"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, February 26, 2007


I had promised May Britt (Abyquilt) to have a try on her cubes tutorial..... So I had her lesson printed, and sat at the table, very concentrated, with a basket of scraps.....I made my plastic templates, and began my "homework"... Ooooh, what fun ! (Thanks, teacher !)
I'll have to be very, very,brave to go back to my other current works; but I promised myself to prepare a bunch of diamonds & triangles, to piece during my next vacations.... I took a photo, but - oooops - forgot to rotate it , sorry.... What do you think ?

I also paid a quick visit to my quilt shop, for some batting... Surprise ! My fidelity card was full, (we get 5% of the total amount, every 12 boughts) and worth about 20 $ ! Yepee ! So, I chose a "petal rule" that intrigued me (also good for triangles), and a tiny, cuty tin box, full of quilted glass headed pins .... The big "book" shown on the right is actually a tin box I received from a good friend, who visited me yesterday. It was full of butter biscuits, but has now been recycled into........ a "cubes box" !


- a good week-end,

- Spring is coming : I could hear birds singing, this morning,

- so many kind (and moving) messages from YOU, my friends about my in-laws.... (THANKS again !)

- a brand new portable computer, with a biiiig screen, for me, myself, moi, only ! (Thanks, dear Hubby !)


"I can live for two months on a good compliment !" - Mark Twain


  1. You made good choices! Love the "book" box - what a wonderful tin for sewing.

  2. Your cubes will make a wonderful, portable project . . . all the more fun in the bicuit tin.

  3. Oh, I love today's post by you! So much great stuff! I love your colors used in the blocks in first photo. I like the black between them. Your work inspired me to give it a try as soon as I can squeeze in a new project. The box tin is so cute and I would love to find such a neat thing! :) I love neat little novelty items like that. You sound so upbeat and happy. Happy stitching. :)

  4. You did it!!! The cubes are perfect. And your cube box is soooo nice. It really looks like a book. No sewing for me. Had a handstitching class yesterday and a cold that will not go away.

  5. Your work looks lovely, as always :-) I am looking forward to follow the progress on this one.

  6. Oh, my goodness, Nadine those blocks are great! I love the new "book" tin; it's perfect for your cubes.

  7. Your blogs is very nice! A see you later.

  8. You did such a great job on those cubes, and I love the tin box!

  9. Awesome job on the cubes. The tin box is great. I love to find unique totes.

  10. I think you did a great job and I also think that those pieces are pretty small judging from the comparison with the cutting mat!

    I was sorry to ready about your in-law's health difficulties. Good that you can laugh when she said three handsome men "kidnapped" her husband though. Otherwise tears might be far closer to the surface.

  11. I want to do that hexagon quilt after seeing it on May Britt's site too! That will be my next English Paper pieced project. My hexagons will be black, white & _____ - the riangles will be _____. I guess I have afew things to decide before starting...


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