"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, October 23, 2006


At last !... I could sing frank Sinatra's "I'm beginning to see the light !"

Yes, I made some progress.

First photo : I completed a top, which was in my cupboard for one year. Easy work, but I like the fabrics. They seemed to combine so naturally, it worked like a breeze ! Once again, I don't understand why I left it aside for such a long time... Yes, it's one more on the quilting pile..... at least it's on stage two ... one stitch at a time.

Second photo : I'm hand quilting my country bears . I didn't want to just surround the appliques. For once, I wished to take my time. So, I chose a 1 inch grid. It is quite a long process, but worth the result (well, I think so).

Third photo : I had almost forgotten this one ! It slept a long time on the shelve. I think the reason is it's not my usual color scheme with this light pastel rose background. Anyway, I tried to finish the top, and the result is pleasing me : it has that "oldie, faded" look that I like.

Good news : my hexagons tote bag is FINISHED ! Yesssss ! No, you won't see any picture today : I had to lend it to a good friend of mine, who is finishing hers... You'll see it this week, promised !

At the moment, I'm working on my "Sunbonnet Sue" appliqué top. One more block to complete, then work on the sashing, cornerstones + borders (oh, my God !) and it will join the pile ! No emergency to quilt it : it'll wait for the day I get a grand-daughter (which apparently is not scheduled for the moment)...

Other projects are on my table, too (just to ensure variety, of course, you know what I mean) : the "Shipshewana Blessings" blocks (amish sampler) are done slowly but surely (five blocks done, out of 28). It's not so easy as I thought it would be (as usual, Nadine !) : the pieces are tiny, and they have to be machine pieced with extra care and precision... To tell you the truth, this is not my "cup of tea" : I just feel like "an elephant in a porcelein shop" ... But I'll make it, no matter how long it takes me !.... Then, to rest a little bit, I take some redwork embroidery on my delicate knees....and I fall asleep !

As a "cherry on the cake" : I'm planning to join the next Judy's "one hour a day" quilt and I'm soooo impatient to see it ! This is KILLING me ! Isn't that crazy ?



An unexpected giggling, this morning, with Mae Britt (Abyquilt)

A funny reunion with the Italian family about Christmas plans, this year

Andrea, my 16 months grandson, at home with us for 3 entire days ! (but he only wanted to be with "nonno", my DH... I was just good enough to feed him...Isn't that frustrating ? I just LOVE him !)

We spent 3 entire days (and a bottle of Moscatello) with my dear sister in law, preparing dryed tomatoes in jars, for this winter.

My youngest daughter, Laura (18) is changing, she's becoming a woman, I can see it day after day...


  1. Those are three lovely quilts there. I like all of them but I really like the third one. Maybe because it's so soft and old timey looking. :-)

  2. Everything is beautiful. You've been busy, busy! I think the 1 inch grid on your bears is perfect. Someday I will learn how to handquilt - such a wonderful art and talent.

  3. Your quilts a so beautiful. I guess we all have quilts hided in our boxes and we can't understand why we did not finish them. I do not dare to look into one of my boxes. I know I have several unfinished ones there. You have to finishe all this three.
    How funny, my DD Lena is also 18. So I know how it is. They are sometimes very difficult to handle, but most of the time they are very sweet.
    I still giggling over your comment. Do you allow me to show it on my blog.

  4. I will always love simple cross hatching on appliqué quilts - I'm a traditionalist at heart. It's looking good. Love the quilt in the top picture! Looks like a Pat Sloan design from a magazine - is that correct?

  5. Your quilts are so pretty!!!! I especially like the third one! Just lovely!!! Your certainly on a get yer done run *G*!!!! Good for you!!

  6. Nadine, all three of your quilts are very pretty. I like that you have used applique in the quilts.

  7. The stitches look perfect. This has always been a favorite way to quilt of mine and you do such a wonderful job!

  8. Hi Nadine, what great projects. That first one is really a beauty..will you hand quilt that one?

    And I love your Country bears. 1" grid is time consuming, but looks so great when it's done.
    Nice to see how much you have accomplished.
    And your hexagon bag is done too?? YOu are on a roll!

  9. Love all three of those quilts, Nadine! Especially the first one...I can't resist flowers appliqued on a quilt...and a strippy to boot! :D

  10. All three of your quilts are so beautiful. And all are so different from each other. I can't believe you let them be UFOs, and am glad that you are taking them out to finish them.


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