"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My youngest daughter, Laura (18) has always loved birthdays. No only hers, but ALL birthdays in the family. She is a "walking calendar"....
Yesterday afternoon, we were quietly talking together, sipping coffee in the kitchen. exchanging some "women secrets"....
The conversation turned to the next birthday to be celebrated :

- the next one is yours, mum. You're the last in the year.
- Aha.... And then, you'll be the first next year, darling.
- I know, I know..... (she looked quite "bizarre", with a strange smile on her face)
- Are you trying to tell me you ALREADY know what you want to get ?
- Well, I'd better, mum : 'cause I'd like a QUILT !
(Oh, my God, oh my God ! ... AT LAST, one of my children asks for a quilt !... Up to now, I was quite devotionally piling them in a nice cupboard, waiting patiently for such a request... And THE day had come ! Praise the Lord ! )
- Would you like to choose one in the cupboard, darling ?
- Nooooooo : I'd like something VERY special : an African quilt ! And I want it all designed by you...
(Oh my God, oh my God ! Why are you doing this to me ? I've got about 15 beloved and ready quilts (not speaking about the UFO's -and she wants another one !)
- Aha, African ? Of course, darling, no problem ! (you know how mothers are... and you begin knowing me, too).
- Shall we go this Saturday to the fabric shop ? You know it takes some months for you to hand quilt it !
- For sure, baby, my pleasure !......

And a BIG pleasure (and challenge) it will be !
I had a difficult night : turning and turning myself in bed, hearing tam-tams, seeing bright colours, etc..... Strangely, I felt VERY good this morning. Actually I was thrilled and proud !

My conclusion is this : NEVER refuse an unexpected project. It could be the present of an angel ! (... and she's an angel!)

Unexpected projects !


  1. Sounds lovely! You will be very busy, with this project, & I am sure you will have fun designing it. Will wait to see how it goes!

  2. Whay kind of African quilt will you be making? (African animals - jungle or desert, Egyptian, etc.?)

  3. This sounds a fun and original project, looking forward to seeing it in progress and finished.

  4. How exciting for you. I know your daughter will love it b/c it was made especially for her. Perhaps you can get her to assist you in the cutting of the chain peicing and pressing seams open for you so that she can cherish those memories of helping you make the quilt too :c) Some of my best memories of my mom are of me helping her when she peiced quilt tops. I can't wait to check back and see what fabrics your daughter selects. ~Bonnie

  5. How wonderful! I made one quilt out of African fabrics and loved every minute of it. So different from anything I'd ever done before. You will make her something wonderful, I know!

    I know how you feel in a way also - my son kept telling me he didn't want a quilt. Finally when he was about 25 he said he wouldn't mind getting a quilt. I was so surprised. Turned out he didn't get it until he was 27 when he and his new wife got it for a wedding present.

  6. Nadine - this is so exciting! I can't wait to see this project develop.

  7. What great news!! I know you will have a great time making this one!

  8. I can't wait to see the progress on it. And I know you are going to love doing it. I see bright colours, tigers, lions and sun.

  9. Sounds like you will need to adjust your November goals. What a lucky daughter you have, what a lucky momma she has!

  10. Absolutely rolled on the floor laughing at how delightful you are!!! Hmmm, you are a brave soul, for sure! I would still be trying to come up with a pattern come December!! :D

  11. You know what! The gift to you was her asking! How wonderful! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  12. Hi Nadine, what a lovely post! I would be just thrilled to death to hear those words...especially after a long wait..*VBS*
    I'm sure your African quilt will bring you great job as you make it, and also great joy for you precious daughter.
    Love the pumpkins at your door...HUGS, Finn

  13. That's great news that she wants a quilt. May I recommend the books "Quilt Africa" and "Quilt Safari" if you are looking for inspiration. They are a fantastic resource written by two sisters from South Africa, you can find them on Amazon.


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