"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Oh, my friends, what a day, yesterday ! I just couldn't believe my eyes !
You certainly have noticed a beautiful nine patch quilt top, growing in cute 30's reproduction fabrics, by Darlene - "Dazed Quilter" -, during the past few weeks...
She explained she was making it as a surprise for a good friend of hers.
Guess what ????? >>>>>>>>> it was for ME !!!!!!!!!
My door bell rang, yesterday morning and the postman had a big parcel for me. I was waiting for some books I had ordered two days ago, so it was too early for them to arrive......What was it ? Then I read the sender's address : Darlene ???
And look at this ! (I would have liked my photos to go under the text, but well, I still don't understand how to manage with blogger...)

You should have seen me crying, laughing.... And you should have seen the postman's face ! He is a kind (and curious) old man, and is used to get a cup of coffee from time to time. You bet he stayed, eager to know what was in this big parcel from the U.S. ???? (not so usual in our small country village). When he saw my deep emotion, he went to my neighbour, Simone, (a very kind old lady), shouting : "Simone ! Quick, come ! Nadine has got a big parcel from America ! It's full of "fabric", and now she's crying! There must be a big problem !"
This made me have the giggles !
And so, there were the three of us, around my kitchen table. I told them the story about Darlene, the deep friendship we had developed for the past few months. How she had experienced a deep quilting slump, and tried to go over it, making nine patches, with my encouragements (among others). How she had spent her time, her energy, her money, just to please a new friend.
"Well, you have to thank her for that ! said the postman use your "speedy machine" that you call "the net" Imagine, this parcel could have been lost or stolen!" (this gave me retro fears !)
So, my special friend Darlene, I hereby use my "speedy machine" to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart ! I will carefully handquilt your present, with very special thoughts !.........

to be continued.....


  1. What a fantastic surprise!

    You can move the photos about by cutting and pasting once they are uploaded.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful gift! As soon as I opened your blog and saw the first picture I thought to myself "That quilt top looks familiar!" A wonderful tribute to a very kind lady - you deserve it, dear. You, too, always know just the right words to say to make someone's day. I'm so happy for you!

  3. I have admired that quilt top as Darlene was making it. What a great surprise. You should type up that story and print it out on some fabric as part of the label. Let the future generations know of your friendship with Darlene.

  4. Oh Nadine! I have tears in my eyes too! Your postman sounds wonderful! And I so loved that quilt when Darlene was making it! I"m so glad I know who the surprise was for! I never imagined! It is going to the perfect owner!

  5. What a nice surprise. I can se you dancing around the kitchen table LOL You are so kind to everyone and you disorve this one.
    Hugs from May Britt

  6. Oh, what fun to receive such a wonderful surprise! And now, I have a NEW blog to check out -- so glad I found you, and delighted with your posts and your skills!

    Come by my blog for a visit any time. Would love the company!

  7. You have some really great friends and e-pals! What a beautiful gift from Darlene, and wonderful goodies from Finland, too.

  8. Oh my - what a lovely surprise from your friend - I had been watching those blocks over on Darlene's blog, how wonderful to stumble on your blog and see that you were the recipient. Your words are so wonderful and your postman sounds like a caring soul.

  9. Lucky you - it is a beautiful quilt top. Isn't blogging great?


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