"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, January 25, 2007


While sorting out some "oldies" from my shelves, I found a "sleeping beauty" that I started quite long ago (3 years, I think). I was in my Thimbleberries period, and bought their "safe haven" pattern. I hand pieced 3 blocks out of 12, and now I'm feeling a bit guilty for having put them aside. I think they deserve some effort and perseverance. No rush, but I'll try to make one block, now and then....
Thanks a lot for your kind comment and encouragements about my AD blocks. Well, I finally made the decision to take the "instinct road", so I'll start all over again with my second color scheme (better now than later !). As I told May Britt : I'll make this quilt only once in my life, it has to make me feel good about it... OK, let's work hard now to catch up ! I'll try to make 2 blocks this weekend, and 2 other ones by next week, so that I reach my January goals, anyway...
I made some progress on the "Spring is here" stitchery quilt, and finished block 2...


According to the weather forecast, my garden will be all white by tomorrow morning

Fresh veggies to make good soup tomorrow

A glass of wine to sip in front of the wood burner

The bloggers siggie swap that May Britt and Cynthia are preparing for us

The conscience to be grateful...


"Years wrinkle the skin, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul." Norman Vincent PEALE


  1. I love that block pattern of Thimbleberries, Nadine! Thimbleberries was one of the first books that I saw about quilting...and fell in love with it immediately. :) Those stitcheries are beautiful!!! And every time I see May Britt's A D blocks I keep toying with the idea of MAYBE doing just one, ... or two, ... or ROFL

  2. your Thimbleberries blocks are lovely Nadine. I'm glad you will continue to work on them.

    Glad to hear you have decided on the second choice of colors for the AD applique blocks. Don't throw the others away as they are very pretty. Perhaps you can use them for a wall hanging or cushions.

    Your Spring is Here stitchery is coming along very nicely. I can't wait to begin mine although it won't be until later in the year.


  3. You did the right choice Nadine. I'll work on my cubes this weekend so you can catch me up.

  4. We are making the same Block of the Month!!! I am on block 7. I love this pattern!!! Your's look great!! Come on over and check out mine. I did another one from that book as well and just gave it to my daughters teacher. I love Thimbleberries!

  5. Hello my friend, your Thimbleberries blocks look so lovely. Definitely a project to enjoy!

    Oh my goodness your stitcheries are so pretty and sweet. Are you having fun?

    I'm glad that you solved your applique challenge. I loved your initial color selection but if you weren't happy then now is the time to make the change. I still have not settled on a color scheme. I'll try to concentrate on that project now that I'm home.

  6. You will catch up with me in no time with the AD blocks Nadine - you are fast and your new blocks will be lovely and inspiring to you. Your Thimbleberries blocks will move too and you stitchery are beautiful, as always :-)

  7. I like that ...'Sleeping Beauty!'

    Did you get your snow? I'd love to sit and have a glass of wine with you -- we could solve all the problems of the world I'll bet!

    Jeanne :)

  8. So glad to see your project come back out -- isn't it fun when you find one you know you want to finish *s* The stitchery is beautiful -- can't wait to see them all

  9. Lovely post Nadine!
    You have such lovely projects.

  10. Nadine, I keep checking to see the progress on the Spring is Here project. Your stitching is wonderful, can't wait to see all the blocks - which I expect to see by the end of the year and a finished quilt in early 08. How's that for pushing. Great work Zandra

  11. I am in awe of your embroidery.

  12. I discovered your blog through Cynthia and I can say I like a lot everything you are sewing. Lucy is also an inspiration for me!

  13. Oh I love your safe haven blocks! I had that kit and never got it made. I finally sold it. I'm anxious to see yours now.

  14. I like your bloks.Bye from Italy

  15. I love those Thimbleberries blocks. I am going through a Thimbleberries phase myself at the moment. I have the "Safe Haven" pattern and I am in the process of collecting the fabrics to start the blocks.


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