"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Henri, the postman, rang my bell this morning........ "Again ?????"
"yes, he said, this time it's from Finland! Got some coffee ?"...
I must have been blessed by the Quilts Fairy ! The parcel was from Jen (Hedgehog), who wished to thank me for a pattern I had sent to her....
What a treat ! >>>>>> Christmas tea, chocolate, liquorice sweets (yum!), napkins, a beautiful Flying Geese card, and a cute piece of fabric !
How nice and sweet, Jen ! Thank you so much!

Thinking about all this fills my heart with gratitudes, for the incredible joys and true friends I have found in quilting and blogging. In this Thanksgiving period, my heart is deeply touched, and I wish to say THANK YOU, my blogger friends : Darlene, Darcie, May Britt, Hanne, Lucy, Jen, Patti, Jeanne, Judy, Bonnie Illinois, Finn, Bonnie Hunter, Cynthia, Tazzie, Nancy, Bingo Bonnie, The Calico Cat, Dawn, Laurie, Suze, Sharon, Pam, Simonetta, Eileen, Rowan, Libby, Joyce, Cathy .... and many other ones for :

- your kind words,
- your encouragements,
- your bright ideas,
- your generosity
- your talents
- your helping hands
- your sense of humour
- your personnality
- your true friendship


  1. Just to set the record straight - Nadine shared much more than a pattern!!

  2. Fun treats from Finland - woohoo! You deserve it all. Enjoy!

  3. What a great surprise from Finland! That was very sweet and fun! And we should thank you for all the things you provide for us!

  4. Oh Nadine, how very special for you...from USA and Finland!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Thank you for your nice words. You are a dear friend now. How are your "places I like to visit" going????? Tryed to add some more yet :)

  6. What a lovely treat for you from Finland, Jen is such a sweetheart. Thank you for such lovely words, you've made my heart sing this morning!

  7. Nadine how lucky you are to have received such lovely things. Thank you too for the things you share with us through blogging. I never realised how wonderful blogging could be.

  8. Lucky girl !! :-) I wish you a happy thanksgiving !!

  9. Isn't she a treasure! Love the fabric.

  10. Enjoy your 9-patches and your treats from Finland :-)
    It is a pleasure to spend time with you as well Nadine ! You are a very generous person as well.

  11. And we are thankful for you for all of the reasons you mentioned.


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