"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, November 27, 2006


Visiting May Britt's nice blog (Abyquilt), a few weeks ago, I fell in love with her applique blocks from Faye Anderson's book "Applique Delights".... So I ordered the book (what else could I do ?), and had the pleasure to get it last Thursday.

This book is a treasure and I'm so happy to have it ! The next step was to choose a color scheme... May Britt told me "choose your favourite colors !"...
The problem with me is that I like ALL of them ! It took me one day (and almost one night), + intensive search into my stash, to reach the most pleasing combination (at least to me, of course). The "light" came from the background fabric : a sweet pastel, tone on tone printed, pink that I had bought in Spain.
I thought that this would cool my mind, after the strong colors I'm using in Laura's African quilt. The rest was easy : greens, yellows (no quilt without yellow, for me!) medium and dark pinks + a touch of purple (which I love very much).

So everything was settled to start by next January..... but then a tiny inner voice kept saying "why don't you give it a try ?"... you now the rest of the story :what else could I do ?...

This first block is not perfect, as I'm practicing a new method (to me) with freeze paper (thanks, May Britt), but the result is quite acceptable for a first trial (sorry, second trial, the first one was kind of disaster...). There are 50 blocks to make, so I think I will improve. (What else could I do ?)

As to Laura's quilt top, I'm working on it and I'll probably post a picture tomorrow.

- 18 degrees Celcius, today ! (Is it spring again ????)
- Cheerful emails from dear friends
- the firewood was delivered on Saturday : what fun all together to stock it !
- Christmas presents to prepare secretly - Whisperings behind doors....
- A good book to read.


  1. You did a great job Nadine. It is beutiful, and it seems to me that you have done perfect stitching on it. And the colors are so beautiful. I am so happy you made a try on this one now. And I promise you one thing, you are going to be hocked on these blocks.

  2. Ilove the colors you have chosen. If you make all the blocks shown on the cover you will have a magnificent quilt!

  3. Lovely block, beautiful colours :-)

  4. Lovely start to this Nadine! It's a super book, isn't it. I've had it for years. I didn't realize it was still available. It'll be lots of fun to see what else you do with the little blocks in this book. I just love little blocks!

  5. Ooooh Nadine, I do hope you fall in love with the applique! You will have such fun with this book. :P Your color combo is wonderful!

  6. Love it, love it, Nadine! Great selection of colors. My book should be here by the end of the week (keeping my fingers crossed). I'll have to get busy to catch up! :-)_

  7. lots of chance to pracitse -- I'm sure you'll be happy with the results as you go along :-)

  8. It will be a very pretty quilt in the colours you have chosen. What size are the blocks? Are they 8 inches?

  9. You have that SAME little voice! :::why don't you start something NEW???:::: I try to turn mine OFF and turn on the UFO voice!I love your colors

  10. Once again, I had the opportunity to visit all your lovely posts and photos, and projects. Whew, lady - how do you do it all? I only work half day and have no other diversions, and cannot create a smidgeon of the lovely things you have.

    I LOVE the clock on your site, because I was astounded that I spend half a hour looking, when I was supposed to be Googling for "Botswana wildlife" for a current project.

    Keep it up - thanks for the visit.

  11. Keep up the good work -What else can you do?
    And keep posting - What else can you do?
    And you will improve - That we will believe - What else could you do. LOL

  12. LOL, you are funny, Nadine. Easily influenced by our friends aren't we?

  13. Good for you! What else could you do...but jump in! It's looking lovely already. Lovely fabric selections. It's always nice to have a hand project -- or two or three -- in-the-works, isn't it.

    Have a terrific weekend, Nadine!

  14. I haven't seen this book before but from the cover, it definitely looks like a must have. I really like your fabric selection - even better than the original. Your block looks great! I think we are much harder on ourselves than we need to be. Nobody is going to be looking at every tiny flaw on the quilt - the big picture is more likely, and anybody who looks closer will be impressed by the tiny stitches and amount of work and time it takes to make even one block.


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