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Friday, February 23, 2007


... and it was good ! I had an eye on those books for a few weeks, but you know how it is with budget, bills, insurances, etc... last week, however, I decided that I deserved them, because I would feel sooo good with them - and when I'm feeling good, I'm singing all day long, and the whole family feels good ! In fact, I did it for THEM !
(I'm VERY good at good excuses....)

So, these two new baby books knocked my door yesterday (I must say that "Quilt Books USA" are very quick !), and I welcomed them arms wide open ! They're exactly what I was looking for : full of ideas, tips, and even recipes...I'm sure they'll help me reducing my stash....
(I told you, I'm very good.....)
What am I quilt-doing these days ? Well, I'm still working on a special wall-hanging (can't tell/show you more, for the moment) and I still have to catch up with some Applique Designs blocks (three of them have been prepared with freezer paper, and I'm planning to make at least one this weekend).
I also made and sent out my 40 siggy blocks to Cynthia (Aussie Quilter) and I can't wait seeing her package coming to my door !...
This afternoon, however, I'm going to fall into temptation (again !?!?!) and I'm gonna give a try to May Britt's cubes (she deserves it, after this nice tutorial, doesn't she ?), I'm going to use 1.5 side diamonds, and I've noticed that the small dark triangles are just a half diamond... We'll see...
On another subject, we've been living some hard family matters, since Valentines day. Nonno, my father-in-law, had to enter the hospital, due to a very severe pneumonia. One year ago, he was unfortunately diagnosed with a lungs cancer, but he refused any chemical treatment - he's 84 - saying that "the candle will go off at the right moment". He was not doing bad for his age, but I guess harder times are coming to him now....
As if this wasn't enough, Nonna, my mother-in-law, had been diagnosed with Ahlzeimer, just a few weeks ago... She's 83 and "things" are going quickly. The poor thing is completely lost and cannot stay alone. One good thing for her is that she's not aware of anything, and even in these hard times she still makes us laugh a lot : when Nonno was taken by the ambulance to the hospital, she told us that he has been "kidnapped" by three very nice and handsome men, "and fortunately the money is still at the bank!"... I love her so much...
So, now we take care of her in turn, as well as visit Nonno at the hospital every day. I guess we all become "our parents's parents, one day".....
In-laws, like mother and father to me...
The ability to give them some relief...
A strong temper to face my husband's sorrow....
Good doctors...
A passion that helps me so much to de-stress....
Sorry for this quite looooong post. Thanks, my friends, if you read it entirely !


  1. {{{Hugs}}}

    Sorry to hear about the challenges you're facing with your in-laws. We're trying to figure out how to deal with aging parents, too, so I understand ...


  2. Yes, I read it all the way through. (I admit that I don't usually read long posts) I kept reading because I can tell that you are not feeling sorry for yourself but instead your heart is filled with love, kindness and true caring. Inspiring!

  3. may the books bring you comfort and enjoyment as you care for your parents...

  4. I'm glad you have treated yourself to a couple of books you really wanted! And if we couldn't make a few excuses for our purchases, we probably wouldn't buy anything, and wouldn't have as much fun as we do:-) I'm sorry to read about your in-laws. Keep your spirit up:-)

  5. Sorry to hear about your in-laws health problems. It happens to all of us sooner or later. I hope that your quilting will help keep you de-stressed.

  6. Wait, wait - ((((HUGS)))) for Gaetano, too!


  7. Well, of course I read your entire post, my friend! I'm sending more BIG HUGS your way!

    I'm glad that you treated yourself and your family with those new books. :-) Remember "if mama ain't happy, no one is happy".

    I will popping a surprise in the mail to you early next week. I believe I have everything I wanted ready to go!

  8. Ohhh, those look like such nice books to linger over. I'll keep good thoughts for you and your whole family during these hard days. Remember to take time to treat yourself - you cannot be strong for others if you are run down *s*

  9. How nice that you treated yourself! With everything else that is going on in your life you deserve to treat yourself and de-stress with something that gives you such pleasure.

    Prayers for your in-laws.

  10. I have those books on my list too! I'm dying to see the Fat-Quarter Quilts one in real life.

    My best quilting friend just went through EXACTLY the same problem only with her parents. It was (and is) a very hard time for her, but things are finally starting to get better, unfortunately there was no good news for her mom and dad.

  11. It's soooo good to 'hear' from you, girlfriend! But I'm sorry that you're having such family difficulties. Life does seem to barrel down on one periodically. :c I'm glad to see that you are treating yourself to some 'quilt purchases' therapy. Good for the soul!! LOL Hugs and prayers are winging their way to you. :D

  12. Sending prayers for comfort for you and your family in these times. It's so hard to go through them, and most all of us must do it sooner or later. I know it was really hard for us, and neither of us really liked Fred's folks all that much.

    I don't know the one book, but I love 9-patch Reunion. I've made two quilts fromt he cover pattern, including a baby quilt using novelty fabrics and solids. It turned out really neat.

  13. sorry to hear that your parents-in-law health are not very good. I know what you are going through as we went through this with my in-laws eight years ago.

    Many (((hugs))) to you Nadine.

  14. What love I can feel from reading your post. What a sweet mother-in-law!

  15. Oh gosh - so sorry to hear about your In-Laws. It is so hard to see your parents get old. Thankfully they have you and your family to help. I work with lot of patients with Alzheimers and sometimes it is interesting how they perceive things around them. I hope things are not too hard for them and you.

    Very good books you bought. That Fat Quarters one looks good. I might need one of those - LOL

  16. A big hug from me Nadine. You are a wonderful person.

  17. Yes I made it to the end. Difficult times in the family ahead, but they sound like lovely people. Enjoy your books.

  18. A big kiss from me and from Italy to you and to Gaetano I'm near you with my heart. ciao ciao

  19. A great hug for you and your husband!!! I will say a prayer for your parents!!!! ((((( NADINE))))))

  20. I am so sorry to hear about your inlaws. It is so hard when the people we love are sick. It sounds like you are sharing a lot of love in your family.
    A big hug to you all ((((()))))

    Your books looks lovely.
    I hope they bring a lot of inspiration and good moments to you!

  21. I just send you love, to share with your family!

  22. Glad you bought the books for yourself!

    You have your hands full with your inlaws. They are very blessed to have you for a daughter-in-law!

  23. Nadine I am sending good thoughts your way...trying to help my husband deal with serious illness with both his parents and then losing them both was probably the hardest thing I ever did in our marriage. You take care...Carol


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