she's OK......


It snowed, yesterday. My garden looked like white lace...

My son had very good results for his Jan. exams at the university...

A very special friend, like a sister to me... ( Hi, dear !)

A new quilt book: "Home sweet home" (Blackbird Designs)...

Have you noticed the "Stash Quilts" logo on my sidebar ?


"Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together, and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches..."

(From "How to make an American Patchwork")


  1. I'm home with fever today :( and intend to take it easy whole day....in my sewing room.
    Your AD blocks are so beautiful. I love the colours you are using now. And I think you made the right decission. The redworks are so cute. 30 blocs of them too + all the AD block + rickety stitch + + + (just teasing)
    I have been wondering about Jen too. Hope everything is ok with her.

  2. The blocks do look all great. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

  3. Your blocks are great. Sounds like you've been a little busy despite not feeling well.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling well again. You certainly got a lot done in spite of being sick.

  5. wow! So much to comment on :-)
    HOORAY!!!! I'm so glad to see you are now a member of the Stash Quilts ring.

    I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better.

    The redwork blocks are lovely and you have 30 more to do. You will certainly be busy for quite some time. Thank you for showing them.

    Those AD blocks are beautiful. I just know it's going to be a lovely quilt when it's all completed.

    I hope you can show a photo of the wall hanging when the recipient receives it. I'm curious. LOL

    I have been wondering about Jen for quite some time. I haven't heard how she is.

  6. I really like both your applique blocks and your redwork blocks :)
    I'm signing blocks for the siggy swap every night now, I will also get them mailed to Cynthia on Monday. (was hoping for today, but still have a few to finish up)Have a great weekend!

  7. Definitely springtime blocks. I love your quote-- it's from one of my favorite movies...

  8. Nadine, I am so happy to "hear" that you're feeling much better!

    I love your redwork blocks! They are adorable!

    Oh my goodness your Applique Delights are simply beautiful. You sound much happier with your new color scheme!

    Welcome, welcome to the Stash Quilts blog - I was hoping you'd join! WooHoo!


  9. Oh Nadine, I love your AD blocks! They're wonderful...and your redwork is gorgeous too!! :P I'm sooo glad to hear you're feeling better! :P

  10. How amazing - love both - the redwork and the applique blocks.
    Send Jen an e-mail ... a week ago - but no answer! Hope it´s all o.k.

  11. So glad to find you on the road to recovery Nadine! Being sick is NO fun! Your blocks in the new colors are marvelous. Now that I see them all together I do prefer them to the others. The redwork is so pretty - I love redwork. What a great idea - to adapt an applique pattern to redwork.

  12. Your work is beautiful- all of it.
    So glad you are feeling well again.

  13. Hi Nadine, your blocks are beautifully!!!! I love the redwork, I should have some time in more to make this LOL :))))Have a great sunday ;-)))

  14. Hope you're getting more energy back and feeling like quilting!

  15. Well I am curious, I would have liked to see your swap blocks! Now I have to wait till March. Still you showed so lovely blocks instead. It makes the waiting sweeter!

  16. Glad you are feeling better Nadine, flu is no fun and takes a while to recover fom. I really like your quilt blocks.

  17. I am so glad you are feeling better!
    Your new applique blocks are wonderful - so good you followed your feelings :-)
    The redwork blocks are beautiful.
    I will start doing applique blocks again this week. My energy meter is rising too :-)
    And yes - welcome to the blog ring!

  18. Ciao, I'm happy you feel better! Beautiful your applique blocks. Are you happier after this second choice? Your Redwork blocks are embroidered? (I ask because I'm not able to see the photo larger). These blocks are very nice. I like quilts with patchwork and embroidery together.
    ciao ciao

  19. Good to hear you are feeling better. The applique blocks are so pretty. I agree that the new colour scheme is better, much brighter. The redwork is lovely. One day I may have to try my hand at some redwork.

  20. Enjoyed seeing your blog. I love the applique blocks. Hello from USA. Conni Lu

  21. Nadine, if this is how much you get done when you are feeling lazy, I can't imagine how much you do when you are feeling productive! Glad you are feeling better.
    By the way, Jen is fine. She posted recently.

  22. Nadine, your blocks are turning out well--both the redwork and the applique! Glad to see that you are feeling better these days. I was sick most of December and it gets old fast. (Finn was asking about Jen the other day too--wonder if she has been offline?)

    I don't normally click through the ring since I have the participants fed into the IE feeds so didnt realize that you are now officially part of the stash ring. Welcome aboard!

  23. I'm just catching up on my favorite blog reads...finally!

    Your redwork is delightful! What a fun way to use those applique patterns.

    And your applique! Marvelous! I love the mix of applique and embroidery. And yes...your color scheme is lovely. I'm glad it's pleasing you.

    Happy Belated Valentine's, Nadine!


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