"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, December 21, 2006


My dear, serious, daughter Sandrine (nickname for Alessandra)
Our rescued Christmas cookies...

The day started early, the program was tough :

08.30 : hairdresser, for a fresh cut (+ some color) - nice conversations and laughters.....

10.00 : (last ?) Christmas errands : a real struggle among the crowd...but I met 3 nice friends of mine and luckily found what I was looking for...

12.30 : quick snack with my daughter, who complained being "ooooooverbooked" and "soooooo tired".... (being 29 ? with one child only ? plus a housekeeper two times a week ?).....tss, tss, tss..... I tried to convince her she was complaining of ease, but she remained doubtful . However we spent a very nice moment : she so clever, interesting and attractive (see her photo above), but she's got that habit to easily dramatize, whereas I'm always looking for something positive. She says I'm childish.... (well, to tell you the truth, I often think she could be my mother !). ..

13.30 : Christmas cookies afternoon, with Laura (my African quilt, remember?)

Oh, what fun ! We really had a wonderful time........ until I fell down with the whole cookies tray....

No harm, but you should have seen us , taking the cookies back on the tray ! A good souvenir for later !

A nice haircut...
Having 4 children, so different from each other, that I'm never bored......
Being THEIR child, sometimes
The smell of cookies in the house
A nice phone call from my eldest son, Peter (Pierre)
My "Pay it forward swap" (see yesterday's post)


  1. Thank goodness for the 5 second rule -- glad you saved the cookies *s*

  2. sounds like a fun packed day :-) with cookies for tonight still

  3. I'm so glad you managed to rescue the cookies! Sounds like a busy but happy day and I imagine all your children are glad that you have such a happy, positive attitude to life. How is the Africa quilt doing? Did you finish it and I missed it? My blog reading has been hit and miss recently with all the prepeartions for the holiday season.Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Nadine - I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. The cookies look great!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have a daughter to close at hand.

  6. Oh Nadine, wasn't our tea lovely with dear Finn??? LOL She's just the most entertaining hostess...we'll have to make it an annual Christmas tradition to meet at Finn's for Christmas tea. LOL So glad you didn't hurt yourself when you fell, and that you managed to rescue the cookies!! :D Your daughter is beautiful, BTW, and I bet the other 3 are too...but we shouldn't be surprised...so are you!!!
    Merry Christmas, my new friend!

  7. What is it about daughters? Several of my friends have daughters like that. On the other hand my daughter will always be part little girl - just as her husband will always be part little boy. They still spend time in the kids book section of Barnes and Noble reading children's stories to each other! And some of their favorite clothing features Pooh characters from the Disney store.

    Received your card yesterday - what a wonderful special surprise! Thank you so much Nadine - you are such a special lady! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!

  8. You must have a gorgeous family, Nadine. Now we've met Laura and Sandrine...may we meet the others for Christmas?! ;-)

    You're allright, I hope...falling for the cookies! They look delish with their sprinkles and frosting.

    Merry Christmas to you, my friend!


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