"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, January 12, 2007


This week brought slight changes, as I was getting back to work after 4 months absence....Did I mention earlier, that I experienced some troubles with my feet ? Well, actually I had bone spins in both heels and could hardly walk, last September. No surgery could be safely considered and the orthopedist advised a laser treatment, + daily kinesistherapy for 3 months. It was long and sometimes painful, but successful. (You should see me dancing now !)

That long break allowed me to discuss about half retirement with the school : my schedule has been quite lightened, as I 'm now teaching 12 hours a week (5 on Mondays, and 7 on Thursdays), and that for the 5 coming years...when I'll become fully retired. Who's complaining ? This is really what I needed : a lot of time for my family (and my quilting !), and still some professional projects...... All in all, I'm very, very pleased : I knew that ageing would bring some advantages ! LOL...

Aaaah, good news about my quilting too :

Applique Designs challenge : I made 2 additional blocks, and prepared 2 other ones.

"Spring is here" stitchery quilt : I finished the first block and prepared the second one.

Note : you may see some "bubbles" on my blocks : these are due to the fact that I iron them on freezer paper, to prevent them from fraying until final assembly (good tip, isn't it ?)....

I also basted Laura's African quilt, and bought some nice wooden buttons to tie it...

On another subject, I have noticed that I can't anylonger leave a comment on some blogs, what a pity ! Be sure, that I read you,and admire your work anyway !


- Nice plans for the future.

- My students missed me...

- A new vanilla scented candle, in the sitting-room.

- The fire, burning in the chimney

- TGIF !

Thought of the day :

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea..." Robert A. Heinlein.


  1. Love your "thought of the day"!! LOL

    Your applique blocks are so bright and cheerful, turning out really nice.

    I am finding many things to be thankful for as I age...and getting closer and closer to retirement is one of them!

  2. Love the colours on your AD. I will enjoy making my next block this evening together with a glass of red wine.
    And I love your thought of the day. It is SO true.

  3. Ah Nadine, my friend, you started on the Applique Designs!!! Absolutely lovely! I love the 'colored' background...now I'm starting to second-guess my choice of background fabric...and all of May's blocks are gorgeous...decisions, decisions! LOL I have to chime in on your quote of the day, too---LOVE IT--Maybe we need to print it out, and do a stitchery of it! LOL

  4. Getting older is not all bad! Retirement is just wonderful. And part time is nearly as good. Love your appliques!

  5. Your blocks look wonderful -- that is such a great tip about the freezer paper. I think it is much more satisfying than a zigzag stitch I have seen used before. My favorite it the embroidery block -- just the right colors *s*

  6. your applique blocks are lovely Nadine. I like the background fabric you are using.

    Your stitchery block looks great. Look forward to seeing more of them.

    Glad to hear all has worked out regarding your feet.

  7. Your applique blocks are beautiful. I'm appliquing vicariously through you and May.

    I didn't know you were having foot problems. I'm glad to hear they are getting better.

  8. Hi Nadine your blocks are fine.
    Thanks for your idea for my COLLECTION OF TRAVEL-FABRICS.
    I think you are romantic as me.
    I'm happy that you came back at work and your feet is good
    ciao ciao

  9. You always look on the bright side, Nadine. Love that about you!

    I also love your projects...especially the stitchery!!! As much as I love winter...that springtimey piece looks delightful! Well done!

  10. Lovely applique blocks- love the colours.
    Also greatly admire you stitchery!

    Glad to hear a good luck story with your feet!

  11. Your appliqué blocks are very pretty and I love the stitchery too !

  12. Your applique blocks are lovely - both the challenge blocks and the tulip blocks :-)

  13. Stitchery and pretty applique blocks in the same post--you are one busy hand worker, Nadine.

    Bet it feels a little odd to be back to work after the lay off.

  14. The applique blocks and the stitchery are both beautiful. More bright and colorful things to do.
    So glad that your feet troubles are over. I think your work situation is great. Enough time at work, to get away for a change, and to make you appreciate how precious time is when you are at home.


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