"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Friday, December 29, 2006



Aahhhh, here comes the time of great resolutions ! I spent this morning, making some lists. Actually I made three, but the first and second ones were unrealistic, and I want to keep my promises... (Hey, am I growing a little bit ???)

First of all, I'd like most projects to be made of my stash - with some exceptions, of course.....
Secondly, I've tried to consider each project as a block of the month, or block of the week (divide to conquer !)...
I've also be careful to mix different techniques....



- Darlene's nine patch
- Laura's African quilt (due May 07)
- Christmas quilt
- Dutch Tulips

- Applique Designs ("My Mother taught me to sew") >>> Challenge with Darlene & May Britt (50 blocks in total, 1 block a week (see photo of my first two blocks)

- Garden Gatherings (Lisa Bongean - Primitive Gatherings -www.backyardquilts.com - just click on "new book added" under the address)
12 blocks in total, one block a month. (see photo above, the fabric on the right will be my background fabric - a Japanese "taupe"). By the way, you should also visit Lisa's website "Primitive Gatherings", it's breathtaking ! I just discovered it 5 minutes ago... (too bad ! ... See how I am ? LOL)

- Dutch Tulips (you certainly have seen them on Lucy's blog - "Quilting with the Past" = I was lucky enough to get that beautiful pattern from Lucy). 16 blocks in total, 1 block a week (8 are ready = photo soon ! )

- A Christmas Quilt (at last!) : I was missing one this year (never made any !) and decided that this Christmas was the last one without a Xmas quilt. If you visit Evelyn's blog (Starfishy), go to April 2007 and you will see a beautiful Whirlyggig. Well Evelyn is kindly sending her pattern to me, and I intend to make it in reds, greens, and goldens, from my stash, on a cream background...
(6 blocks a week, minimum, to finish it in June and then hand quilt it for December)

4. HAND PIECING (very long term project - 2 years at least)
- Hexagons Fantasy (with all my Batiks + black) (setting still "maturing" in my mind)

5. STITCHING (stitchery quilts)
A new passion for me (very addictive !)

- "Spring is here !" from Rickety stitches (remember the pattern that Cynthia - Aussie quilter - had sent to me ?). 1 block a month. First block almost finished (see photo above, the background fabric is not "blue-ish', as it shows, rather marbled beige)

- "Bee an Angel" cushion - a Lynette Anderson pattern - that May Britt has offered to me for Christmas.

- "Mama says" - a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery quilt (wall hanging) - 9 blocks in total (5 to stitch) >>>> 1 block a month.


I sincerely consider all these items as achievable and reasonable projects (though the word "reasonable" is not always fitting with me - LOL - so don't be surprised if I'm kind of "foolish", from time to time !)

However, I do hope, my friends, that you will bring me back to my list if I mention too many other "new" project in 2007 !


- So many beautiful projects to achieve

- Cold weather, warm house

- My friend, Darlene, finally received the parcel I had sent to her (nearly 3 weeks ago !)

- I can hear from here DH laughing in the sitting room

- All bills paid...


"I have spent most of my life, worrying about things that never happened" (O.Wilde)


  1. Hey girl, that's a wonderful list you have there for 2007...can you make two of each of them and I'll send you my snail mail addy! LOL I've set aside January 07 to make a Christmas quilt for me. And did you really have to remind us of Primitive Gatherings???? I just went there and could have spent $130 just in a blink. :D Seriously, I love the projects that you have listed, and I'm rooting for you to finish them all! :)

  2. good for you to discard the lists that were "unrealistic". No point in beating yourself up over something that's supposed to be fun :-)

  3. well done on making a list Nadine. HOpe you'll find the goals easy to achieve. You certainly have a good variety of projects to work on so you shouldn't get bored. I'll be watching your progress carefully and i will remind you of this list if you are tempted with any new project. LOL

    I noticed you have begun working on the Spring is Here stitchery. I will look forward to seeing this project progress. Maybe once i have done some of my UFO list for 2007 i'll begin that stitchery also.

  4. Wow Nadine, you have some lovely projects to look forward to.
    I love the colours on 'My mother taught me to Sew'.

    Good luck with them all!

  5. Nadine - what a wonderful list of projects. You were very smart to mix a variety of techniques. I'm considering doing the same. Like you I need to make my list a little more realistic - would be very foolish to set myself up to fail.

    Your stitchery project is adorable - I can't wait to see more. And, Applique Delights blocks are beautiful - WooHoo - thanks for posting both blocks!


  6. That's quite a list *s* It's a good idea to mix techniques -- I never quite know what mood I will be in. I began Garden Gatherings last year as a BOM -- I believe I have 4 completed blocks and all the fabrics to finish the top. I hope to get back to it this year and maybe even finish.

  7. Oh man, you think Lisa's website is amazing! You should see her store! I stopped there for the first time about 2 months ago on the way home from a business trip and it was soooo wonderful!

    I can't wait to see your stuff as you progress on it!

  8. What good of you that you made a list!!!I I am too so scary to do that. ( afraid for the result) And I know I never can hold me on a list ....

    I can't wait to see your tulips!!!

  9. Very nice list. I think I have to be realistic too and make another list than the one I have started. Your projects seems very nice. I love the garden gatherings. Have never seen that before. And I look forward to start our challenge on applique designs. I have 12 blocks finished already so I can take it sloooooow in the start.

    I wish you a happy new year.And look forward to our challenge and giggles in 2007. A big hug from me.

  10. The Garden Gatherings is such a pretty quilt. I love the applique blocks you have already done as well. Seems like a pretty reasonable list you have there. Good luck with it and Happy New Year.

  11. Oh I'm so glad Darlene's box finally arrived! The bag and stitchery are wonderful! What a relief it must be!


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