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Thursday, October 12, 2006


No quilt pictures today (progress, anyway !) but I was thinking about traditions, old and new. Thanksgiving is not observed in Belgium, but I like the sense of it, and I'm feeling in the mood of giving a Thanksgiving dinner, this year, to my family....

Sooooo........ would anyone like to share some recipes ? (turkey, of course, + veggies to go with, etc....). I know there are many recipes on the web, but there's nothing better than family recipes.........

Thanks !

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  1. No recipes because no Thanksgiving in UK either - but what a fabulous photograph of Autumn, the colours are fantastic - wouldn't it be wonderful to see it for real? One day I'm going to be in the US for the Fall colours.

  2. I have sent a few recipes your way! Let me know if you have questions. Can't wait to hear about your Thanksgiving feast! I'll be having one here in Finland, too.

  3. Our favourite dish with our turkeky dinner is -Baked Yams
    Take 3-4 nice sized yams (not sweet potatoes) bake in the oven with the skins on until cooked. Let cool to touch and then peel off the skins. Mash the yams well with a bit of butter until smooth. Put the yams in a shallow baking dish and baked until warm - 15 mins or so and then put a layer of miniature marshmellows. Bake until marshmellow are brown and soft. Very tasty.
    Do you have miniature marshmellows in Belgium?

    Happy belated Thanksgiving.

  4. I guess marshmallows are spelled with an A not an E. I should have googled first.

  5. Hi Nadine,
    I'm catching up on all the bloggers I love to read. I'll look for some recipes, I think I have one somewhere for cornbread stuffing. Do you have cornmeal over there?
    Have you made a block for OUR quilt yet? I haven't, boohoo.

  6. we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but i hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog:-)

  7. Hi, enjoy your thanksgiving, no recipes from this oz girl either but as a turkey breeder can I just say the best way to cook them is low and slow, but you sound like a far better cook than me who would know that! Love your "gratitudes", I'm very into "joy in daily living" which is on very similar lines. Have a great day. Cheers.


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